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  1. why do nurses hate medics?

    HUG those nurses :)
  2. What should EVERY nurse know about Dialysis

    People respond to incentives and since there are no incentives, they are not responding.
  3. What should EVERY nurse know about Dialysis

    More individuals who were in need of a kidney transplant have died on the kidney transplant list have died than U.S. Military personnel who lost their lives in Vietnam. Now, we have over 100,000 people on the list who need a kidney and this list is ...
  4. What should EVERY nurse know about Dialysis

    Never said that it did.
  5. Not a Nurse???

    I have a graduate level education just as the majority of individuals on this board. I asked for an opinion, that is all. If you are in hip pocket of the drug company, at least be honest about it. Physicians and Nurses have a duty to the patient, ...
  6. Why Do Not More Clinics Push Home Dialysis?

    Believe it or not, many countries do not require or do not mandate a "helper." Having worked in public safety, I think it is overkill on Nocturnal Dialysis at a blood flow rate of 300. The Nursing staff at Indiana would agree with me. I understan...
  7. Why Do Not More Clinics Push Home Dialysis?

    Probably so, government needs to mind their own business.
  8. Why Do Not More Clinics Push Home Dialysis?

    Very good posts. The main reason that I went to home hemo is that I was very unhappy with In-Center dialysis, not enough dialysis. Many very unrealistic demands and standards. Too many that wanted to demand a standard that they were unwilling to l...
  9. Why Do Not More Clinics Push Home Dialysis?

    I am very glad to hear that :) Yes, I have been on that site. many times.
  10. Emergency Department to Dialysis

    Erin: It is not worth your health. You might want to think about working in Home Dialysis, much less stressful. When I was on In-center, I did all of my care, along with the needle sticking. Yet, I was the only patient who did that routine. I eve...
  11. I would think that it would be much less stressful for the Nursing profession, your thoughts?
  12. Too slow for fast pace job?

    Yes, many good posts. I remember when I left the county and I started to work in a retirement community. I dealt with some loser who worked there who thought I should have known the job after six days of training. Keep in mind, that I had a few ye...
  13. Fair Market Value for a Kidney

    What is fair market value.... http://www.nature.com/ki/journal/v69/n6/full/5000262a.html#bib12
  14. done with dialysis nursing

    Not worth your health.
  15. A Word To The Wise.........

    First, they are not going to pull my military hair cut, but, a good point. Second, most on dialysis do not have those type of funds to pay market value for a hitman. As you can imagine, I and my fellow officers were threatened 24/7. Third, it depe...