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So I received an email from the American Healthcare Council that I was nominated and selected to be listed in the 2017 awards program for top 100 of America's Best Nurses.

Does this sound legit? Has anyone else been nominated for this?

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If it's for real, I feel so honored!




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I also got emails about this. I ignored the first one and even asked how was I nominated for this. I did not get any reply. The second time they emailed me, I responded and copied the code that they sent me. I got an email acknowledging my response and was told that somebody will be in contact to verify my information. I got a phone call from NY today for the interview (about 10 mins). It was like a professional interview about your career and accomplishments and I was elated that I was able to answer the questions with pride. I was then told that I will be listed as one of the 5% top professionals in my industry, that I will be a listed in the American Health Council and take advantage of networking, completed with my profile, that I will be sent a email asking me to complete my profile and to turn in a headshot, that I will be given a plaque, that there will be press releases about my joining, etc. In other words, it sounded legit and I was honored. Until I was asked if I prefer a lifetime membership or 5 year membership. She then gave me a quote: $700+ for lifetime and $500+ for 5 years. Then I said ok, maybe I'll just look into it at home when I get the email. Then she said that they take visa, mastercard, etc...and asked me what will it be. I realized she was billing me at that point over the phone. I asked," do I have to do this now"? She said that they take payment after the interview and as I am being inducted as a new member, at that very moment. I asked myself, "Is this a scam? Even the professional organizations I belong to will not bill me on the spot, so I said that I don't have my card and that I was actually on the road driving. The ending: she said she'll keep it open for the next 24 hours and I have to call back for the payment before I can be processed as a member. So no payment, no recognition, which was odd to me. Do I have to pay to be recognized? I thought it's the other way around. Their website looks professional and legit but why in the world should I pay that large money just to be recognized? Sounded fishy...of course, I'm not calling back nor will I answer her call.


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I found this online...this is totally a scam. American Health Council used to be called United Health Council.

Cannot tell if this is a scam or not. : Scams

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I got the same e-mail. I never pursued it because I assumed it was a scam---how could I be one of America's top 100 nurses when I haven't even worked in over three years?


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I received this email today and everything I have read from others in other threads, says you have to pay for the award... So anyone associated with this award will have bought their way in to it.... making you ask; is having this award actually an honor, or am I paying $700 for something for my resume?.. I can not find out any information on who nominated me, how the award is given/received, or process of how they decide. The website is vague and sends you in loops. I don't know where I stand quite yet, but I'm leaning towards scam...


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I am almost a month into learning a hard lesson from the "American Health Council". I am literally SICK about this. DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO THESE PEOPLE!!! I have learned the hard way and am going to fight this charge. I was stupid enough to accept this honor. Oh yes, they make it sound legit. You go through a very rigorous screening process and nominations from your peers. They cannot tell you who nominated you of course, and I did ask. I told them, that I am a nurse, JUST A NURSE, that I have not done anything above and beyond besides giving the best of myself to my patients. I am not into management, research, supervision, education etc. My biggest accomplishment was getting my BSN. Like lunchbOxx19 mentioned, in an above post, that you should not have to pay for your "honor". Anyway, AHC credited me back $400 of $589 and I still have not heard diddly squat form them. NO emails, NO phone calls, NO welcoming package. Nadda NIL! I have been working closely with my credit card company to dispute this charge and hoping they find in my favor. It is a hard lesson learned. Please, fellow nurses, do not fall for their ploy. Thank you for letting me vent and know that I am taking this hard enough already.


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Mid-summer they called us in for a meeting. There were a couple of people from each floor plus a bunch of bigwigs (CCO, CDO, etc.). Our system has a few hundred facilities, so the people in suits now have this group of us using the American Health Council's networking platform to communicate with the other nurses in the other buildings. Not sure if it will be a full roll out or not.

Can't speak on the email or call, obvs not my situation. But I can attest that it's a real organization.


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There's a "Who's Who of American Nursing" that is similar, they make it sound like a legitimate, significant honor, but all they are doing is trying to sell you something. Don't fall for it. It's a scam.


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So glad for, I just got off the phone with American Health Council for my biography interview and welcome info. Sounded super legit and I was honored until she told me $989 for lifetime membership. All my red flags went up and when I said I couldn't afford it, we haggled for about 5 mins and by then the price was already down to $589. Reminded me of being at an old flea market. I made an excuse and got off the phone as she was pressing for my credit card and logged on here to see if anyone else had the same experience. Thank goodness for this network of nurses, you guys just saved me from this scam!


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Thanks so much for this post!!


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I had the same experience today. Very nice and professional but in the end asked for money and I declined. I thought it was possibly a head hunter and that is why I pursued it. I too work as "just a NNP" and didn't think I was actually nominated. Was surprised by the guise of a professional organization. Sounds sketchy.

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Thank goodness indeed for this site! So, I am currently being called every day for the last week for this award. I did respond some time ago to something for this "nomination". I've not yet returned the call but was just about to, then decided to look into it first. This scam is set up quite nicely, the time line even seems legit since it's been about a month since filling out my information. Nice to know ahead of time that they just want my money! Maybe I will have a little fun with this 😜

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