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:spin:Just curious as to what you would say. Mine goes something like this: Hi, my name is AngelfireRN, I'll be your nurse tonight. I am not a waitress, nor am I your slave. Yelling... Read More

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    Quote from kprnc58
    why are we afraid to talk to our pt's about their weight? It's time we treat their obesity as the disease condition it is, and educate them about the consequences of it: sleep apnea, diabetes, heart diseaseand osteoarthritis to name a few. It's obvious that many physicians are uncomfortable with this topic as well. I've cared for many pt's who were oblivous to the fact that their 300lb. weight was the reason they were having a knee replacement at 40y.o. and that they could likely improve the pain by losing weight. We are doing them a disservice by not talking to them about their weight.
    Considering how many doctors are morbidly obese, counseling someone about their weight could be a problem.

    At least, the ones around here are. We have quite a few, both male and female, who are in the 300-400 pound range.
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    To all the older men who want to show me their penis......I could say,It does not look like one to me, or Where did you say it was ? lol
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    Had this happen yesterday. I got finished with all of my baths, and had one patient (who is as precious as can be. She's the one in the above mentioned post about how she hates to "bother" me) on the BSC. My favorite RN (male) comes in and explains that there's a patient on the other wing that doesn't want the male PCT to give her a bath, she wants a female. Would I please give her a bath. Of course, I can't say no, never mind that it's almost time for blood sugars, and I have been trying like crazy to get off the floor since 9:00 (now almost noon) because I've got to eat. (Was getting a migraine, upset stomach, and starting to shake). So, I went and got the towels, washcloths, and a clean gown and I go into the room. There is sister and brother hovering. I said I was going to give her a bath. Brother got the hint and took off. Sister, however, hovered... (Did I mention how much I hate people who hover?) I no sooner got her face washed, than in comes the IV team. I politely asked them to come back as she was getting her bath now. IV team refused. So, I had to wait till they were done. Then in comes the NP. AND another nurse. What started as a 5 minute bath and go turned out to be an endless parade, and no one would leave. by the time I got done, it was time to do blood sugars, and then I had to feed lunch, and I finally was able to get off the floor at 1:30. How I got to the cafeteria is still beyond me because I was in so much pain from the migraine that I could barely move.
    Did you tell the male RN that you'd be happy to do the bath, but he needed to have everything ready to go - and help you by doing a couple of your blood sugars?
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    Quote from Hydakins
    Last night I had a nice elderly woman pt in bed one ask me to turn on the bright light because it was difficult to read her newspaper with the dimmer light. I turned it on and helped her to the BR. While waiting for her to finish, the 20 something female pt in bed 2 calls me and asks if I can turn off the light "over there". At the same time, her boyfriend is climbing into the bed (a tad smaller than a twin size) with her (with his coat and shoes on-talk about dirty)! I wanted to tell him them that this is not the Waldorf-Astoria or the Ramada. They ordered pizzas and were watching tv and doing who knows what else. SHES SICK STUPID!!! Take your dirty ass off of the bed, go buy some flowers or a get well gift like a real man, let her eat the salad that was ordered for her, and say good night since visiting hrs ended 2 hrs ago. Your visit is pointless!
    I cannot believe the nerve of some people.Years ago,there was some
    hanky-panky going on while a pt.was on tele.There is a reason why
    you are there.After you are cleared and LEAVE the can do what you want to do.
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    Quote from banditrn
    Did you tell the male RN that you'd be happy to do the bath, but he needed to have everything ready to go - and help you by doing a couple of your blood sugars?
    No, but he told the male PCT to do something for me in return.. so he did the admission vitals on a newly admitted patient, the one nurse who is a gem did her own blood sugars, which left me with 2 left to do instead of 4. I got them done before lunch came, but then I found out the new admission was diabetic. His lunch had just arrived, but fortunately, I got to him before he could eat it.

    It's just been a bad week.... Joint Commission is in and everyone's stressed, nervous, and in an uproar, so that just added to everything. We were also admitting as fast as we were discharging. I don't know how Housekeeping got all of the rooms cleaned fast enough. So glad I am off today and go back to 3-11 tomorrow and Friday. And one of these days, I'm going to learn how to juggle 17 patients....
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    Quote from rph3664
    p.s. I'm sorry about offending people with my earlier post about "American poverty, 2007." My point was that many people create their own problems, and this includes modifying their bodies in ways that render them unemployable.

