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  1. __nurse_t

    Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

    I took my NCLEX RN at 2pm on 12/18. Cut off at 75. Got the good pop up every time after trying it several times. Quick results will be available tomorrow 12/20 at 2pm. With this being said every time I did it yes I did use my correct credit card info and clicked submit payment every time.
  2. __nurse_t

    Can a new grad ADN get hired in a NICU/PICU/L&D position?

    I graduated with my RN diploma just last week and start a nicu fellowship at children's hospital in March
  3. __nurse_t

    NICU Blog?

    I would love a link! I am a new grad who starts in the nicu in March
  4. __nurse_t

    Starting NICU

    Can you send me the link to the book you're talking about? I also start a similar program in March.
  5. Do you have any advice for a new grad starting in the NICU?
  6. __nurse_t

    St. Louis Children's Pay

    I start in March and base pay is $24.10
  7. __nurse_t

    Time to vent - my apologies in advance.

    Levitas, hey I was reading some of your posts on another thread about Lutheran school of nursing from where you graduated from is there anyway you can email me directly as I have a couple of questions? My email is justtorri1@hotmail.com. It would be greatly appreciated! Thx