Not with a bang but a whimper


So I finished monitoring- 5 years of this and one day (my discharge date) I could not log in, later that day I received a letter stating I was complete. I hadn't been tested in a couple of weeks.

So just like that, no drama- this whole thing turned into a weird dream. I still have the feeling of being watched, even after 2 weeks in Europe on an island (I celebrated by going as far away as I could).

I'll probably not be posting as much anymore, but thanks to the group for being one of my sources of strength!

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Congrats!!! Sometimes going out with a whimper is better. You can breathe easy for the first time in 5 years. No longer is anyone on your arse waiting for you to screw up.

Take a deeeeep breath and know that you have survived this. It's finally over. Irrespective of what brought you into this nightmare and whether or not you considered helpful, IT IS OVER!! again CONGRATULATIONS from myself and I am sure, the rest of us still behind you.


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Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Working on the same here, and hoping for a similar result very soon.

Time to find out who you are, which is not a monitored nurse.

Thank you for sharing with us, and it would always be good so see an occasional post.

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because of what I learned, lived, and experienced on my decades old "rocky path"

i am am a better nurse today......a grateful, better nurse today

my best wishes for you


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Congrats!!! That must be an amazing feeling :) I have two years left and can't wait for that kinda news!


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Yes--it was such an anti-climax: After all the anxiety, all the worry, all the was over. I tried to check in and found I couldn't. I called Affinity in a panic--"You need to talk to your case manager." Called her, and got a cool "Don't you remember I said you would be getting a letter from me?" Uh, no, or I wouldn't be calling you all freaked out, would I?

I think it's their last little head game--surprise, you're finished. No more monitoring. No more drug tests. No more reports. No more feeling like you're hanging out of a window, holding on by your fingernails, and expecting your b!#(h of a case manager to hammer your fingers any minute now. It's that last little bit of cruelty that really convinced me that these are not good people. I guess they think it's funny. Or something. I didn't think it was funny at all.

But hey, the good news is that it's over! Yay! Congrats! Once the adrenaline wears off, it's a great feeling, isn't it? A little strange, but really good. Yay you! :up: