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:spin:Just curious as to what you would say. Mine goes something like this: Hi, my name is AngelfireRN, I'll be your nurse tonight. I am not a waitress, nor am I your slave. Yelling... Read More

  1. by   jo'ee
    You know...I figured out at a really early age you get more bees with honey than vinegar. So on my first visit to a hospital as an OB patient on bedrest and hemmoraging from placental abruption to treat the nurses with the utmost respect and kindness and that they are not my personal servant. Guess what I got? The next day when they both returned for their shift, I got 2 nurses arguing with their manager who would get to cover me for that day and I also got the best care any patient could ask for. So every time I now enter a hospital as a patient I realize their are so many sicker people than me that my nurse needs to tend to that I do every imaginable thing for myself before I bother him/her and the stay is more pleasant for everyone.
    Moral of the story...every patient should be given a pamphlet on appropriate patient behavior on admission.
    I am only a student now...but I am nervous about the behavior of the patients I will eventually care for.
  2. by   jo'ee
    OH yeah...forgot to add this. In the pamphlet...patients should be reminded that please and thank you should be directed toward their nurse at every opportunity.
  3. by   Pepper The Cat
    We ALL get gas pains from time to time and you will need to deal with it like we all do. EVERYTHING cannot be fixed!
    You got gas pains? FART! You'll feel better. Really.

    Eat/Don't eat. Its up to you. What you see in front of you is all the kitchen has to offer. If you are calling your family to bring you in pizze/Mcdonald/Timmies/ whatever that is fine. Just bring enough for ME because my lunch isn't that great either!
  4. by   NCIANurse
    "Go ahead, move back in with your irresponsible family that will end up killing you!" after my LTC res threatened to move make in w/ her daughter when I told her I couldn't give her 4x the laxitive that was ordered. She then threw her cup full of meds and a glass full of miralax at me. She spent 2 days with her fam over xmas and came back with a blood sugar of 506 (they never checked it a single time even though we sent a glucometer/insulin/syringes) and the dialysis clinic called and b#*$*ched me out about her not following diet restrictions (she steals funyuns and cheetos from other resident's rooms)
  5. by   jessiern
    Quote from jo'ee
    OH yeah...forgot to add this. In the pamphlet...patients should be reminded that please and thank you should be directed toward their nurse at every opportunity.

    I have on many occasions kindly reminded patients that I am human deserving of basic courtesy, such as please and thank you. I find when you educate an adult on use of proper manners, they are usually (not always) embarassed.
  6. by   horrorxgirl
    Yes ladies, when I answered your call light and you asked for us to help your mother get out of bed for mass, I was truly honestly telling the truth when I informed you that her CNA was in with another Resident and had informed me that your Mother was next. And I was telling you the truth when I said she would be there in less than 5 minutes. She was finishing up with the other resident and is a quick, efficient CNA.

    So imagine my surprise when said CNA comes to me not 5 minutes later to inform me that you two elderly ladies just couldn't wait an entire 5 minutes for the CNA to assist you and decided to lift your fragile 100 year old mother out of bed and throw her into a wheelchair yourself, and that she now has a skin tear on her hand.

    And imagine my horror when coming in to assess said skin tear and lifting the cloth you are holding on her hand to find that you had managed to basically DEGLOVE!!! THE TOP OF YOUR MOTHERS HAND in the process and that I'm now staring at tendons and bones!!!!! Did you hear my gasp? Because I wasn't able to bite that back.

    And imagine my anger when I inform you that your Mother is now making a trip to the ER instead of going to mass, and you get POed about it and make several snide comments trying to not only downplay the seriousness of the situation but also make it sound as if it were all our fault. I mean I know your call light was on for entire 1 minute before I answered it, and that you waited an additional 3 to 4 minutes waiting for the CNA's help. I'm sure those 5 minutes total was an eternity and totally worth the harm you caused to your helpless mother.

    GRRRRRRR!!! To be honest I did say alot of this, but worded in a very very different professional way. Our Unit Manager had already warned these ladies not to transfer their Mother several times before but apparently some people are just very impatient.
  7. by   ElvishDNP
    - When you yell at people, especially techs who don't get paid nearly enough to put up with your crap, it makes them not want to come back in your room to help you at all.

