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Not a Nurse???


I have a graduate level education just as the majority of individuals on this board. I asked for an opinion, that is all. If you are in hip pocket of the drug company, at least be honest about it. Physicians and Nurses have a duty to the patient, first and foremost, not the drug company rep. Yes, unlike many who have to deal with the medical field, I know many in the field are taking money from the drug company. Instead of lectures, patients need people who are going to find out what causes diabetes. Many in dialysis are very, very sick, because they are not getting enough dialysis. Just because I did not go to Nursing school, does not make me some kind of fool. Just remember, someone said, "As you treat the very least of my brothers, you have done unto to me." Salaries, benefits, profits, and stock options are not immoral. Yes, I have taken care of individuals with MD and CP, and I know what it is like to be on duty 24/7. Some day, everyone of you will become very sick, it may not be today or tomorrow, but, everyone dies at some point. Prohibition in dialysis is not working as it has never worked in American history. Some of you do have a God complex, however, that job is already taken. Thousands of individuals are suffering on the transplant list to give the third parties comfort. I am curious, have the deaths of those on that list been worth your comfort? I know that many in dialysis feel the need to think well of themselves at the expense of others who are enduring incredible suffering. How does trust and donation work when you go to purchase food and water? Massive shortages would exist if food and water purchases were based on trust. The price of zero is zero. 0+0=0, 0-0=0, and 0x0=0. I wonder, oh I wonder, how many on here would allow third parties to make basic decisions for their lives? Years ago, if some Obesity control freak decided to tell me what not to eat on my plate, they would be subjected to a serious beatdown. Yet, Obesity nuts are cowards, so they get the government to enforce their wishes.

Before you shove that ice cream cone in your mouth, ask yourself, am I living as I demand loudly of others? Do the people that I lecture loudly have a chance to pick up and go on vacation as I do? Can the people that I have forced to sit in a chair for so many hours per week, while I take a vacation to visit my friends, so I can be comforted and think well of myself? Would I be able to take a dose of my own medicine? Many things such as slavery used to be legal in the United States, now, they are not. Do I really have the right to discharge someone to a death sentence, playing judge, jury, and the executioner? Should people in the penal system have more rights than someone who has not committed serious felonies, who sits in a dialysis chair?

Something to think about................

Are we supposed to know what this is about?? Is this in response to something posted elsewhere on the site??


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What the......


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‚ÄčAll righty, then.

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It is clear you are upset about something would you care to expand on what you are talking about or to whom?

It is clear you are upset about something would you care to expand on what you are talking about or to whom?

I think this is a continuation of the thread "A Word to the Wise" by the OP. I gather from the other thread, OP is a dialysis patient who is a former police officer. In the other thread, he/she warned nurses that he had heard of abuse of dialysis patients from the patients and this would get nurses thrown in jail. (I hope I got this correct.)

I wasn't really sure where the rest of the thread was going and this one seems to have some of the same issues.

OP, we are a little lost about the subject of this thread. Help us out here so we can help you.

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As was stated up in another thread while we welcome patients to AN we can not provide medical advice as we are predominantly a peer to peer community.

To insinuate that we are purchased by some Drug company is ludicrous.

Again, if you seek medical advice, I'm sure that with your graduate education, you wouldn't want it get medical advice from the internet.


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I am sorry but I don't really appreciate threads like this at all. They really have nothing to do with dialysis nursing, but rants about things we cannot fix or advise on. Perhaps a blog would be a better outlet? Just a suggestion.

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Closing this for now.

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