At what gestation would YOU want YOUR baby saved? - page 5

I have a good friend with a former 24 weeker (540g) who is doing WONDERFULLY. She is now 16 months and is developmentally normal in all areas. I was talking to her the other day, and she was saying... Read More

  1. by   wensday
    We resus <24wks and any under that make any effort at birth.
    It's the worst thing in the world to care for a baby on millions of infusions, awful head scans, loads of sedation and when their skin starts breaking down due to gross oedema....and the parents want 'everything doing for them'. The consultants have in depth discussions with the parents but nothing seems to sink in. You do everything in your power to keep that little life out of pain and as comfortable as possible but it's so hard on the staff.
    Still, i wouldn't change my job for anything as I'd rather know I was doing the good job I feel I do and not someone else.
  2. by   prowlingMA
    I am a former 34 weeker, I am 24 5'9" and too much weight.
    I was 5lb. at birth, no vent, only IV and jaundice tx.

    Being religious I would have to pray really hard to make a decision about any baby under 30wk, hopefully I never have to know.
  3. by   majorwrigley
    i couldn't terminate a pregnancy under the circumstances that things couldbe wrong. if an amnio could determine, without a doubt, a certain condition, maybe my decision would be different. i had a friend who's unborn child was found to be without a portion of his brain through an us. she was at the doctor's appointment for the abortion procedure and could not go through with it. she had the baby and he lived for a short time, but she has never regretted her decision. but you're right that's a decision i hope i never have to make!
  4. by   student456
    I was born in 1987 at 24 weeks gestation with grade 1 bleeds. I didnt suffer from ANY complications whatsover (thank god!)

    The only thing i had to get corrected was a nasal surgery when i was 10 yrs old from the tubes down my nose when i was born. Im amazed that I didnt end up seriously disabled or dead.

    I dont know at what gestation i would want my baby saved (if i had one). Its hard to say since I survived so long ago but every case is different....
  5. by   student456
    oh and i weighed 1 lbs 11 oz when i was born. Everyone is really surprised when I tell them my story since none of them believe me hehe since Im otherwise perfectly health (I rarely even get a cold )