Accused of taking advantage of an ex patient financialy

  1. I was recently suspended from work after being accused of taking advantage of an ex patient financially. I'll start at the beginning, I took care of a patient for a few weeks at a rehabilitation center and we got close and Not romantically. We had great conversations so I gave her my number if she ever needed an ear.After discharged she called me and asked if I was interested in providing private car for her as she got to know me and liked how I worked. She needed help with breakfast, cleaning, and other things. She would pay me $200 a week but At the time I didn't have a vehicle so she would also lend me her car while I cared for her, that was the agreement. She soon ended up at the hospital and rehab 2 months later. So I told her that she needed more assistance than what I can provide due to my full time job. She hired another caregiver but we still stayed in touch. I never received my last payment because she ended up at the hospital but she called me one day and asked if I would visit so I did and she handed me $400 and I told her she over paid me but she said no I owed you $200 but I'm giving you $400 for being there when she needed me. Her new aid walked in while she gave me the money. She is only paying the new aid $100 a week so in order not to make her feel badshe told her that she was lending me money. 2 days later I got suspended for abuse and for taking advantage of her financially. She would be able to clear up everything but she is now in ICU and can't so please if anyone has any advise I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   angeloublue22
    Sorry, to say but you shot yourself in the foot as soon as you said she was loaning you money and I could see some of this may be seen an inappropriate. You're going to have to get a lawyer. Do you have nurse practice insurance?
  4. by   JKL33
    You shot yourself in the foot when you "got close" and gave her your number.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Well, you probably don't have to learn a lesson because likely your career as a caregiver is over. Hope you aren't criminally charged.
  6. by   Triddin
    Ya. You crossed some major professional boundaries and I feel you have been appropriately suspended. Your best bet is to retain legal counsel. But beyond that... best of luck?
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Consult an administrative law attorney experienced in license defense. This is likely to go before the BoN and require professional ethics training at minimum. The association of nurse attorneys has a directory of attorneys. TAANA Executive Office - Home
  8. by   Axgrinder
    OP are you a nurse? The things you mentioned don't seem like nursing type assistance, rather CNA help (the reason I ask is these are things I hate doing at home anyway, and I would enjoy doing it even less on the job). Your profile doesn't say.
  9. by   Wuzzie
    Geez Louise you really stepped in it. You need to contact an attorney like yesterday. You'll be lucky if all you have to do is go before the board. I wouldn't be surprised at all if criminal charges are brought against you. Wish I could say something positive about this situation but I just can't. I'm sorry this happened. It's going to be an extremely hard lesson for you to learn.
  10. by   scuba nurse
    Did you get a written contract with her?