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Ever know someone who has a major crush on a doctor? Then you have to be extra nice to all the doctors so it's not so obvious that your so nice to your crush doctor. Then your co-workers name 6... Read More

  1. by   Betty_SPN_KS
    Too intimidated by them.
  2. by   ninaldunn
    Baby Chainus - you hit the nail right on the head.

    Tweety - you're right, I should wear make up and do my hair and loose weight for myself or at least my husband - but sometimes a girl just needs a little inspiration.
  3. by   glassam
    Quote from LPN2Be2004
    Not quite to the degree that you're describing.

    AND puts the seat down in the bathroom.
    I "reprimanded" a doc one afternoon for not putting the seat back down, and he told me to be thankful he put it up! I fell in love with him after that
  4. by   Rapheal
    Once for about 10 minutes. I hated the feeling of being so distracted and the confusion of having these feelings for someone other than my hubby. Every time the man popped into my mind I would force myself to think of something else. Worked like a charm- crush over.

    But we are all human and the laws of attraction do not care if you are married or not. If your crush is an inspiration than I think no harm done. But if your emotions start to overide your intellect than you will get hurt. So be careful girl!
  5. by   Gompers
    Have to admit, yes I have. There have been several residents over the years that have made me giddy, and the fact that they're around my age doesn't help! One resident in particular, my gosh, every nurse on our unit had a crush on him. He was just the nicest guy in the world, a very smart doctor, and a father himself so he was just amazing with the babies. But there was another resident who I just clicked with, and I swear, if I was single I'd have tried to snatch him up! Something about him...he was just so cute and nice, and I'd always be finding reasons to call him about patients. If I knew he was on call on a night I'd be working, I'd actually request to have the sickest baby on the unit so he'd be at the bedside all night long. He's done with his residency now, and I honestly hope that he chooses to work at another hospital in the future because I can't stand the temptation!!!

  6. by   theblondeone
    Last year I developed a crush on one of our chief residents that lasted about two weeks but for the strangest reason. He's not particularly attractive, but he's very sweet and attentive. One night, I was overwhelmed with a man who was a full code and circling the drain. This doc had come down to check on one of his post op patients and had found a "code brown". This doc cleaned the man up and changed his bed linens, all by himself!!! I had never even heard of a doc doing this! He came and told me in a very nonchalant way, "Mr. B has a good case of the runs, I cleaned him and changed him, just have the aid check on him. I know you're swamped." I about fell out and developed a whopper of a crush on him after that. Ya know, nurses are attracted to the strangest things.LoL.
  7. by   Shed13911
    Yes, I did that 13 years ago. I was pregnant with my son and the crush was on the OB doc. I had lost 3 babies before that and was an OB nurse at that time working L&D. He took such great care of me and made sure that I was able to carry my son to term. When I went into labor, he did not leave the hospital until I delivered. I think he was as happy as I was that I sailed through my pregnacy. When we worked together and were waiting for a woman to deliver, we would talk all night about our families, his native country(Egypt) and anything else we could think of. He was shocked and sad when I decided to divorce my husband and move away. Now 13 years later, I still go back to visit the hospital and always look him(and his wife up) to see how they are doing. He still asks me when I am coming back so we can work again together. He was always professional and he prob never knew how I felt. I am still grateful for our time we worked together. I learned alot about OB working for him/with him. For now, I still think of how I felt like it was yesterday. Maybe hormones, maybe admiration, maybe a little of both!!
  8. by   ninaldunn
    Gompers - That's it - it's the Click. I might go 4 weeks without really getting to talk to him, then either we have a 5-10 minute personal conversation or I get one his patients that I can discuss with him - and the clicks just keep clicking...*sigh*
  9. by   ahsweeney
    When I graduated from nursing school, my husband asked me if I was going to leave him for a doc. I quickly said "No way! There are too many docs in my family." I'd have a problem not being on the top of the priority list. I have had a few crushes tho. I agree with a previous post.....if the man is nice, smells good, looks good, etc. I'm interested in them. Have to add a sense of humor (lacking in too many docs.) and great legs. Get to see those wonderful gams working in PACU in the summer when the docs come in to work and check in with us before they change into scrubs.... sigh!
  10. by   kimmicoobug
    Nope, no crushes on an MD, but do flirt with them on occasion. Now, I do have a mild crush on one of the RT's I work with. Very nice butt, and just the nicest guy in the world.
  11. by   SchoolNurseLisa
    LOLOLO. I am laughing cuz my OB is shorter than me and I am 5'1" and I can not understand a word he says
  12. by   TracyB,RN
    No crushes that I can recall, but I sure would like to "crush" a few, sometimes.

    To "theblondeone" WOW, is all I have to say for that. I think I would have been bit by the crush bug for that same reason...
  13. by   vjcnurse
    I haven't had a crush on any doctors at my work yet. It's funny because women docs out-number male docs at my hospital. But, I did have a crush on a respiratory therapist once. But I took some time off during nursing school, and when I returned after graduation, he was gone. I was so upset. But...as we most are, I am in a relationship where I am extremely happy. We aren't married yet, but we are on that path!:blushkiss