    Guess I stepped over the line.
    No, you spoke the truth. I'm sick of this PC world. There is a certain segment of the human race that takes no responsibility for their own health. I will work my tail off for my patients, and always have, but there is something wrong when I'm working so much harder for a person than they are working for themselves. People need to partner in their own health care.
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    I have a resident I would LOVE to say that too. They are so rude as to provoke a bad response from any and all staff members. The neuropsych doc even exceeded his limit.
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    lol... what a fun thread!!

    ok... here is what i actually did say...

    "you are an you understand that?... you drank and did a lot of drugs and ran your truck into a brick what?. your paralyzed now from the waist down? you are an idiot!!! you should have been wearing your seatbelt and you should NOT have been drinking underage and driving!! "

    lol... he's an idiot...
    but actually really respects me now and requests me to be his nurse~~

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    I ca give you this med through your IV or if you insist on irritating me every 10 minutes I will give it with this huge needle in your butt - your choice
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    To a demanding family member on the phone: " No I cannot tell you the exact significance of the CT scan result, nor what the treatment should be; that is for someone with an 'MD' after their name to do. Your loved one is stable at the moment, he is watching television and talking on his cellphone. The doctor does not need to be called in right now, however he will be here in the morning. Perhaps you would actually like to be there to ask him questions yourself, rather than feeling like you are going to be the next 'Mother Theresa' simply by calling and talking to me once a day? I know you are busy, and so am I. My other patient is sick too, but I think he is in worse shape right now, as evidence by the ventilator he is hooked up to, along with the multiple medications needed to support his blood pressure. And yes, your loved one has indeed gotten all of his scheduled meds. I gave them and documented that myself. And no, you cannot just walk in here and look at his chart simply bc you are the POA. You will need to go through proper channels at this hospital to do that. You have a geat night too,... talk to you again this time tomorrow."
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    Nice!! You think bedside nsg. is tough-give ER and prehospital a whirl:-)
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    How about when a patient comes in to the ED triage and gets huffy that they aren't taken straight back for toe pain that they've had for 2 months but all of a sudden its an emergency at 1:00am on a Tuesday morning and you have just had an arrest come through the trauma bay and a 35 year old guy having a STEMI? I think there ought to be a "Say what ever is on your mind day" for nurses,paramedics and doctors. Just take the filter off:"Hmmm....stop coming to the ED for a refill of your albuterol inhaler every week and telling me you can't afford refills when you have perfect acrylic nails on and smell like cigarette smoke. You are already a burden on society and you're only 25!!" Or
    "Stop first-naming me. I'm not stupid and I can see it's a poor attempt to threaten me so you can get your (fill in the blank):narcs, pillow,snack,or for me to wave my magic wand and make all the problems you've created for yourself over the past 20 years go away. I'm not your fairy godmother and if I was, I'd turn you into an even bigger toad than you already are. If you want a pillow, blankets, softer mattress and the lights dimmed, go to Holiday Inn"
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    I work on a very nice, less than 5 yo Tele unit in a fairly large hospital. All private rooms, but some are "short-stay" smaller rooms, closer to the nurses stations, reserved for our more confused pts
    We often get things like, "why can't mama/pa-paw/maammmawwww (or whatever these people call each other) have a big room? with a winda?"

    Well, frankly mammaw spends most of her nights trying to get out of bed, pull out her foley, rip out the fourth IV she's had today, or screaming and yelling "HELP" and "CAROLIIIINE" or other nonsense. No, I will not take off her wrist restraints unless there is someone in the room with her. We do not have the extra staff for a sitter, and from what I hear, mammaw is just plain sick of those "Fraiser" reruns late at night! Even haldol doesn't make it funny.

    I also had a pt tell me last night that at (insert crummy outlying hospital in rural area that always sends us reallll winners), the nurse sat by her bed all night and stroked her forehead. What? Okay, either they are severely overstaffed, they gave you some kind of goofy juice and you hallucinated it all, or you're making it up. Lady, I have 6 other patients- you are 54 years old and if you (her words) "can't make it alone for less than 15 minutes without getting scared and crying", I do not have a clue how to help you. consult BH? xanax? no, she won't take pills. okay. It's 2am and I'm peeking in to make sure you're pink warm and breathing like you were at midnight, you havent used your call light all night. check. Come morning, I come in to give you 6am meds and youre squalling like a newborn, swearing that I left you alone and cold, alllll night on your own. I'm sorry, was that your HUSBAND that's sleeping on a cot next to your bed last night? Yeah, he was up talking to us at the station around 4am, telling us what a great floor this is, and how he has to leave to get to work on time at 6am. Nice guy. You? It's called coping. Don't have so much plastic surgery and you wont be in the hospital so much. :trout:

    Thank you if you made it to the end. Sorry it was so long. Ohhhh that felt goooood! party!
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