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  1. funfunfun550

    4600 Role call

    Who is in this with me?
  2. funfunfun550

    Junior composition course

    Miami University offers ENG 313 in a sprint format. I believe it is offered every semester. It was 8 weeks long. An assignment only 6 weeks. No BB no tests. The biggest assignment due the last week was a resume and cover letter and you get 2 weeks to do that . I got an A+ .Most useful AND easiest college class I have ever taken and I have been taking classes for this program at 5 different universities .I recommend professor Ana Madani. Very easy to communicate with. I was able to put in to practice immediately what I learned in this class. Wish I had taken it first. I enjoyed it so much I am taking a hybrid grant writing class Winter Intersession for those "free electives" I need to meed the credit hours that I will be lacking when I finish my nursing classes this Spring. Yeah who is going to graduate with me in 2014???
  3. funfunfun550

    FNP info please!

    Why would they not just take your BSN gpa?? If your entry level was a BSN they would just look at that. I call no fair that they would lump in a gpa from an entry level program that would drop your overall GPA/
  4. funfunfun550

    Which schools have Advanced Pharmacology Online?

    I am looking for classes that someone had no trouble trandsferring for graduate level credit once they settled on where they wanted to finally pursue an FNP progam online.
  5. Anyone take Advanced Pharmacology and/or Advanced Aseessment(i.e graduate level) as an undergrad online ? I am not settled on where I want to get my APN might be where I am getting my undergrad but not sure. Also I would like recommendations for a school that would let you take these in the summer of 2014 one at a time?
  6. Just curious if anyone "lost" any credits from OU in this conversion?
  7. funfunfun550

    PHIL 1300 (Ethics) Fall 13

    pm me at melissarn7288@hotmail.com I will tell you how I studied for exams That class was a headache I thought they dropped that class as a required course when they converted to semesters?
  8. funfunfun550

    NRSE 4530 Family Nursing-Summer 2013...role call

    Maybe if I can get my p&%^p in a group...lol
  9. funfunfun550

    Incomplete grades

    Does anyone know of how this process works? I have had some very extenuating circumstances and just do not seem to get the TA to understand. I do not want to go into it here so I don't risk my privacy,however everyone I know thinks that there is no way no one would expect me to finish on time given all that has gone on during the semester. Private messages are appreciate if you wish.
  10. Hello to anyone taking this also. I understand this is a busy course. I am currently trying to find out what the reading assignments are so I can get a jump start as I am doubling up with 4520 (Health Assessment) also. There goes my summer..but next summer...I will be done!
  11. Who is taking this with me? Let's support each other. I am currently looking to see if I can find the reading assignments before the week the class opens.
  12. funfunfun550

    Losing respect for nursing students

    Your lucky to find a computer to sit and chart when they are on our unit. They sit more than any of the staff but lets face it they do hardly anything in comparison to times past because they are not allowed to. I think a lot are shell shocked. They seem very sweet just need a nudge or two to jump in for learning opportunities. After all there is one instructor and a lot of us. So even if they can not do hands on they can sure do a lot of observation and interaction and following the RN around. So do them and the profession a service and get them up off their butts because reality is going to be a rude awakening.
  13. funfunfun550

    Where are new grads being hired right now?

    Why is Stanford using travel nurses if they have so many applicants>>> Are these replacement workers for a looming strike>??? I am responding to vwgirll2's post
  14. funfunfun550

    Phil 1300 Intro to ethics

    btw...I do not think that PHIL 1300 is any longer a specific requirement... however I believe it was when were were on quarters. You can fufill your requirement with another type of class...someone correct me please if I am wrong>>
  15. funfunfun550

    Phil 1300 Intro to ethics

    I hated that class even though I got an A-. It is a different way of thinking...and many people I have talked to say it gave them a headache... I detist essay answers. I would take a class with papers to write any day! I think the idea of taking the 4 week class @ WOSC is a great one. Wish I would have known about it. I took a class there. Cheaper and faster and I bet alot less headaches. wosc.edu