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HI fellow nurses, I need your help. I'm from new york and we are considering of moving either tampa or north carolina. Since i have no clue where to go, can you suggest a country or city that... Read More

  1. by   skanded
    I am along the crystal coast of NC and I can't complain. It's a lot smaller than Raleigh or Charlotte, but the cost of living is sooooo much cheaper, too. As a new grad, I am starting out at $18/hr, actually $20/hr b/c of shift diff.
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    HI fellow nurses,

    I need your help. I'm from new york and we are considering of moving either tampa or north carolina. Since i have no clue where to go, can you suggest a country or city that you think you will choose to live if you have a family, houses between 100-200K and near good hospitals? We're considering the wake county in raleigh or Bennington in DUrham. What do you guys think?

    thank you very much. If you need any info about new york, i'll be willing ti help.
    Hi! I have lived in NC over a period of 6 years and we moved to the Tampa area several months ago.Are planning on going back up to SC or NC as we are not happy here.I have found that the hospitals in FL(at least this area) are very behind in terms of general healthcare. Some of them are truly horrendous ,dirty and with terrible staff ratios etc....
    Am currently working at one of the better ones in the state and it doesn't compare to the quality of hospital you'll find in NC/Raleigh and east of there .I have also heard that the western part of the state has very nice healthcare systems but can't really tell you about the school systems..Of course,I worked for UHS of Eastern Carolina and I think they are pretty progressive regarding patient care.
    The pay in FL is lower and the cost of living is higher.Traffic is usually very heavy in this area also.
    NC schools are state sponsored .I believe that FL schools are not.
  3. by   LowPaidNurse0000
    Well, I guess I am the second person that says stay away from florida.. It's getting very over-crowded down here and the people are not very friendly, and its very expensive to live here, of course I relize that you run into that no matter where you go. I am from michigan originally and I was shocked at the pay when I got here, we are moving out and going to N.C. need to get away from this traffic!! Yes and in the summer you learn to drive your car with 2 fingers on the wheel! :chuckle Sorry to be so negative.....
  4. by   fredcate
    Hi! Yey! I am back in NC! Working for a travel agency now for a 13 week contract.THe hospital system I'm working for is the same one I worked for several months ago as staff and they are much more progressive regarding some things here than where I was in FL.The pay scale here is also better. As far as the traffic situation there is NO comparison as I was mainly driving on US 19 most of the time and as you know,your life is definitely at risk on this road!Don't miss that at all!
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    Good for you!!! I'm jealous....
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    Quote from LowPaidNurse0000
    Good for you!!! I'm jealous....
    So.where will you be living in NC?
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    Oops, I just started a thread about Chapel Hill and then stumbled on this thread. Sorry! It's funny that you describe the real estate as "expensive". They seem cheap to me. I'm looking at the Cary/Apex/Orange county area. The tax rates are so low! I'd hate to live in Florida. Too dang hot for me....but that's just me and my humble opinion! At least NC has some mountains and occasional snowfalls. I like to have the seasons change.
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    Quote from fredcate
    So.where will you be living in NC?

    Well, unfortunatly we are moving back to michigan due to circumstances beyond my controll but it wont be that bad we are only going to be living there for about a year... and I will get to se my friends and family again.
  9. by   lizscott nurse
    We're planning a move from NW Ohio to the Raleigh area (Clayton?) in a few
    months. We love the Outer Banks. I know you get to the ocean sooner if
    you go south-east rather than the banks. What beaches are good in that area? Also wondering about flooding in the Raleigh/Clayton areas....is that
    a problem? We've been looking a houses for a while now, but notice they
    don't have basements......I've been told because of the high water table.
    Any input? What do you do about severe weather for shelter without basements? Sandi
  10. by   barefootlady
    Daughter lives in NC, Greensboro area. Crime and traffic are problems and on the increase. Cost of living is expensive in city area. Now. there are several smaller towns that provide a good atmosphere for families, good facilities in Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro. Even the smaller towns have decent hospitals. Salaries are not terrible, patient ratios are a little high, benefits are good to great, depends on facility. There is much to see and do in NC, if you have the time. Weather does afford all 4 seasons.
    Friends in Fl have decided to move back north a little, too hot, too many bugs, traffic is terrible and expenses are a little steep compared to salaries. One friend had to have major cardiac surgery 3 years ago, he had it at one of the better facilities around Orlando, his recovery was not as monitored and his general recovery has not been as well monitored as it should be(IMHO). HCA is a big influence in Fl., something to give consideration.
    Whatever you decide I wish you and your family luck.

    P.S. Daughter just called me and said the papers are saying NC will have an increase in polulation of over 50% in next 5 years d/t several major employers moving to state: Dell, FedEx, and some others.
  11. by   cosette123
    most people i know are leaving. it is just to hot and fast paced. i am moving to n.c, my daughter lives there with her husband, and his family and they are very happy there. i find it prettier, and friendlier there. tired of florida!
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    Well, it looks like I'll be the only poster to say "Don't go to Florida!" ... This is just a personal preference. I live in Florida now, and have lived here for the better part of my life (in the panhandle for the younger years, at FSU for college, in Jax and now in Tampa). I'll be moving to Charlotte next month for grad school and can't wait!

    Maybe I'm just a bit too into the weather, but Florida has 2 seasons. Summer and summer. Did I mention that it's hot? Because it's always summer? I can't wait for 4 season's! I have several friend's that live in Charlotte and they absolutely love it. I'm sorry I can't give any specifics on the Durham area, but I thought I could at least give you my opinion on Tampa. And yes, downtown Tampa isn't very pedestrian friendly, but there are plenty of things to do around Tampa (Channelside, Ybor city, Hyde Park, Westshore, and drive across any number of bridges to St. Pete for more options).

    Hope this helps (and I don't sound too much like a jaded Floridian )
  12. by   kenyohunt1
    Thinking of moving to nc. my sister lives in the raeford/ fayetteville area can anyone tell me any info about lpn salary in this area also about schools for kids, and rn programs in this are.
  13. by   Luv2BAnurse
    I left Charlotte a few years ago, lived there over thirty years. Now live in the Piedmont triad area. Wouldn't dream of living anywhere but NC. Welllllllllllllllll Va. Beach holds certain appeal