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In caring for an African American child this morning, her father accused me of being both "racist" and "uppity." Apparently, while I was tending to his child, he asked me repeatedly how to make a... Read More

  1. by   Roy Fokker
    moderator note:

    for the life of me,

    i cannot understand what the op posted has anything to do with affirmative action, quotas, reparations or anything else that has been discussed in this thread.

    ladies and gents,
    we can help the op overcome their particular problem, support 'em through it or at the very least, wish 'em the best of luck.

    please, let us focus on helping the op - as originally requested. "racism" was one of the 'focal points' but not the intended message of the original post. it was a request for support - not the legality or politics of the institution.

    if you wish to discuss racism, reparations, affirmative actions or anything else non-nursing related; please feel free to open a thread in the off topic forums.

    roy moderator
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  2. by   Country PICU
    Tell him to kiss you a@@, that the child is the priority not the phone call. As a father he should be more concerned with his daughter not the phone.
  3. by   staceytania there are many reasons why someone would be called a rascist. I am of polynesian descent and find that we have alot more rascial tention between the tribes than with caucasian people.

    Regardless of what was the outcome you need to discuss how this situation made you feel........ then let it go. Really it isnt your problem, only if you let it be......
  4. by   Tweety
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