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  1. mommyof2grls

    Conscious Sedation by "qualified" persons...

    I work under a Rad Tech Manager, No nursing manager to speak of. They are very defensive and say that they have taken the test(10 basic questions), and are ACLS certified, and that the hospital policy supports them giving CS under supervisioin of a Dr. THis is an Interventional area, that runs all its RN's off because they are under the impression that they can do pt assessments themselves. I feel like I am banging my head against a wall with these people, they keep going back to their "Hospital Policy", I go to my NPA, they have suggested I go higher if I am not happy with this plan of care, but that makes me the bad guy of the Unit. I guess I signed on to be Pt advocate first, so wish me luck and thank you so much for all the great information. The support is greatly appreciated!!! :monkeydance:
  2. mommyof2grls

    Conscious Sedation by "qualified" persons...

    Wow, thanks for all the informatioin! I have contacted SBN in Tennessee, where I work. Their response was "qualified persons as stated for each individual hospital policy" JCAHO said the same thing. Both feel that if the hospital wants to say anyone can give CS if they have ACLS, and have taken a 10 question CS test, then that is OK. I Guess if a physician sees the pt for 20 seconds that counts as well as a thourough nursing assessment, and anyone can give the drugs and monitor. It is a big territory thing, If I don't do the assressment, I don't push the drugs, If I don't push the drugs I am don't have anything to do with that case. It is not meeting Standards of care issues, but apparentyl they are not worried about giving each patient the same quality of care. :-) Thank You for the input!!!!
  3. mommyof2grls

    Conscious Sedation by "qualified" persons...

    JCAHO says "qualified Persons", state board has no stand on it as long as the RN is working withing her/his scope of practice. Risk management, I have no idea. I think if they had a family member on the talbe they would request an RN. I know I would.
  4. mommyof2grls

    Nurses and students in Arkansas

    Hello all, We just moved to Arkansas last August. My Husband is a CRNA, and I am n RN. We are from Kansas, but really like it here so far. I live in Arkansas, but work in Memphis, love the hsopital and unit I work in. I am used to Trauma, and Bruns etc, and am working Out Patient Specials right now, so it is quite a change of pace, but canot beat 8-4:30 shifts! :)
  5. mommyof2grls

    Average pay for RNs in Arkansas?

    I live in Marion and drive to Germantown, about 30 miles, take the old bridge takes 30-40 minutes. I have 7 years exp and if I were to work full time with benefits I would only make about 22/hr, and pay 200-400 a month for family Health insurance not counting co pays etc. PRN is 26-28/hr at the big hospitals. The Med said 21/hr FT, even with Level 1/Burn?Trauma experience. Nursing pay is horrible and while I am happier with 23 compared to 12.67 when I graduated in 1997, we still don't make squat! We can however, move anywhere and get a job, change specialties etc. As well as have an impact on peoples lives, that's why I do this!!!
  6. mommyof2grls

    Moving to West Memphis

    [Thanks! I have worked 4 years Burn Trauma ICU, and am looking to get back into that area. Thanks for the info, My Husband would be working at Crittendon, so we have to be close to there.
  7. mommyof2grls

    Moving to West Memphis

    Hello all! We are thinking of moving to the West Memphis area, are actually coming down to look at realestate this weekend. I am an RN with 6+ years over all, 4 in TBICU, 1 year as a Trauma Specialist, some PICU, SICU and PACU. I am thinking of taking a Travel position but would like more inside info on the area, the hospitals and the over all do's and don'ts. Any advice, or info is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Devi :)
  8. mommyof2grls

    Got the call today from TWU!

  9. mommyof2grls

    Accepted to TWU

    I am so glad to hear all your hard work has paid off!!!! Keep us updated on your progress and again.. CONGRATS!!!!!!
  10. mommyof2grls

    former ICU and ER burnout matures

    I am told that 18-20/hr is the going rate, and that is for experienced. NOt sure what it is for new grads. Much better in the smaller towns.
  11. mommyof2grls

    former ICU and ER burnout matures

    I am told that 18-20/hr is the going rate, and that is for experienced. NOt sure what it is for new grads. Much better in the smaller towns.
  12. mommyof2grls

    Any St. Elizabeth Health Center Alum?

    Yeah!!! Wonderful News Ian!! Congrats!! :balloons:
  13. mommyof2grls

    Any St. Elizabeth Health Center Alum?

    Yeah!!! Wonderful News Ian!! Congrats!! :balloons:
  14. mommyof2grls

    Got the call today!

    Congrats to all of you, and fingers crossed for those still waiting, wishing you all the luck!!
  15. mommyof2grls

    np jobs in stl

    I saw 1 or 2 on Barnes-Jewish Jobsite. http://www.barnesjewish.org/groups/default.asp?NavID=1163
  16. mommyof2grls

    DO (school) in anesthesiology or CRNA school

    2 of my classmates from BSN program were torn between CRNA and Becoming a Phys. ( had not decided which areas to go into) Both had at least a 3.9 overall GPA, and did Excellent on the MAT(is that the right one?), and both were accepted to atleast one program I know of. They had taken the basic undergrad courses required, but instead of taking say..Chem 110 for health professionals they took 111 gen Chem etc. Neither one went that route and both are CRNA's now and very happy with their decision. Both say that for the time, education and money they are very happy with their role as CRNA's and if they had to do it all over again would go the same route.

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