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  1. how many patients is each nurse assigned where you work?

    • 9
      1 to 2
    • 7
      3 to 4
    • 32
      5 to 6
    • 16
      7 to 8
    • 2
      9 to 10
    • 16
      10 +

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What is the nurse to patient ratio where you work?


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What is the nurse to patient ratio where you work?

Critical Care 2:1 for the most part.....if we're short, 3:1

Med/Surg up to 8:1

Telemetry 6:1

New Jersey

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Pretty much the same as RNmaven.

grandma rn38

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on evenings it is 8 to 1 and nights it's 12 to 1 or more.


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I work in Tele, and it is 4:1 on days and 5:1 on nights.


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It would be more accurate if you were asking about a particular shift On my shift nights maximum is 8 to 1, days usually take 4 to 1 and evenings max is 6 to one.

jschut, BSN, RN

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I work 6p-6:30a in LTC. I usually have 52-54 patients.

4 g-tubes, a various number of IV's.......

Most folks sleep all night though....


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What is the nurse to patient ratio where you work?

I work med/onc. We're on 12s.

On days it is 1:5-6

Nights it is 1:6-7


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I work on a Med?Surg and Pediatric floor on days we have 12, but we consist of a team: One RN, one LPN and a CNA. On evenings we have 7 and on nights anything goes.

Looking for a new location to work.

Dixielee, BSN, RN

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I work in a very busy ER where the ratio is 4:1 for the acute care side. Fast track is 6:1. I have worked in many different ER's and a 4:1 ratio is perfect. You can get swamped if you have a code, a bad bleeder or acute MI, but there is always someone to help you when you need it.


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Limited stay / observation (med-surg, no tele)

Nocs=max 4:1 but usually 2-3:1

with a MA until 2300


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My last job med/surg in a small community hospital days were assigned 3-4 patients, eve 5-6 pt's and nocs no more than 8. We did not utilize aids/techs plus the RN's were responsible for an LPN's pt load also. I currently work in an inner city ER were trauma/cardiac sections 4-5 pts, non-monitored beds 6-15(includes chairs and locked room), fast track 7, usually with 1-2 tech's.


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