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  1. how much do you make?

    $19.34/hr for days, $21.43/hr for night shift at a hospital in Long Island NY
  2. Applying to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing?

    Congratulations to all of the new students!
  3. CNA or medical assistant, or other?

    I replied to you by email
  4. CNA or medical assistant, or other?

  5. Where to get DICKIES scrubs in NYC?

    I am petite as well. I always go to Blue Angels in Far Rockaway Queens on Beach 20th St.
  6. Nursing School + 1199 Union

    Yes they will aid in paying tuition.
  7. Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    yes they do
  8. Essex County College...

    I transferred to another nursing school, but still took classes and just finished with a degree. I have close friends who are going in to the 3rd and 4th semesters of the nursing program. You need to have Eng101, Chem101 or 103, and A&P1 (Bio121)...
  9. Free CNA training in FL

    If you go to the FL Board of nursing website you can print out the FLNA Clinical Skills Checklist. It describes all of the skills that you will need to know. From that website you can also apply/register to take the Licensing Exam. You wont need to s...
  10. Please Help.....

    :yeahthat: I know a few students from there who do commute from NY and they have no problem with it and the tuition rate is the same for all students. There is also Trinitas Hospital School of Nursing. They have a handful of commuters.
  11. CNA or medical assistant, or other?

    I've sent you a PM. I hope it helps.
  12. CNA Training Programs in NJ

    Apply to Mountainside Hospital, Overlook Hospital, Morristown Hospital and others in those areas. Some hospitals will hire you as a CNA/PSA because you are in nursing school. No certification or CNA license required.
  13. CNA training

    Its not necessary but it is a definite plus. A few places wont hire you unless you can draw blood and take EKGs. They'd rather give one salary for the multiple jobs. Also, it gives you an advantage when you are looking for jobs. A facility may have a...
  14. CNA training

    yes it was easy to find jobs. every interview that i went on was successful and i picked and chose where i wanted to go. i actually work in nj with the ny cert. i never did take the state exam since i knew that i was going to start my rn program in a...
  15. I guess NCC started sending out acceptance letters