    - I have been a nurse for a while now, and know perfectly well how to work bedside tables, how to work around IV lines without you telling me a dozen times in five minutes to be careful, and how to move a foley without yanking it without you telling me a dozen times in five minutes not to yank it out. I don't need you micromanaging every move I make.

    - It's your right to take your meds or not, I don't care one way or the other but I'm not going to stand here and twiddle my thumbs while you take half an hour to decide. It's a stool softener, for Pete's sake.
  8. by   NocturneNrse
    This is a response to the "Refusing meds" comment.. and I so hate to sound evil.. but sometimes I just want to say.. either take your meds and the care that we're offering.. or LEAVE AND STOP WASTING EVERYONE'S TAX DOLLARS AND TIME WHEN THERE ARE TRULY SICK PATIENTS THAT REQUIRE THIS BED, YOU LAZY SELFISH ABSOLUTE PIECE OF DO NOTHING CRUDOLA!!!!

    eh hem.... thank you.
  9. by   SoundofMusic
    MEGA kudos to NocturneNurse for his/her comment. THIS is something I can second, over and over. Why oh why do these people present themselves to our ER's, with the taxpayer dollar meter ticking away, and then FIGHT US tooth and nail over every last med, every last treatment, every last everything threaten to go AMA, etc. If you don't want it, GO HOME!! You're NOT paying for it anyway, so why worry!!!
  10. by   rumorasit
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  11. by   AngelfireRN
    If you are going to take on like your favorite whale just sank, and berate the entire medical staff at large because you don't agree with the tests we as providers think you need to make sure you're not going to crump over dead any time soon, then for the love of Heaven, go HOME!

    But do not, and I'm going to repeat this, DO NOT call your SO who is in the medical field and complain to them and have them call and complain that "no one has seen him all day", when I know and you know darn well that I was just in there this morning, explaining, apologizing, and asking what else I could do for you. I may not be the doc, and I can't help that your doc has not been in yet, but I WAS there, and you best believe I will call you on it in a heartbeat.

    Wait, never mind, I DID call him on it.
  12. by   MobileNurseSara
    Quote from SoundofMusic
    What the HELL have you been doing with your feet for the past 20 years? I mean -- COME ON. Those toenails haven't been clipped in at least five years. Do you even SEE the dirt in and around those nails? Do the scales and flakes even matter to you?

    And to the family of these foot offenders -- come on. Cut mom's/dad's toes once in a while. It is not ok to allow the nails to grow so long they curl up and around several times. That is just the ultimate in laziness and sloth.

    Once and only once have I ever seen a person over the age of 70 come in w/ a pedicure done. It was the cute little old lady who had her toes done in pink w/ little designs on them. it was SO cute on her.
    There are few things that frustrate me more than neglect no matter how "insignificant" it may seem. People don't seem to realize that neglect is a form of abuse.

    A while back, I had a pt who came in with toenails that CURLED and went under her toes. They must have been at least 6" long each. I'm talking World Record style. Anyway, they smelled HORRIBLE. Feet were swollen and red. Full of ulcers from the toenails resting against the skin and digging away at it. When I b#$@#ed the family out about it semi-nicely, they said that she always wore socks when they were around. I felt my brains hit the ceiling when my head exploded.

    It took the med nurses MONTHS full of qid soaks and weekly foot care to get this poor LOL's feet in slightly better shape. She had to go into the OR and undergo a GA just to get them cut by a foot care nurse. I wanted to kick some butt. Argh! This poor lady ended up going septic and dying. Guess where the infection originated? Yup...the ulcers from the toenails.
  13. by   MobileNurseSara
    Quote from Hoozdo
    I actually used #1 last week. I substituted "so mean" for extra annoying. This was a pt that only liked male nurses. I am not male.

    I've said those too.

    There was a girl who kept talking on her cell in super annoying "Valley Girl" talk circa 1990, but talked normal when her mom was in the room. So I said "OMG! As if! Like why are you being so like totally annoying?!"

    I do kinda regret this one, but it worked.