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People on here need to realize that when you complain on here (and for some that all those individuals do) it really dissuades us new grads from continuing into the profession. First and most obvious... Read More

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    There are times I stay away from this site for many of the reasons other posters gave. But no one knows how it is except other nurses. Example: I won't out to dinner with a friend the other night, and we were talking about job stresses. She also knew I moved into another position, and I told her that giving up bennies for increased pay was worth it to me, plus I mentioned my rate (big mistake). She then told me, jokingly but not really, to never complain about my job stress again. Um.....Also, I could spend some time posting about the parts of my job that make me feel good. There's at least a few minutes of every shift that patients express their appreciation to me, or I've advocated for patients to make their care much better. That doesn't make the stress go away though. It just makes it more tolerable for a short period of time.
    I've found that I can't really talk to family or friends about job stress either. I had one friend who actually went off on me because she felt it was unfair that she had worked all her life and was stuck in low wage jobs and I apparently had a good paying job. (I never, ever discussed how much money I made and don't live a flashy lifestyle.) I come here to talk to other nurses who can commiserate. Now that I can't work anymore, I still like to come here to keep up with what's going on.
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    *** Yes I fully realize this but two things. First the fewer people who enter nursing the better for those of who are already nurses. Pay and working conditions for nurses have deteriated since the glut of nurse made itself felt in 2008. It's not new grads fault since the false and self serving "nursing shortage" propaganda mislead many people who would not have considered nursing to pursue nursing/ This was intentional false propaganda desinged to mislead people and it worked, very well.
    Second our world does not revolve around nursing students and new grads. You guys should feel lucky you are getting a view of the underbelly of nursing in advance. Most of us didn't have that oppertunity since there was no Allnurses when I graduated.


    *** Yes! I love it! I have a fun and very rewarding job and am very well compensated for it. However the longer the glut of nurses continues the less that's true. Even my hospital, a hospital with a long history of treating it's nurses well is starting to realize that any of us can be replaced by a long line of new grads chomping at the bit to take our jobs

    I did not realize that people had to stop pursuing their dreams or their education to provide you with job stability. I am a new nurse and I worked my butt off to get to where I am and I am sorry if there are many more of us to replace you.
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    I did not realize that people had to stop pursuing their dreams or their education to provide you with job stability. I am a new nurse and I worked my butt off to get to where I am and I am sorry if there are many more of us to replace you.
    No one was blaming the new grads themselves, more the system itself. There seems to be a partnership between nursing schools and employers to generate a surplus on new nurses. They both have a lot to gain by keeping the "nursing shortage" myth alive. Schools keep raking in the tuition and employers can justify stagnant wages as long as there's a pool of new grads desperate for work....
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    I love being a Nurse. I also love to let off a little steam and complain, or read 'vent' threads and live vicariously through them.

    When I discuss family member 'issues' with my husband, he just cannot fathom what I am dealing with. My Nurse friends CAN though, so knowing that someone here 'gets it' helps.
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    Exactly...who wrote THIS??? The producers at MTV??? :seriously:
    I did.....I am sorry you were NOT amused and that you were......offended.

    I offer my ..........sincere apologies.
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    ......That is the funniest thing I have EVER read!!!!!!!

    Oh I see......you get to tell the cancer patient that is dying...after hurling all day from the chemo....tell them to smile because tomorrow is another day. really????

    Unbelievable....no wonder these poor people going onto nursing think we are crazy when we ....uhm....talk about the realities.

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    I've seen an increase of "Warning this is a rant" and it has been explained all the time on this site that people "vent" more than they talk about positive experiences. This happens everywhere (forums, reviews, grocery store experiences).
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    aachevz you just did the very same thing you acussed others of doing
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    How unbelievably, offensively rude. And you know what? I don't care what you think. When you became a nurse, you took on the role as teacher and role model for all nurses following you. THAT is the REALITY. Whether you like it or not, YOU are our teacher. You better hope to hell we new grads don't have nurses like you who we are trying to look up to when YOU are the patient in the hospital. I love learning from experienced nurses. Guess what? You better care how you are teaching us. WE are the future experienced nurses taking care of your kids. I never disrespected experienced nurses til I became a part if this website and saw how much we new grads are despised by so many of you. Its like "how dare anyone after us become a nurse and try to learn." Yeah, the NERVE of us.
    Looking past the obvious palpable anger in the post, I do understand and actually agree with one point. We all agree that you don't really learn nursing until you are a nurse right? Well, who do we learn that from? Of course we learn as much as possible ourselves (We are accountable for our own learning) but much of what we learn is from seasoned nurses. You are our greatest asset. And in that sense, you are our "teachers." Where would we be 10 years from now without you all? Basically still new grads hopefully not killing our patients.

