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I was discriminated against when I applied for a job. In other words, a job offer at a hospital was rescinded due to their discrimination against me. I sued them and won. Now my name is all over... Read More

  1. by   mclennan
    Wow. A year ago I left a M-F, 9-5 clinic job at a Jewish hospital. It was the worst nursing job I've ever had, worst manager, but there's the solution to all your problems. Find Jewish hospitals, they're out there.

    There are so many Jewish doctors who must have private practices - network with your temple and community, hand out resumes and make announcements and do whatever it takes to find a job that will accommodate your faith.

    I think being resourceful enough to search for Jewish employers, and having the brains to tell potential employers about your needs before you're hired are not only hallmarks of an intelligent person but a compassionate Jewish person. I live with my Jewish boyfriend in a Jewish community, and cannot imagine any rabbi, Orthodox or not, telling any of their followers that multiple litigation was some sort of reflection/demonstration of their commitment to their faith. Absolutely not. I think you are making something up here or just don't want to admit you have made a serious mistake. Sorry. I've had enough deeply involved experience with Judaism and health care as an objective observer to know what I am talking about, and I don't buy most of your story.
  2. by   SunshineSmile
    I completely agree with "I love my cat." A lot of people have a "slave to my employer/government" mentality regardless of their background. "Oh, if I complain, I will loose my job." "If I complain, no one will hire me again." Complain=punishment. So they keep their mouths shut and just look for another job. How do you think revolutions happened? Massive number of people complained, and things got fixed. If a facility is doing something wrong, the employees should be encouraged to speak up and fix the problem. Unions are there for that also. The management should be supportive of it so that the facility could become the best that it can be. The fact that a nurse had the guts to risk it all says that he/she will stand up for what he/she believes. It also shows that if you hire him/her, he/she will stand up for the patients' rights and point out things if someone is harming a patient. You want someone like that for your facility if you want a great facility.
  3. by   Rnandsoccermom
    The problem with this is it lends itself to favoritism. I also work with someone who requires the Fri/Sat sabbath and is accommmodated by the boss. We are all forced to rearrange our schedules and shifts for this persons needs. We all feel slighted, none of us gets every day off we need. Based on my experiences with this, I am sorry but the OP needs to find a different profession.
  4. by   jvman
    Miss, I'd suggest you go seek and find a daytime, office job, that's closed on the W/E so you can practice your faith, religion as you choose, and don't go into a job, and get hired and then "exclaim: I have religious choices that interfere with this schedule... I'm gonna jump on the fact you didn't explain this "Restriction" before being hired the second time, so I'm further going to say.... try getting work at 61, after being out on disability, and think of discrimination, as they won't hire you because you ar too old... get real, there are jobs that fit your CHOICES, and there are jobs that don't, so go where you FIT. Lastly, try living in Florida a right to work state, and "you want to claim discrimination???" be honest and seek what fits for you, not the other way around. As a single male, I've bee discrininated, always get the wacko patients, the non-compliant ones, and scheduled Holidays, so everyone else could be at home for Christmas with the babies and small children, suck it up and accept this isn't discrimination if you had been honest before the job was offered....
  5. by   nurseladybug12
    I remember the terms of my employment being that I have to work every other weekend, and I have to work 2 of 3 major holidays. If you had signed something similar or were aware of the terms of your employment not being something you could fulfill, that probably should have been discussed prior to being employed.... and I personally would not think it is discrimination... I am christian and I have to work on Christmas... I would not necessarily say that I am being "discriminated against". It is unfortunate that your history with past employers is publicized, but I would agree with everyone else and say that I am not surprised you are having a hard time finding a job because it is an employers' job market right now. Hind sight is always 20/20.
  6. by   echoRNC711
    If your religion is so important why not pick a M-F job that suits your needs.

    Have you considered your co workers may also feel inconvenienced by having to accomadate to your choices. Did you ever ask co workers if they felt discriminated having to cover for you. I haven't ever seen provision for Christians to go to mass on Sunday or any other faith

    .My religion is kindness and lucky for me that does not require a church.

    The fruit of your faith is how you live it.
  7. by   echoRNC711
    Have you ever considered becoming a legal nurse?

    ....you seem to have a natural aptitude for a good case.
  8. by   Orange Tree
    Who would take care of you if you were hospitalized and everyone believed what you believed?
  9. by   Ruas61
    I am calling shennigans on this. If you were orthodox, shabbos would only be part of the equation. There's a whole host of holy days that would require you to be off. You haven't mentioned them as a concern. I think this is just a pot stirer post topic.
  10. by   merrywhiterose
    Discrimination due to your religion? Did you think you could take every Sunday off? Or what WAS the problem? Were you pushing your beliefs?
  11. by   uRNmyway
    I think that regardless of how valid the reason for you suing TWO different employers, the fact that you did will definitely be enough for most new employers to not want to touch your file with a ten foot pole. Personally, if I was a nurse manager, I would throw out your application pretty darn quickly after seeing this. There is such a concern nowadays with people throwing out the discrimination/racism/bigotry card that potential employers will certainly want to avoid someone they KNOW has a history of making these claims and attacks in the past.
    But thats just me. I just think people use those words too lightly and it has taken away much of their validity and meaning.
  12. by   merlee
    I am Jewish, not Orthodox, and worked nearly every Christmas eve and Christmas day since forever. One year I couldn't get Yom Kippur off. I was not pleased.

    But I worked in Israel for a while, and there is some discrimination there too! Nurses with children were more likely to get holidays off!I had to ask my boss for an occasional Friday evening off! I worked mostly days, with some evenings. I worked plenty of Saturdays, as well.

    If you interview for a unit that is 24/7, then work your share of the weekends and holidays. Someday you will find yourself face to face with someone from your faith who is thrilled to have you there regardless of which day of the week it is.

    Best wishes.
  13. by   macgirl
    I would quit it with the lawsuits. Drop the second one if you can and think moving maybe? I have a job 12 hrs with set days. You could easily be a Mon, tue, wed 7-7 employee. But holidays would still be an issue, you would have to trade to get them off quite possibly. That said 2 lawsuits are going to make you untouchable to many.