NICU Blog?

  1. Hi fellow nurses!

    A few friends and I have been talking about creating an informative NICU blog for nurses, mainly with info to advise aspiring NICU nurses about basic NICU info, and to discuss NICU current events.

    It seems like so many of the questions on this forum are asked over and over and over again--maybe it would be helpful to address these concepts as articles.

    Would anybody be interested in this type of resource? Would it be appropriate to link articles to this site?

    All input is appreciated
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  3. by   WanderingNurse45
    i am a neonate nurse. recently, i've been practicing neonate nursing in level I or level II (depends on the country) neonatal units. Though I don't know if i could share here our guidelines and protocols
  4. by   brandi2007
    Did you create the blog? I am a pre-nursing student and would love to eventually be in the NICU.. I have a long way to go( I am still taking prerequisites) but I will be volunteering soon on a level lll NICU as a cuddler(really excited about it) I'd love to check out your blog if you have a link. Thanks.
  5. by   jennylee321
    Yes adventure RN that is a cool idea. I'd be willing to help contribute !
  6. by   kiacon510
    This would be greatly appreciated. I am a student with a ton of questions! lol
  7. by   adventure_rn
    Thanks for all of the responses, guys! I got so little feedback initially that I kind of put it on the back burner while I study for my RNC certification exam.

    Anyway, the site infrastructure is done, but I'm still working on content. Most of it is information covers topics that I've posted about on AllNurses time and time again, although there area few new topics. I'm a bit hesitant to go live due to privacy, employment, and legal concerns, but if/when I do, I'd be happy to PM people the links!
  8. by   TiffyRN
    I think this would be a great resource. Years ago I found a resource for adult ICU nurses that was discussed in this forum somewhere. It was useful to me as a telemetry nurse and even somewhat as I transitioned to NICU nursing. Maybe you can use the site as inspiration but use it for NICU specific topics.

  9. by   Lyfling83
    I would love to get a link to your blog when you get it set up! I think its a great idea. I feel like as long as its done informally with no names mentioned people could speak about their hospital's policies and procedures.
  10. by   __nurse_t
    I would love a link! I am a new grad who starts in the nicu in March
  11. by   ZomBunni24
    I would like a link also!
  12. by   jleveille
    This is an old thread but I'm curious if a blog was ever made... I would love to read it! I start an ABSN program in May