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I have been a "lurker" on the Allnurses boards and have received some very good advice esp. for taking Pre-reqs. I will be finished with my pre-reqs in May and wanted to know for those that have a BS degree in a different subject, who on the board chose the Direct Entry /Entry Level Masters of Nursing program and why.

What makes the difference other than having a Masters degree that makes it better than an ADN or BSN.

I really did not want to take more classes in things I already took (Sociology, Psych, etc.) for my BS in Health so I am basically going for either ADN or Direct Entry MSN programs (Not looking foward to sitting for a GRE though.)

I have read some threads on the "Great ADN vs. BSN" debate but I basically wanted to hear from those that have BS degrees in a different discipline and chose an ADN or Entry Level Master Nursing Program.

PS. I know technically you can earn more as an ELMSN but is it necessarily better?

Thank you

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basically wanted to hear from those that have BS degrees in a different discipline and chose an ADN or Entry Level Master Nursing Program.

well, not me. there are several students in our class who have BS degrees in other subjects and are in my ADN program.

-one woman has a BS in Criminal Justice, one has a BA in English, one has a BS in Social Work, and one even has a masters in social work. they are all in the ADN program.

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I have a BS degree in business administration. I opted to go the ADN route because it was the first available & I was accepted. I didn't want to chance waiting 6 months to apply for the BSN program only to find out I wasn't accepted.

When I was about halfway through the program, I figured I'd go for the BSN/MSN degree. Now that I've been out of school for about 6 weeks, I have changed my mind & simply want to devote my time to getting experience on the floor & eventually become a travel nurse. I'll decide later if I want to further my education.

The only difference I know of between an ADN & BSN is administration. I've been told you need a BSN to get into nursing administration. I've also been advised not to waste money on a MSN, that it's better to get a master's degree in business or hospital administration, etc. - if administration is what you want to do in the future.


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I have a B.S. in Psychology...and I've also decided to go the ADN route...It's at least $12000 cheaper than the BSN and about it would take me a total of 4 semesters for ADN compared to the 8 semesters for BSN. I'll probably go back for my BSN & MSN once I'm working as a RN and let my employer pay for those degrees and it would only take like 3 semesters for each degree and I could also do it online.

I would say go for the ADN now and BSN & MSN later....

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Thank you all for your posts. You were thinking along the same lines as me in regards to the tution factor. Even the ABSN programs range from 30 - 42k! Which I know is an "investment in your future" :rolleyes: but that can be a steep price to pay when you have other responsibillities. But from what I am reading you can still advance in nursing without having a further degree -- is that correct? Jennerizer, may I ask why you decided not to continue in your RN-MSN program was something else other than $ a factor?

One more thing, does having a BS in a different discipline count at all when being considered for promotions if you have an ADN only in nursing?


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Being that you have a bachelors degree why not pursue an accelerated BSN program? Twelve months from start to finish. I wouldn't have done it any other way. Check online more and more universties are offering this option.

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Being that you have a bachelors degree why not pursue an accelerated BSN program? Twelve months from start to finish. I wouldn't have done it any other way. Check online more and more universties are offering this option.

I've decided to pursue the BSN. I have a B.A in communications but it would take me the same amount of time either way. 1 year to do my science pre-req's and two to complete the program. The wait list is tremendous at the 2 year schools where I live. Unless you have 22K to shell out which still guarantees nothing since the school I looked at has about 750 apps for 100 seats. The cc's have about 2600 apps for about 90 seats etc. I simply have a better chance of getting a seat in a four-year program.


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I have a BA in Psych and an MA in English Literature. I have 3 more rotations until I get my associates degree in Nursing and then I will apply for a "Bridge" Program to an MSN in Nursing.

Bridge program is open to those students who have a degree in another area and only require about 5 classes for BSN and would then go on and do an MSN.

Program I am applying to is at FAU Florida......


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in my view two years is two years. if you have two years left to go and get your ADN, do that. But if you are ready for admission to the BSN program (which usually is the case if you already have a bach. in another field) then go two years there. heck, they teach basically the same thing and you'll have a higher degree.

Right now I'm doing ADN to BSN. Pretty happy with that.


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I have a BS in animal science, but decided in my last 2 semesters that I wanted to get a BSN (not many career options with the other degree and vet school was too much money and out of my reach for the time being). I was able to fill some electives with pre-reqs, took a correspondance psych class, summer school, and then only needed one semester of pre-reqs beyond that before I started. So the BS-AS took 3 1/2 years, then another 3 for the BSN (5 semesters of nursing- graduate in Dec 05). For me it wasn't too much time and since I had been planning on 4 years of vet school, plus another 1/2 year to take physics, I'm getting done earlier than I had planned way back when I started college. My nursing school is also cheaper than the other university. It's going up each semester but this past one was $1800. I live in Louisiana.

Are there any other programs near you? I checked out everything within a 3 hour radius to find the best quality school that was also within my financial limits. There was a wide variety of both. My school started an accelerated program the semester after I started. They do 5 semesters straight, so includes 1 or 2 summers, depending when you start. I hope you find what is right for you!


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Good post! I've had many of the same questions. I have a liberal arts bachelors and am applying for an ADN program in the fall. I'm choosing the ADN because it is affordable and commutable - the nearest BSN program is about 40 mi, and where I live (Northern VA) that kind of commute into traffic is horrible. I may eventually go towards a masters, but right now I want to develop marketable skills without taking on loans. I want to work as an RN and really get a feel for the profession and how I fit into it before considering an advanced degree.

I, too, was wondering whether a BS in another field would help out at all in terms of promotions.

Good luck to you! :)


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I have a BS in Public and Community Health, and I choose to do an ADN program. Like others said it was more economical, and the school was closer to home. I intend to to an RN to MSN program later.

Good luck to you.

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