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I don't know what made me remember this but I had a coworker once with whom I had developed(I thought) something of a rapport. Well one day we were in the nurses' station and I jokingly made a... Read More

  1. by   nola1202
    regarding the nurse who was turned into the state for not giving insulin early: this happened to another nurse too. It was in a psych hospital in the south.
    The former DON now works as a floor nurse in the same hospital on the 3-11 shift. sometimes the universe does the right thing.
  2. by   nola1202
    I once commented that I loved halloween and it was my night. I always requested it off. Word spread around the Nursery that I was a Satanist. I couldn't resist the night before halloween, gently pinching a hefty little newborn and saying...mmm this one would be perfect for the sacrifice, he looks good enough to eat! Things kinda went downhill from there...
  3. by   IdrilRN
    I once gave bad customer service to a residents family member. One who financially abused her. Her chart was red flagged and everything for this person. He called and wanted information about her shingles, and I politley advised him to call his sister as she was the contact person. Within five min. I was in the admins office with the DON (who said nothing) because he called the admin about this and I should have refered the caller to him the admin. Sure, if he calls on a weekend or middle of the night I'll give him your home phone!

    Another time I got in reported for being "rude" for asking a family member to call her sister, the point person which the four daughters of this one lady agreed would be the point person while the main daughter was on vacation. That was after I'd alredy given infomation to two other family members about how she was doing. (Whole family had permission to abtain infomation)
    Wow, I've got to stop talking on the phone to family members.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    As a CNA, I was informed (tongue in cheek) by the DON that Mrs Smith did not want me in her room because....I always let the toilet seat cover drop down and slam against the toilet (for sure this would bug the hell out of me too..however..). The toilets HAD NO cover to drop down The DON and I decided it was in my best interest to just not have dealings with Mrs Smith and I traded her off with another CNA.

    A few weeks later (after being 'banished' from Mrs Smith's room) Mrs Smith yelled to me that she was done with the bed pan and would I come get her off it. I informed her that she had said I was never to go into her room. She agreed to let me in. I took her off the bed pan, gave her peri care, asked if there was anything else I could do for her. She said no, thanked me and off I went.

    The next day...DON comes back laughing..calls me over and informs me that Mrs Smith had made a complaint about me. I said let me guess, I slam the toilet seat down, DON replies nope, since they had informed Mrs Smith with her first complaint that there was no way I could slam a seat cover down as there were no seat covers..her complaint this time....I FLUSH THE TOILET TOO LOUD! Geee, I didn't know there was a quieter way to do it..LOL.

    I had nothing but issues with that woman. Even not having dealings with her she was forever making complaints.
  5. by   mercurysmom
    Quote from sharpeimom
    "katherine does not polish her shoelaces when she polishes her shoes."

    i burst out laughing so hard that my kids came into the room to check on me. when i was in lpn school, i was written up because i didn't bleach my shoelaces when i polished my shoes!
  6. by   Jessy_RN
    I was complained on me by a woman who didn't want me taking care of her because I was Mexican. I am not Mexican by the way. The charge nurse was caucasian and came up to me, handed me a note (new admission) because she was taking over my pt.

    I was confused. I had just put in my assessment into the charting system too.

    The aide who is also caucasian told me what had happened. I was very hurt. Moreso, I was very hurt that my charge nurse would brush it off all in the name of customer service all while in a way belittling me for being hispanic.

    I floated off to the same floor the following day and the pt was still there. I did not have that pt in my team but an LPN did. Of course she needed a blood transfusion and when the blood arrived I aplogized and told her she'd have to grab the charge nurse because I was afraid the pt would have a cow as I hung the blood for her. I told the LPN I would explain later.

    Later came and went. Super busy unit and next thing you know I get called into the mgr's office the next day. I had refused to hang blood was all she got. After I explained all the details I got nothing but an apology from the NM. The charge nurse was however talked to. Apparantly it is policy that if a pt refuses you because you are too fat or your race, you are to explain to the pt that is not acceptable and ask the nurse if she is willing to trade that pt out. IF she agrees then yes, otherwise no go.

    Anyhow, this was a few yrs ago. I now live in a border town and get seeked quite often by pt's because I speak spanish. Go figure. lol
  7. by   CBsMommy
    I haven't yet been written up at work regarding patients or anything but I've had patients complain directly to me about weird stuff.

    I was once in triage when a patient came in and was freaked out because I was wearing all white (my school uniform).

    I had an A&Ox3 patient call me over the call light and told me that he needed me. When I went into his room, he told me that he needed pain medication. I told him that I would have to get his RN for that. He said, "Well, what the f*** are you good for?" The "funny" part of this is that I had been in his room all night taking care of him.

    I once had a patient complain that I didn't tuck his finger in (just the one finger). He was fully capable of doing this himself.

    I've also had the complaint that I am too cheerful and that I smile too much.
  8. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Quote from diva rn
    Forgot about that! I think we had chips in the bedpans and dip in the emesis basins...guacamole at that! YUM..you know you're a real nurse by then!
    I so have an idea for our next party! I already make Jell-O shots using medicine cups! They are the perfect size!
  9. by   abbaking
    Some male nurses on the ICU across from my unit wrote me up to HR for harrassment. They felt that me looking down the hallway was inappropriate.
    But karma is sweet - the same guy who made the complaint got fired and ARRESTED for sexually molesting a patient - haha!
    Hope you like being bubba's sex toy!
  10. by   rn865
    One coworker has been complaining about anything and everything I do, but the silliest is: I pee a lot. Yeah, right! I use the toilet lesser times than when she goes on a smoke break! (small facility, a lot of downtime). Her biggest complaint was I earned more than her even though she's been there for 4 years while I have been there 1.5 years. I have a BSN and she has a 10-month or so Medical Assisting course. Go figure.
  11. by   Poi Dog
    That I didn't stop bathing a patient to fall over backward for a visiting family member.
  12. by   pixie120
    I didn't perceive a son rubbing lotion on his mother's feet as sexual abuse, nor did I call the police or the state. Luckily, we were in full survey, so state DID get that complaint, lol.
  13. by   pixie120
    Quote from SnowStar4
    I had a formal sit-down in the in the educators' office because "people can not tell when I'm thinking when they look at me". I guess it's my fault their ESP is off
    OK!! face time with new administrator because of "the look(s) on my face". Not any particular look, looks or timeframes, I guess that I just plain HAVE a face, that has a look on it, lol