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I am a certified NP and cannot find a job in st louis. There is a terrible glut of NPs in the area. If anyone knows about a job, please pass it on!


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Hi, that is discouraging because I too live in st. louis and want to be a nurse practitoner. What did you specialize in? Where have you looked? The weird thing is that I thought we needed NP in the area?


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Hi me again, I looked on and St. Johns Mercy is looking for neonatal NP. check that out!:)


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Come to Lake of the Ozarks, not only is it a beautiful place to live, but DR's, NP's, RN's are all in short supply.


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I am originally from Overland Park, KS and when I was obtaining my MSN in 1991-94 there were so many nurses attempting to become NP's that I had heard there were a surplus of them. Yes, the Lake of the Ozarks is a beautiful place indeed!

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Come to Columbus Ohio lots of NP roles here. renerian


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Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately, I am stuck in the St Louis / Leadbelt area because of family obligations for at least a couple more years.


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I saw a Palliative Care NP position in the KC Star a couple of weeks ago. I think it is at Providence Medical Center. Good luck in your search!


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i don't know if you are still looking, but i found this neonatal np job listed on st. luke's website:

good luck! :)


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Dontcha love i? The schools are delighted to take your tuition bucks but they do not tell you you will have to locate your own clinical sites, nor do they tell you how saturated the market is for NP's. For every NP job available, there are probably 2- or 300 RN openings. The schools need to be restrained from making more than 5 or so new NP's each year.


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This add was in the post on 03-06-04. Good luck

Nurse Practitioner/Manager

Full time. Internal Medicine group specializing in long-term care. Located in St. Louis, Missouri and southern Illinois area seeking experienced nurse practitioner for regional management position. Excellent salary and compensation package, 401K and paid malpractice.

Call Betty Landini or Sandy Wrona at 734-453-6970 or fax CV to 734-455-9248


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I saw 1 or 2 on Barnes-Jewish Jobsite.

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