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Tomskatt has 16 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. Looking for work in Charlotte, NC

    You are here! I would look at the local hospital's websites. That is where they post all their openings. Google Carolinas Healthcare and Presbyterian Hospital ... both in Charlotte, NC. Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone. Just a quick question. I am currently 4 classes away from graduation with my BSN at University of Phoenix online. My plan is to go on for my masters but would like to have a 3rd school experience (one from my AAS, one from my BSN and a d...
  3. entrepenuarlship outside of healthcare

    :::bump::::: does anyone else have any stories to share?
  4. Duke or East Carolina online Masters

    Wow. Thanks for the info. I am currently 5 courses out from completing my BSN with University of Phoenix. I am curious if it would be wrthwhile for me to go through ECU for my Masters. Anyone else have experience with this school? Or any other in th...
  5. Who runs your ECMO pumps?

    Our ECMO team is made up of mostly RNs and some RTs. Experience and training necessary. I am at CMC, Charlotte, NC.
  6. Univerity of Phoenix

    I am attending U of P for my BSN. I started when I lived in NY and had some reimbursement. Now I get $1500, and that's a bit more than one class. Not too helpful. Anyway, I didn't qualify for assistance except for a student loan. I can't do it any ot...
  7. Whites or Colored scrubs?

    I love to weqr colors, but in the last 2 hospitals I have worked (one in NY and one in NC) they have made it a hospital policy to wear white pants. I hate it!
  8. Thanks for your advice. I am hoping to find a way to do this that is WAY less expensive. $1300 (give or take) is just crazy for us right now.
  9. I started at U of P 3 years ago this fall and had to stop when my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since then I have read so much pro and con (mostly con) regarding their program and the cost involved. I was wondering if anyone here has any succ...
  10. Do you "foil" your lipid tubings?

    In my 12 yrs and 5 hospitals, this is the first hospital I have ever seen that puts brown bags on the TPN and Lipids (or Triple Mix, as they use here). We change our setup like everyone else here, every 24 hours. Nothing on our clear tubing.
  11. omphalocele baby

    Just curious if you all see a trend? I have noticed that most of our gastroschesis and omphalacele kids come from young mom's. An unofficial poll in my present unit was that most (not all) gastros come from teenage potsmoking mothers. Has anyone else...
  12. Do you say NICK_U or N-i-c-u?

    I have worked in places where it is called N"eye"cue, Nicku, NICN, Neonatal Intensive, you name it. I think each hospital has a culture of it's own............
  13. Securing OGTs

    I like the sound of that stapleing method, but until that gets approval we go with plain old tegaderm on the cheek and tube....
  14. British Nurse coming to NC

    Hello. I believe we "met"on another forum, unrelated to nursing. Small world.Anyway, I can only speak from my very limited NC experience, as I have only recently moved down from NY(:chuckle ). Anyway, I have almost 12 years of NICU experience with a ...
  15. salary

    I have recently been interviewing in the Charlotte area and have been offered everywhere from a laughable $20.00/hr. to a fairly decent $29.50/hr. It seems the closer to the city the higher the salaries and of course there are differentials for weeke...