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I was just curious if anyone loves their managers? What are ur managers doing right that others are not?... Read More

  1. by   zacarias
    I in a new hospital in a new state with , obviously, a new manager. I think my manager has helped the unit I work on in many ways but I do not feel she will stick up for me. Maybe this feeling will change as I work here longer.
  2. by   smiley222
    I got to tell ya, I love both my direct supervisors! We are able to talk to them about anything without the worry of their reactions. My supervisor actually called me when I was sick for a whole week to check and see if she could do anything for me!!!!! This is the only job i've had where I can say honestly that I LOVE MY SUPERVISOR!!!!!!!! She understands I have a family and that THEY come first. I'm blessed to be where I am.
  3. by   muffie
    how about highly respect and fear

    helps out with bells and whatnot
    sticks up for her nurses

    could be a lot worse
  4. by   Lacie
    A manager is what can make or break a unit at any time. Remember anyone can be a manager but not everyone can be a "leader". Fortunately I love the management in the facility I am at. We also have several other clinics in our area where management stinks but I was fortunate to be in the clinic that has a good one. She's on top of things and is right there when we need her. She also backs us when we are in the right. Now if your in the "wrong", then you better be ready to cover your arse too.
  5. by   Jackie01
    I hate my manager and her manager too. If i had to say one good thing about her its that I work nights and dont have to see her a lot. (But that doesnt stop her from calling me on my day off after I just worked 3 days straight and trying to sleep):angryfire
  6. by   VivaRN
    My manager is awesome! She's only 26, but she has ICU/ER experience and is very professional. She is currently getting her MSN/MBA. Sometimes other nurses criticize her, but she has been nothing but there for me. She let me do weekend option even though I hadn't been there for a year... and she's been very flexible with my school schedule. She told me, "School is your number one priority." How amazing is that!
  7. by   traumaRUs
    In 15 years of nursing, I've had some terrific managers. Only one manager did I not like and in retrospect, it was because our personalities just didn't mesh.

    Now, as an APN, I don't really have a manager per se. I just report to the docs and if they are unhappy with my decision, we discuss it and go from there. Much different than nursing.
  8. by   mom2michael
    My 1st manager was a nightmare, evil and possessed by Satan herself. She's gone - last I heard she's a staff nurse now and was having a hard time in orientation.....LOL.

    Our new CNO is awesome. She is patient care, staff oriented and doesn't give a flip about the budget. She tells upper management all the time that if her staff is happy, the patients are happy and more people will come to hospital (we are VERY small) and her budget will increase. Not a day goes by that she doesn't attempt to make our life a bit happier.

    We are actually getting a new manager in our ER.....we'll see how it goes with her......
  9. by   Tweety
    I don't love my manager. Yet, I'm very loyal and rarely say no to her requests. She rarely says no to my requests either. Over the last 15 years she's done quite a lot for me. I pretty much always get the schedule I want. She's maxed me out paywise. She's given me all my requests for time off, which shift I want to work. Over and over she's been there for me.

    I can nit pick over things I don't like such as sometimes she's inconsistent in how she treats us. Often she'll talk to us about personal stuff in front of other folks.

    She has a rotten job trying to satisfy a sometimes selfish and whining staff who constantly bombard her with their unhappiness and demands (what do you mean I can't make up my own hours and come in when I please? Now that my orientation is over, I need to tell you I can't work any weekends or Fridays, and I need 2 weeks off starting tomorrow. So I called out a 7:00 20 times the last six months, whats your problem? This nurse doesn't like me. on and on and on.)

    Then she gets it from above about having to cut staff, cut supply use.

    She also has to listen to family complaints.

    She has a rotten job. I'm glad she's doing it and sticking with it, because I couldn't do it.
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