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  1. #NurseB

    Patients' HIV status posted on Facebook

    Looks like someone stayed logged into her Facebook page at work...
  2. I agree. I was hired at the facility I interned with and so was over half my class. I know that one student was not chosen because they had tattoos showing on a clinical day (against hospital policy) and was told if they couldn't even show up appropriate before they were hired, then they certainly wouldn't do it when they were hired. In a market that is flooded at the moment...I was crossing my t's and dotting my i's. No need to take unnecessary chances.
  3. #NurseB

    Do you lie when they ask, "how long?"

    I love it!!!!!
  4. Same here. I was taught a patients pain is what they say it is and unless they are hypotension and risks outweigh benefits, you treat their pain. The scale comment was funny to me. I've always wanted to say "0-10, 0 being no pain and 10 is having both arms ripped off being fed live scorpions, how bad is your pain?"
  5. #NurseB

    Getting report during change of shift

    ED nurse here... Sheesh! First, let me just say this post doesn't differ from what I experience every day at work. It seems us ED nurses are always at odds with the other floors. I personally send patients up as soon as a bed is available UNLESS I am with a STAT patient OR if I need to get a med started before sending the patient. I don't ever wait for a certain time. And you better believe our charge nurse is breathing down our necks to make sure when that admit bed is ready, we are sending our patients up so the charge nurse can put a new patient in that room. I also will send report up and call to give report. If nobody answers, I will call until I get somebody. Even if that means calling the charge nurse and giving them report. Yes other floors have emergencies but I've been on the floor and worked in ED and find our ED to be full of critical patients, especially all the STAT respiratory patients this winter. I don't truly think anyone can have empathy for floor/ED nurses until you've held that position.
  6. #NurseB

    Do you lie when they ask, "how long?"

    Seems like a very far stretch. They have much more to worry about.
  7. #NurseB

    Do I really need to study for teas

    You make a valid point. TEAS scores are sometimes used to get you into a program. Our school had a separate lottery for those that scored highest.
  8. #NurseB

    Do you lie when they ask, "how long?"

    I have the same issue. Some will tell me a look too young and others just simply ask. I've only been an RN for a few months so I'm uncomfortable saying "9 months." What I usually say is that I was in pediatrics for 10 years (which I was, just not as an RN) and that I am fairly new to this facility. They don't seem to mind that answer and it usually redirects them into more questions about working with kids. I like the answer of "This is my first day!" that someone else suggested. I will definitely use that!
  9. #NurseB

    anxiety about an occurance report

    You tell a great story. As a new RN, this is a fear of mine. Thank you for sharing!
  10. #NurseB

    I nees tips . Failed the nclex on last month :(

    I second the Kaplan q bank. There is also a very helpful studyguide located on this website. If you have a smart phone, there are also aps for NCLEX that can be studied on the go. Commit to it! Spend XX amount of hours every day on studying up until your test date. You can do it! Best of luck to you
  11. #NurseB

    Do I really need to study for teas

    So here is the thing you need to keep in mind... I know a girl that didn't study because she wanted to see if she could pass it and if she didn't, well no big deal because she could take it again right? Wrong! When she went to apply for the specific nursing program, they had changed the rules for applying and only allowed for one try to pass the teas exam and since she already failed, she wasn't able to apply. So just study... I studied my tush off for that test and barely passed!
  12. #NurseB

    How to pass NCLEX on the 5th attempt

    I used Kaplan and a studyguide located here on allnurses. I'd like to say Kaplan helped because I passed first try with minimal questions although at the time of taking the test I remember thinking that Kaplan didn't help at all. In all reality, even if the classes and their method of answering questions didn't help...the many practice questions that were offered by Kaplan MOST definitely helped! I would reccomend also checking out the studyguide on this site. I wish you the best of luck!
  13. #NurseB

    Do you clean bedpans or throw them out?

    I love this idea! We used plastic ones in the facility that I work for. I have been doing it the way I have been taught and that is to toss it in the red bio bag. If it is urine, I will rinse it out and reuse it for the same pt. When the patient leaves, it gets tossed. I like the idea of having disposable ones. I am going to bring that to the attention of management. Does anyone else have problems with spillage?? It seems like there is never a time when the pt is taken off a bedpan and doesn't have that problem. Maybe it's me, maybe I need more practice. I'm excited about the chux idea though. Maybe that will help.
  14. I once walked into a new medical position at a physicians office and said "Good morning ladies!" to two Physicians standing by the front door. I then got my a$$ completely chewed out because they were NOT "ladies," they were doctors and should be addressed as such. Lesson learned...harshly. This by the way, was also the same physicians that ccould never get my first name right and therefore gave me a "new much easier name" against my wishes.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with this letter at all and I tend to agree with him/her. I haven't yet read other comments but I am guessing that you were one of those that was dressed unprofessional and that is why it bothers you. Am I correct? Not to be mean at all but you ARE adult learners and you are getting ready to enter the REAL world. I believe this professor is doing you a hug disservice if he/she doesn't address this problem. At my hospital, we are not allowed to be on campus without either 1. wearing a uniform or 2. being in professional business dress. There is never a time when jeans or unprofessional dress is allowed. Not for any reason. It doesn't matter if you are just dropping by for a minute. As for the jewelry and nails, well that is true too. While it may not have been as professional as you would have liked, what your proffesor is saying correct. Best of luck to you!
  16. #NurseB

    RN tax deductions 2015

    I am reviewing the links you provided. Claiming the expenses I paid to take my NCLEX exam is not something that I would have thought of claiming and is exactly the reason I posted this in an allnurses forum. This is precisely what I was looking for. Thank you again1