    As far as venting. I see both sides of it. We need a place to come where others understand us. Our family members, as much as they may try, most of the time, simply don't. I for one WISH I read some of the vents on here before say my last semester of nursing. To learn some of the realities ahead of time and how to deal with those situations when they arose. On the other hand, when I've already had a bad day, it can be taxing to read others problems as well. The solution? If the negativity of a post is really bothersome, don't continue to read it. I admit I sometimes do that. Sometimes I find myself feeling like, "is there any light at the end of the tunnel?" So, at that time, I stop reading, shut my computer off, and watch a good comedy to make me laugh. I am accountable to my happiness in my career, not the nurses here on AN, not the nurses I work with. I am actually giving a speech in my speech class next week on our profession. So many of the students in the class are CNA's or taking pre-req's for nursing. This is my opportunity to tell them to research what they are getting into. Not bad mouth nursing, but give them the resources to go to to better prepare themselves for what they are in for.

    One more thing. I don't understand the "entitlement" of new grads. I am a new grad. I feel no sense of entitlement. I'm grateful for any advice, words of wisdom... I personally haven't seen this. But apparently, seasoned nurses see this. Perhaps some of it is misinterpretation? I don't know. I just don't get it. How can you be completely new to something and feel entitled? I mean, that's crazy. So the only thing I can think of is that very few new grads DO believe themselves to be entitled, and/or their actions/words are misinterpreted.
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    Students and newgrads should realize that this is a place to vent. As others have suggested, it would be wiser not open threads that may be a vent.
    If nursing is what you want to do then no one, and I mean no one should make you feel otherwise. Once you become a nurse you will soon realize what we are venting about. Experience is the best teacher.
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    Nursing student here. I love reading the rants and vents. I figure if I'm getting the the inside scoop of the under staffing, under appreciation, annoying families, ignorant patients, unsupportive higher ups, ungrateful doctors and exhaustion that comes with my future job, I'll be prepared for the worst. I can then focus on the aspects of the job that are rewarding and fulfulling.
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    Quote from Esme12
    I did.....I am sorry you were NOT amused and that you were......offended.

    I offer my ..........sincere apologies.
    No lol...I was amused...it omitted my continued sarcasm ops: It's all good...I agree wholeheartedly!!!
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    Quote from LadyFree28

    Exactly...who wrote THIS??? The producers at MTV??? :seriously:
    Edited: Exactly...who wrote THIS??? The producers at MTV??? :seriously:
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    Oh I was just wondering.

    Thanks for everyone else for their replies so far, but let me mention then again that I know its not unicorns and butterflies and baby bunnies and ****. The main point was that whether or not you enjoy your job and if it was as bad as everyone makes it or if everyone is just venting. Thanks for the replies.
    It just didn't come off as your main point. The initial statement came off a bit offensive "you need to realize that...." as if when someone posts, their initial thougth needs to be, "how is this going to affect nursing students view of nursing." I'm btw a new grad myself. Only graduated just last May. I worked in a hospital as a sitter and patient care tech for three years befores graduating though, so I knew many of the downfalls of healthcare. The people we are helping can come off as very ungrateful during their time of stress and illness, so I'm glad that I knew I was getting into that. Many other aspects though, the nurse was kind of my shield. I could always say, "I'll get the the nurse." Just like in nursing school. "I'll ask my instructor, or talk to your nurse." Ohhh, the days of protection. I wouldn't change my career choice for the world though, and I've been called every name in the book by patients. I've been belitttled. Its all how you chose to view things. Are you going to let it get to you and ruin your day, or are you going to realize that you have control over your actions, and with some training, your emotions.