So I'm a new grad--passes boards 2 months ago..and ever since I have been applying, calling, and begging every hospital in the city for a job! We have 22 nursing schools, just in the Columbus. This is as simple as supply and demand. For years all you heard about was the "nursing shortage", so everyone went to school to become a nurse.Now we have soooo many nurses(here at least) that many of them are jobless. I heard someone say they just went down to HR and asked to talk with someone...well I tried that twice and gave up after not making it past the front desk.

#1 Where is there a nursing shortage in the US?

#2 Advice please???


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I think there are opportunities for experienced nurses. But as you and I have found, when it comes to graduate nurses, the "nursing shortage" is a big lie.


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I recently heard that Ohio is spotty. For instance, a friend says that in Cincinnati all the hospitals are still hiring new grads. Can you relocate?


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It is much easier for new grads to find a job in Long Term Care or on a Transitional Care unit. If you get in at a good place, it can be a very rewarding area to work in.

Good luck!



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California has a nursing shortage. But with the new budget that past here I am sure alot of nurses with be leaving this state because of the new tax increase. Las Vegas is offering a 10K sign on bonus. I understand your frustration. all hospitals want 'experience'- how do you get experience if no one hires new grad? but there are alot of hospitals that do. you just have to dig and dig, tho at times it feels like your digging a grave. I know because I am a new CNA and am living on welfare until I get hired. geez, Lord, help us all!


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I am from Minnesota and in the same boat. I graduated in December of 2009 and have applied everywhere with no luck. I was a LPN for 14 years prior to going back to school and I feel like I educated myself right out of a job. I know people that were in the graduating class ahead of me and still have not found work. I am not quite sure where this nursing shortage is either. I have heard Las Vegas, Texas, and California are states that have Nursing Jobs open. If you come cross any information regarding open nursing jobs please share as I will do the same. Just know you are not alone.

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Please consider relocating - at least for a couple of years until things open up in your home state. Other posters are correct, Texas & Louisiana are still new grad friendly.

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hell I am an experienced nurse and can't find work.....well work that won't mandate nights that is......doing just per diem when I can get it..... I'm really starting to think....nursing shortage my ass!! LOL

I'm also a new grad. I graduated in June of 2009, live in Seattle, WA and still can't get a job. What I have seen is, if you are a LPN some agencies will hire you, nursing homes will hire RNs and hospitals are hiring exclusively BSNs. I have read two theories on why things are so tough for new grads, one is that the hospitals and nursings homes lack the funding to hire the nurses they need, the second is that the nurses with experience are going back to work, nurses with jobs are picking up more hours and older nurses are putting off retirement. What ever is going on I think we can safely say there is no nursing shortage. I hope you have found a job by now. If not, don't give up. :)


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Seems like experienced nurses are no longer immune to the shortage of nurse openings either :(

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