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New grad FNP, FHQC-130K with 6 wks PTO and extended long term sick pay. 2k CME + 1 wk PTO on top of vacation/sick. 5 8's with one day tele-health from home and half day admin, with promise to re-evaluate for 4 10's when it is feasible. 25k sign on bonus with 10k relocation stipend. Rooming MA and scribe with paid license, uptodate etc. Also qualifies for loan repayment

California, Mendocino County



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Heme/Onc NP with 8 years experience, was my first job out of NP school. I am in Upstate NY, private practice. 

I see 18-22 patients per day, 4.5 days per week. Call is 1:6. 

Salary is $103,000; no CME money. 24 days PTO. 6 paid holidays. No weekends other than call, and half day Fridays. 3% match 401k, about $1500 put into a pension each year, and $3000 profit sharing in a retirement in fund each year. Calls are first call only, don't have to go in, $1000 per weekend. 

PPD is significantly higher than in other oncology practices from what I hear, pay is lower.  Salary is significantly lower compared to other mid levels in community that work for local hospital system and are on productivity. 



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Travel  nurses are making 300 k a year. My mind here ?