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  1. Superbabes

    Late to clinical

    I can totally relate to this:(. First year of nursing school, clinical was once a week for 5 weeks and my first day I slept through my alarm..:( my instructor did not let me forget that either. I made sure I was on top of everything from that day on. If it makes you feel better I graduated 2 years ago and have been work since:). Don’t be too hard on yourself and just learn from it.
  2. I have been in the NICU for about 1.5 years now and have been conflicted regarding this. I am starting to see a pattern where I work. Majority of the microprems/prems are stable but requires respiratory support, whether it be low flow, high flow, CPAP, NIPPV, HFO or the jet. Some of them get sick and needs antibiotics, some of them have low sugars and needs IV fluids, most of them are working up to full feeds. There are those rare incidences where babies are admitted very sick or gets very sick so they get intubated with high pressures and gets put on a whole load of drips. I feel like I am at a point where I can take on more challenging assignments... but there’s a voice inside that’s screaming noooooooooooo. I feel like because I am new and young this is my time to dive into the complex assignments for optimal learning (or so people tell me) but at the same time my body is telling me that I really do not need the stress. I’ve had this conversation with a colleague of mine and she said that she doesn’t really care to be the “hero” and “save” the extremely sick babies, she’s happy to take care of the stable cpap ones. Am I a bad nurse if I chose the easier way out? I know there’s not a right or wrong answer to this. I guess I am just curious as to what you guys out there think.
  3. That’s great that nursing school is treating you well! I agree with what other members have already said, i also believe it has a lot to do with what other priorities you have in life. During nursing school I worked part time (10-16 hours a week) and was heavely involved in my church (all of Sunday, and parts of Wednesday and Friday) but i still managed nursing school. Don’t get me wrong it was hard but manageable. People around me were pulling all-nighters to finish school work but thankfully I didn’t have to. I also had 3 other really great people who I shared my readings with so I didn’t have to read everything by myself. That is also my number one advice for all nursing students, find a couple of people that you trust and divide up the readings:)
  4. Superbabes

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    Hey everyone! I’ve unofficially been with all nurses.com for about a year now. I say unofficially because I started coming here when I started my job Jan 2018 but I just made my account today and am posting for the first time. The new job was extremely stressful but reading about other people’s stories and how they were able to overcome really helped me with my anxiety. I hope to be able to share my experience with others.
  5. Superbabes

    NICU Blog?

    This sounds like a great idea!! I would love the a link to your site once it’s up and running! I’ve been an NICU nurse for a just a bit over a year but would love to contribute to it! Please link me:)

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