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I was almost done posting this but it went away? Sorry if it comes up twice??? Anyway, I am an RN on a busy day shift med-surg/onc floor. The other day it was crazy. It was about 1400 and I had... Read More

  1. by   khoop
    I would not have apologized. I would have involved the nursing supervisor immediately. This is insubordination and manipulation by the CNA. What part of Nursing Assistant did she not understand. Assignments are typically written and then verbally augmented as needed. I, too , am concerned that you waited so long to relieve yourself and replenish. You must take care of yourself, no one else will.
  2. by   sissiesmama
    I don't care how bad this CNAs day was, if she had said that to me, her day would have gotten a lot worse FAST. That was rude and disrespectful to the RN. To the OP - it sounds like you asked her pretty nicely, and she had NO right to just jump down your throat the way she did. She would for sure be written up by me at the very least.

    I'm with some of the others in that I'm not really sure why the comment about taking the time to write down the duties that the CNA was asked to perform. That just didn't even seem to make sense to post in there. And I've had some of those shifts where you're lucky to make time for a bathroom break, and eat your lunch/supper in about 2 minutes while you're getting ready for report, or later still. That makes no difference, just like the other comment above.

    And the comment about the CNA "putting her in her place..." - that wouldn't fly with me either. That just opens up the same CNA or another one to get an attitude and try the same thing with the same or another nurse. And I probably have written down the chores I had asked her to do also. Nothing wrong with that.

    OP - you're a better person than me, I would have really been chapped.

    Anne, RNC
  3. by   j621d
    As the RN, you are the leader. If you were flustered (I probably would have been) go to the charge nurse - using the chain of command. Talk to her first, as it will help you get your wits about you. Then the CNA will need to be dealt with, by the NM or asst. NM. Truly insubordination. Lack of teamwork on her part. If she is like that to you, she is most likely that way with others.
  4. by   Katnip
    She needs a write up for insubordination and I'm sure there is a policy against using racist language, and her comment could definitely be construed as such.
  5. by   so alive LPN
    I have to tip my hat off to you, because you kept your cool in a situation like this. I don't think I could have ( no, wait...I COULDN'T have) tolerated this. I would have marched with her to the NM or house supervisor, and let nature take its course. When I was a tech, I got notes from nurses all the time. Now that I'm nurse, I find it a very effective way to communicate with my techs. This is horrible, and i'm so sorry you had to deal with this type of behavior. Big hugs (lots of them) your way.heartbeat:heartbeat
  6. by   pennyaline
    Quote from zofran
    This CNA has been a problem for a long time. And I believe she is in the process of getting fired. Not for what she said to me, but for many other comments overheard by managment.

    Well good enough! She's out on the ledge already, huh? Good. A write up will give her a nice push! :wink2:
  7. by   Mommycakers
    I am a CNA and I would of just taken the note and completed the task with no problem. All the time nurses just grab me even if the patient they want vitals on or something for is not my patient. I work in a hospital as a CNA and the other CNA's I work with divide the rooms up and we have our specific patients we take care of but we also work together and help each other out whenever needed. It is a team effort. I think that CNA just has an attitude problem and anything could of just set her off. As CNA's we are there to assist the nurses and do give the best patient care we can. Maybe she needs to be reminded of her job responsibilities.
  8. by   AlabamaBelle
    I can honestly understand the no pee break and not eating anything - it's almost the rule for me on my unit. I get busy with assessments, giving meds (sometimes even within the 30mins), dealing with several different disciplines and trying not to let my patient go down the drain. Suddenly, I look up at the clock and realize it's 1400, my bladder is full and my stomach is empty. I work ICU and my sister works med/surg and she reports the same thing.

    The use of the "N" work was beyond unprofessional. An immediate write-up was definitely warranted. Too many ears that shouldn't hear could have heard that comment.

    Insubordinate, pure and simple.
  9. by   Tait
    I had a CNA tell me once, mid drawing up five IVP meds, and a crazy "small fires all over night" that she wasn't my slave, and that she wasn't going to help me anymore. (I had asked her to take a BP/BG on my new admit while I ran to CT to get the patient that was waiting for us).

    I told her to keep her hands off my patients and I called the supervisor.

    I never apologized, and we haven't had an issue since. That is what I would have done in your sitch as well.


    Edit: Well maybe not the "hands off my patient" part...
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  10. by   NewRN2008
    I have had issues with a cna as well. she has been on the floor for 20 yrs, she is in her early 40's and thinks its "her" territory. she tried to pull a few things on me and i wouldnt let it fly. i dont agree with others getting on you about not taking a break or anything like that, becuase sometimes, YOU CANT, i know that and sometimes its impossible. so my standpoint is that you need to stand up, stick up for yourself. i know its hard- because that was the hardest thing for me going into nursing- asking for help and speaking up to the cna's. i admit its still difficult at times, but much better than it was a year ago! i hated to go to my nm constantly about that particular cna, but i wasnt going to put up with crap and i did try and confront her- and she was very nasty about it in front of others- therefore i went to nm a few times. now- she gets the point! the other na's know that i wont put up with crap either, i think because of all that crap with that nasty one! lol.. i'm not some nasty mean person, but sometimes, you need to be.
    gl! i know!!! if you need to talk or need help on what to say- PM me!!
  11. by   GPatty
    I actually had a CNA stand up and cuss at me behind the nurses desk once (as a new nurse) and when I told the DON about it the next day... she called me at home and asked me what I would like her to do about it!
  12. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from calliou
    I actually had a CNA stand up and cuss at me behind the nurses desk once (as a new nurse) and when I told the DON about it the next day... she called me at home and asked me what I would like her to do about it!
    That episode would get me terminated right then and there. What do you mean, what do you want me to do about it - Uh, YOUR job, maybe?????? I mean, my mough would get me fired right then and there!!

    Anne, RNC
  13. by   CBsMommy
    Oh brother. Not only is assisting nurses in her job description, it's the title of her JOB. A Certified Nurse Assistant. Using the "N" Word is totally out of control. If someone (i.e. a patient) overheard that, there could be BIG trouble for discrimination at your workplace. Yikes! I don't think that I would have blown up at her. I would have calmly asked her why she was talking to me like that. That usually calms people down on the spot. Then I would have explained that I needed those items done for the patients and to please get them done right away. I would have marched myself over to the NM and told them right away what she stated and that you were concerned. This is the best way to continue to make yourself look and feel good and put this CNA in her place. The other CNAs probably know what type of person this CNA is and probably just shrugged her off. Once the CNA digs her own grave and lies in it, the other CNAs won't act like that.

    I am currently in a job situation where I overheard another employee bragging about how she called her co-worker an F-N Idiot to her face. She then proceeded to walk over to me an ask me if I would mind if she called me an F-N Idiot. I told her that I wouldn't mind it, I'd turn her into HR and see what happened. She's very nice, to me at least, now. Nothing but nonsense in my opinion. Good luck, OP, let us know how this turns out!