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  1. flygirl43

    A Lesson well learned "One size does not fit all"

    thanks phyllis....we need more rns like you:yeah:
  2. How about....I'm sicker than you@! I have a contagious fatal disease because of working in this atmosphere. If you ask me what to do, after not sleeping for a night....***????? I've been up for days!!If i had the answer, I'd implement it personally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. flygirl43

    Fellow RN died this morning.

    Do you think this is acceptable. Why are we wroking these shifts. Lets all speak up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. flygirl43

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    The wold is an ugly place. We can ony ty to repair it,,,,but your pretty firm dealing with pedophiles(So am I!!!!!!). They are usually victims of abuse lashing out. What is done, is done You cant take it back or fx it. But you can suusallt branner of steel a loving support workker that supports her emoyionally, thru friendhip, socilalwork,,,what ever she need, Hold her man poa, advocate, because in sure there isnot many others 9famly not neccesarily rxcluded) She needs a resorce team to look out for her and her issue.s wto man o it fiesnt happens again I suppot you anytin!
  5. flygirl43

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    She is so lucky to have you as an nurse. Advocate for her and make her your cause right now. You obviouslly need to do this from your own standpoint of healing; professionally and emotionally. You are the care giver....advocate advocate, advocate and love, love ,love, love, love. She is lucky to have you. Be strong for her! She needs you! In an incredible way! You are an awesome nurse. Be there for her. It's your job! (and Im sure, your compassion!!!!!) Good luck. Do one for the team! We are behind you!
  6. flygirl43

    Nurses Fired Over Cell Phone Photos Of Patient

    I think it's disgusting, that someone in our profession would violate privacy/confidentiality/ethics issues over something they obviously thought was "funny". I have a really sick sense of humor, and are well known for it. But it would NEVER be at the experience of another person. Especially a pt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. flygirl43

    need help for educating stroke pt.

    Sometimes you can't teach what people aren't willing to learn!
  8. flygirl43

    DNR orders

    I just had dinner with a cardiolgist friend of mine who told me the survival rate for MIs in emerg is about 10% and even less after they've been on the floor awhile. I just ran a code tonight on a 99 yr old woman with CHF. What do you think happened?????? I don't get it??????? MRPs need to be more forthcoming in explanations of care and care expectaions, especially with the sevre senior crowd. Not like the don't deserve the chance. But throwing a 99 yr old on the floor and cracking their ribs for CPR to lose them within 12 hrs.........lets think about dignity and quality. Im sure the family wouldnt have wanted it if they new the truth
  9. flygirl43

    Dealing with an uncooperative patient?

    Pts have the right to refuse care and we must respect that. All we can do is provide adequate health teaching and let them make their own decisions. I hate the term "non comliant". I think they have their own way of thinking about their destiny (as long as they are lucid) Who are we to impose or judge. I prefer the term "informed consumer" . if they are health taught appropriately and enough, I think this is fair, informed and most importantly.....respectful
  10. flygirl43

    Nursing Float Pools

    Hi: I just came back to work from 9 months off due to stress and insomnia from a toxic work enviorment in a small rural hospital. I moved back to the city (my home) and got rehired by my old employer. We are a huge corporation with 7 sites and 10,000 employees. Great employer....always! The problem is, I came back to work on their "float pool". I figured after my last experience, I wanted to get to know the good units to work on, and where I never wanted to work! It is also providing me with a very diverse experience for my resume. Does anyone else out there on a "pool" feel like they are treated like crap when they attend work? On some wards I get double the pt assignment (and always the worst ones) If I dont get there early, I notice the assignment has been changed so I do get the worst of the worst. Im there to help you when you short staffed. Not be the slave. Without us.....you have a shift of hell. What about some respect????? Ive noticed some wards dont so this, but others are beastly. Can't wait unitl my old unit has some full time job postings. Anybody else out there on a pool? Do you like it? What has been your experience?
  11. flygirl43

    Non-Nurses calling themselves a Nurse

    CNAs should not be handing out medical advice. Period. Don't let it drop. She can harm someone else!
  12. I worked a surgical unit in Ontario, that hired an appropriate number of staff....but couldn't keep them. We lost 37 nurses in 2 months. (mostly new) Mgmt was terrible, tyranical and used public humiliation as a way of dealing with RNs. Needless to say, we closed 28 beds due to a "nursing shortage" We hired enough nurses, we just couldn't retain them. Upper mgmt never looked into the situation on the mgmt level (NEPOTISIM!!!!!!!!) Instead, elective Sxs were cancelled, quality of care went in the toilet. Wonder how many pts expired??????
  13. flygirl43

    Can't Stand It! A Rant About Floating

    I am a permanant float nurse and love it. It challenges me every day. On the other hand, I always get the crappy assignments, eat lunch by myself and feel like a rogue nurse half the time. More experience makes you a better health care provider. Find the positive
  14. flygirl43

    Fellow RN died this morning.

    So sad
  15. flygirl43

    bedside reporting

    If my relief is on time....it's great. If they are 20 minutes late.....I'm going to want to kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. You were quite capable of wiping your butt at home. However you did it there, do the same here (I can never loook at BBQ tonges the same way again!)