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  1. flygirl43

    A Lesson well learned "One size does not fit all"

    thanks phyllis....we need more rns like you:yeah:
  2. flygirl43

    The "bully" nurse

    Unions have been busted by conservative politics and lack of strike action. Wake up people!!!We have no power and we have empowered that thru our attitudes. Stick together or be sold out!!!!!!!Our young enables us! Appreciate them. Lose the christianity, white cap crap. Welcome to 2010. Wake up relaize your exploited female labour and rise to the cause sisters/brothers. We are union weak...but still strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. flygirl43


    1) Came on shift "sedated" 7.5 mg immovane od x 6 yrs...who knew? If I did, sould have called in sick..Impaired liver fx 2) Cleared all drug tests and other screens 3) Nursing administration (I was in acute liver failure, bleeding, Bili 1400) 4) Albeit they are ******....I am negative fr drugs as per hair scan 5) No written doc....just verbal thru my union 6) No written back up....Addiction asessment is negative for treatment, drug tests negative 7) Just played the human rights/lawyer card. Back on full pay pending reinstatement....LOL. Make me hard and bitter! Anyone in Canada know a good labour lawyer (ontario!)
  4. flygirl43

    Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients(yahoo news)

    Give me a break! Responsibility people!!!! A smoker can't have sx, a drug addict cant have health care. Whats with the joint replacements and bariatric therapy????? We all have to be responsible for lifestyle decisions and addictions. I am a newly diagnosed, severe liver failure HepC. I accept responsibility as nurse (do or die..LOL. I mean that very sarcastically!) I put myself out there as a health care worker..its my fault! LOL. Own your circumstance if you can....some of us cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. How about....I'm sicker than you@! I have a contagious fatal disease because of working in this atmosphere. If you ask me what to do, after not sleeping for a night....***????? I've been up for days!!If i had the answer, I'd implement it personally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. flygirl43

    The "bully" nurse

    nursing actually makes me sick.....so sad.... i had so much to offer
  7. flygirl43

    Nursing school double standards?

    Nursing school is hell. Nurses teach when they are burnt out! Take it from there. Get your degree and put it behind you
  8. flygirl43

    Problem with weights in the ER

    what about bed scales
  9. flygirl43

    how many use the line when giving shots to women?

  10. flygirl43

    The "woes" of 12 hr. Shifts

    Be a good super human robot nurse and all will go well (for who, I'm not sure!)
  11. flygirl43

    Where's the Beef when it comes to your Nurse Manager?

    I wish I had your manager
  12. flygirl43

    My pt accused my coworker of taking her Percocets! (long)

    what s situation...damned if you do, damned if you dont.hmmmm
  13. flygirl43


    I am a "social" drinker and take prescribed immovane to sleep when I work nights. (took) Unknown to me (recently diagnosed in the last 4 weeks) I have Hep C with severe liver involvement. Was recently hospitalized x2 for acute liver failure. My employer states I came to work "sedated". I agree. I believe the immovane didn't clear my system due to my liver failure. Since hospitalization, I have quit taking all my prescribed meds and abstain from alcohol. I did not know about my status, but now that I do, I am taking appropriate measures to take care of myself. I have been off work for 10 weeks. I am attending drug/alcohol education on my own volition (I know they will require it later) My physician has cleared me to return to work. I see a specialist late next yr and am looking at $$$$$$$$ in treatment and sick time. Have cleared all drug tests (negative for everything but immovane, which was perscibed) I am constantly being accused of using street drugs. My boss is eluding that this is the reason for daignosis (not true, and I believe I've proved them wrong) What do I do? What next?????
  14. flygirl43

    I got my coworker fired

    let's be all warm and lovey...let's forgive and forget....otherwise this person is going to have to pay the price "on the other side" Hope your career doesn't turn out like mine! Reap:Sow. Love the way you go! Good luck bud...thinkin of you!!!