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  1. Is anyone out there part of a Magnet hospital? Were you involved in the Certification process? Were your nurses keen on making the push for the Certification or did they view it as something everyone else wanted them to shoulder?

    We have no magnet hospitals in our state and one of the largest medical centers here wants to be the first. They have had, in the past, an adversarial relationship with their nurses who are unionized as a result.

    I'd be interested in any perspectives you can share.
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  3. by   nurjoyce
    We are just starting the process. We had a meeting for the staff nurses. I asked the staff nurses on my unit what their thoughts were on Magnet. They seemed to have positive things to say about Magnet.
  4. by   live4today
    If many of the hospitals I've worked in over the past 18 years were dependent on me to help them make magnet status, they'd never make it. I'm the nurse the unit wants off on the days JCHOA is expected to show up.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Our hospital got Magnet status in Nov 04. I have been a staff nurse, charge nurse and now case manager in the 9 years I've been employed here. Personally, I view it as a good thing: more push for education, more money for clinical ladders, more shared governance. So, I think if you approach it that this is a positive move for the hospital as a whole and specifically what it can offer staff nurses, you have a better chance to win them over. However, there are some that are just naysayers with life in general so be prepared for that too.
  6. by   BittyBabyGrower
    Basically, you are sucking up to a team of people. We had to make scrapbooks, magic moment books, etc. It did get rid of mandation at our hospital though.
  7. by   ProfRN4
    One of my hospitals had Magnet for 4 yrs, then lost it (after attempting to recert for it). I managed to not be around during the process. Based on the way my unit functions (IMHO), I can see why we lost it. But from what I understand, they are supposed to talk to the nurses, and the nurses attitudes, happiness, teamwork, staffing, etc. are part of what would make it a magnet hospital.
  8. by   mzcece
    Our hospital is on the journey. We are working on ‘Nurse Autonomy’. What kind of successful strategies have you initiated to enhance this aspect of bedside nursing. I work in an adult setting ICU.
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  9. by   Jammwalker
    I recently started a new leadership position at a hospital that recieved Magnet Status in April. I have to say it does not mean to much to the nurses on the unit, and many of them said it was a bunch of #@!*. I have to say I am sad I took the position, but now I have to try and make the best of it. The Nurse Manager (my boss) keeps reiterating that she is the manager all of the time, and she makes the decisions. She is not willing to listen to new ideas and does not want to give up any work.

    Sorry to vent.
  10. by   ProfRN4
    Sorry to hear about your new job, unhappy. It's a shame that you are working for someone who seems to be on a power trip and is so inflexible. I'm guessing your stay on that unit will not be a long one
  11. by   MikeyJ
    Still a nursing student here, but I worked at a hospital a little over a year ago doing program coordinating. The clinical director of the department I worked in was responsible for coordinating and managing the process of becoming magnet accredited. As a program coordinator, I became directly involved in the entire process. We devised a plan where each area of the magnet accreditation was assigned to a team of nurses who volunteered. Each team was composed of staff nurses and one nurse manager. The teams were to meet twice a month and present ideas as to how to improve their area of magnet accreditation among the hospital's staff nurses. They were to provide "reports" and educational material and I along with others put everything together and it was dispursed to all of the hospital nurses. We also put on "magnet fairs" where each team was to make some sort of display and educational activity and display it at the "magnet fair". Some of the teams were really creative and others were pitiful.

    I have since left the hospital but I now do my clinicals there, and they have not reached magnet status. I know the hospital has tried different strategies over the last 10 years to try and get accredited but has never been successful.

    I think one of the major problems is due to the fact that most of the staff nurses didn't seem to care whether we achieved magnet status. The entire process seemed a little odd and a lot of busy work. I think most of the nurses who were involved with the process felt like they were in elementary school again, with writing reports and making poster boards.

    And I know many of the nurses were expressing their disgust in the process and many who had worked at other hospitals with magnet status said that those hospitals were no better or worse than any other hospital.
  12. by   jmgrn65
    we have had it for a couple of years, I can't see that I see anything different except more committees and meetings. No more money, still work short. It cost alot of money to obtain magnet status. I think you would be hard pressed to find a nurse that says it made a difference. well a nurse that isn't in management or admin. But the higher ups want the prestige.
  13. by   pagandeva2000
    I am not a manager, but, judging from the antics I have seen with my hospital (they are trying to obtain Magnet now), I would say it is not worth the hassle. I have seen them fudge policies, making silly poster boards, magnet marathons and many things that are simply not true. We are a city hospital that will not offer raises in pay or improved conditions. We have nurses who actually break HIPPA regularly, have fist fights and terrorize each other. However, because we have unions, it is harder to get rid of bad apples. If you want to check out some of my stories, go to the General Nursing Discussion Board, and you will see some of my rants. It reminds me of a circus. Magnet was supposed to arrive yesterday, but, one of the surveyors took ill, so, they ALL flew back home. All of the money, food, live floral arrangements and mandatory overtime was wasted. We are not sure when they will return, but it will be back to the insanity again within a few short weeks.
  14. by   Mulan
    How long does it usually take for a hospital to get magnet status?

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