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I was sitting in the waiting room of my oncologist's office, about an hour into the wait, when I got restless and got up to ask how much longer Dr. "FamousCancersurgeon" would be. "Oh," was the... Read More

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    In reply to the comment, "These people vote",
    They also reproduce which is even more scarey!
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    You go up against anti-vaccination idiots?

    You and I agree on something?

    Wow. Learn something new everyday.

    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Actually, can we leave the Fox-bashing out of this discussion? Many of us have already posted that there has been nothing on Fox that blames the nurses and in fact, they've been outspoken in support of the nurses and have interviewed many nurses about this issue.

    That man did not "seen this on Fox" . . .he misunderstood information and would have done so from any news station. He might even be a little bit senile. Who knows?

    As someone who regularly goes up against anti-vaxxers . . . .. people who are uninformed are a special group of people who would take a tiny bit of information from any news media source and run with it making irresponsible comments.
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    Quote from futurenurseshelly
    Situations like this really get to me, because my boyfriend has had the pleasure of dealing with this kind of ignorance for a very long time. He was in a severe accident as a child that left him dependent on crutches, although he is a healthy young man who drives a manual sports car. He uses a handicap placard, and his disability is clearly visible, and yet he has STILL had to deal with people doubting the validity of his handicap. Cops have told him that he is faking it to use the parking spot, even though they can SEE him. Who in their right mind would carry around crutches and put in all the effort to fake an injury just to park a little closer to the restaurant/store/school/wherever. He has also received tickets on his car for parking in handicapped spots, even though he had a valid placard, with the reasoning that "cripples don't drive sports cars."
    It's ridiculous.
    I'm so sorry!!! That's terrible and breaks my heart! People can be so cruel.
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    Quote from KatieMI
    Oh, well, OK. Just some 24 hours ago...

    I'm sitting in the restaurant. It's a local place, I'm living here and going there for the last decade. I know them, they know me, we say "hi". And, mind you, I always leave at least 30% tip. But, nevertheless, I've got my "allergy card" out.
    - and, please, I know this food should be OK, I had it before, but please double check because I'm severely allergic to "this" and "that".
    - Sure, MAAM!!! - off flied the waitress.

    Short time passed, she brings my meal, and the sauce is, quite clearly, pretty much consists of "that" thing. It is wafting the most wonderful smell around but for me it smells just like that memorable aroma of surface cleaner and other much less appetizing stuff - in short, it smells just like an inside of an ER.
    I (trying not to look panicky while trying not to breathe and so hold off for another minute what is now getting inevitable):
    - please get it out, now.
    - WHAT????
    I (starting to cough, wheeze and sneeze at the same time):
    - take it out, please. I can't have "this", I have an allergy.
    The girl is stupefied, she literally can't move a finger of her, much less to figure out what to do.

    A man sitting at the nearby table turns his head, sees the scene and runs out of the room toward the guest desk without saying a word. Thank you sir, - I think - he's going to bring someone to help. Next thing I hear, the man is roaring to the manager:

    I wish I could laugh out loud but I just can't. Meanwhile, the room which was almost full 60 seconds ago is now totally empty except for some forks who're trying to somehow grab and scrape the rest of their meals.

    Manager comes, with extreme caution, and stands at least 10 feet out of the entrance. She immediately recognizes me, then she, at last gets the full ridiculousness of the situation.

    The girl starts to cry:
    - I just forgot... I am so sorry (repeat some 100500 times)... No, I didn't check... the sauce was in promotion... I thought... I didn't know "this" is a sort of "that".... no, I didn't pass it to the kitchen BUT IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!!

    I ask the manager to call 911 and get my Mr. Epi out. That man is now watching the scene from safe distance but with that air of "me" in charge.

    (the man): what she's doing? She's going to spread some more bugs from that thing???
    (manager, to the man): Please calm down. This lady just has an allergy. She's a nurse...
    (the man jumps out, tears Epi from my hand and stomps over it yelling obscenities):
    - I do not let you do it here and kill us your customers!! She is nurse, all of them have that Ebola!!!!

    The paramedics who come in a few minutes were pleasantly surprised by having empty parking and room all for themselves.
    Kids were picked up, I was let go home after 12 hours and sleeping off Benadryl. My older one said in rather philosophical tone to a sympathetic EMT tech:
    - I never thought that there are sooo many adults who are so completely stupid!
    THAT is horrible. I'd like to think that this was all made up because NO ONE can be THAT horrible!!! But wow. It's sad there are such cruel, hateful, and uneducated people out there. So sorry this happened to you.
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    Great answer! It feels really good sometimes to tell them what they deserve!
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    I don't hate all stupid people,just the ones that behave like jerks. Thanks for putting this one in his place!
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    I had a doctor who saw patients in two different buildings depending on what day and time it was. I sat and waited nearly two hours with a very active toddler before being told I was in the wrong building. I even had gone up to the desk 3 times to inquire about the wait. It wasn't until the third time that I was told "oh we couldn't find you to tell you that you need to go to the other building". I replied "you couldn't find me?" as I handed her back the pager that lights up and beeps, not to mention I had been sitting in the open waiting area the whole time and no one came over there. I rushed down to the other building only to be told the doctor was not going to see me because I was late. When I protested I was told she would see me only if I was "really" sick and this was not an appt for a well visit. I just turned around and walked out in disgust. I never went back to that doctor. I just went home and dealt with my symptoms the best way I could, turns out I was pregnant.

    It's the no doctors in the office thing that really intrigues me. Would Miss Raggedy Ann hair simply let you sit there until it was time for her to go home? Would she at least have given you a blanket and pillow to stretch out on the chairs? I've seen some pretty good dumb in my lifetime, but that takes top spot, I think.[/QUOTE]
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    Quote from liberated847
    Unless they are gay, witches, or atheists, read your Bible and you see I'm right.... This I know lol!!!
    She didn't say she was Christian (or not). I took her statement as a general declaration of spiritual confidence and tolerance.