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I am from Baton Rouge, LA but now live in Orlando, FL. I miss home.

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  1. mgalloLPN

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I work in a peds clinic right now. We had twin girls: Paisley and Poppy. Another mom came in the other day. She had 6 kids. Only 3 of them were with her. They were named Corey, Jacorey, and Corlie. Dad's name is Corey. SMH
  2. mgalloLPN

    I just graduated Nursing school on 12-18-08

    In the last 3 years at our school, we have only had 1 person not pass the boards. I'm considering working for PSA but I'm really nervous about it.
  3. Ok so I just graduated LPN school on 12/18/08. I applied for my ATT yesterday and I am still waiting. I live in Orlando, FL and I am having a hard time trying to find LPN related jobs. I have been on careerbuilder constantly and can't find anything except nursing home stuff. I don't want that. I would rather a doctor's office. Any suggestions?
  4. mgalloLPN

    Night Nurse: Just Call Me Grace

    OMG I'm so glad I'm not the only clutz out there! I literally trip over air, walk into walls, drop stuff, anything you name it, I do it.
  5. mgalloLPN

    Funny OB things people say

    I worked with a medical assistant - I think she was in her 40s--that said she had her c-section without any meds or anesthesia. She said they tried it but it didn't work so they just did it anyway because they didn't have time to try anything else. She said that's how it was with her first baby and then with the second they didn't even bother trying because she said it didn't work anyway.
  6. mgalloLPN

    I had my first post mortem experience Friday.....

    Thank you everyone
  7. mgalloLPN

    Nursing School Bloopers

    So about a 2 weeks ago, I was on the medical floor which is on the 2nd floor. My instructor and 2 students were on the floor with me. I had to go down to the first floor for something. I got to the elevator which was right across from the nurses' station. I saw the lights flicker and didn't think anything of it. I got in the elevator and pressed "1" and the lights flickered again. I thought "Oh that can't be good." The elevator started going down and then stopped. I was still ok at this point. Then the doors opened and all I saw was metal. I was stuck between floors! SOOOOO, I was looking at all the buttons and couldn't for the life of me figure out which one to push to get help. I pulled out my cell phone and called a student that was just on the floor with me. NOTHING! I called the instructor. She answered and as soon as she did, I tried to stay calm and then I freaked out! Started crying like crazy and kept saying "it's stuck, It's stuck." I had no idea that she was on her way to the elevator to try to press the button and see if it would go back to the floor. Well a few seconds later (seemed like hours) the doors opened and I hung up on my instructor and ran out the elevator as fast as I could! I didn't even think to say anything to her because I couldn't. I just saw the doors open to the floor and ran. A lady that was trying to get in the elevator kept asking me if I was ok but I couldn't answer because I was crying so hard. I got to my instructor and she wanted to know why I didn't stay on the phone and why I hung up. She said she didn't know if the elevator had crashed to the bottom or not and didn't know what was going on because she couldn't understand me. I was having a panic attack. I couldn't talk, couldn't breathe, and had a very bad pain in my chest for about an hour. The 2 students that were with me were trying to calm me down. I had a bad day the rest of the day. Everything kept going wrong. I dropped things constantly all day and just couldn't get my head straight. Normally, I don't freak out like that. Well, I went to my instructor about an hour or 2 later and apologized for freaking out. She kinda fussed at me. She said it was fine but I need to learn to control myself because I can't freak out like that in front of patients. THERE WERE NO PATIENTS AROUND. Then by post conference, all of the students knew about what happened because she told them and to this day I still get picked on about it.
  8. mgalloLPN

    I had my first post mortem experience Friday.....

    Thanks. Although I won't officially be a nurse until graduation in December. Thank you everyone for your kind words.
  9. mgalloLPN

    Post Mortem Movement

    I saw this too. Really cool
  10. Friday was my first day experiencing post mortem care. I was on the medical floor during clinicals when the instructor called and said that there was a code coming in and that we were probably going to have a chance to do post mortem care if we wanted to. Well, it's one of the check offs so I decided I would go down to the ER to help out. When I walked in, I didn't quite know what to think. Here he was. A 21 year old boy that had 2 liver transplants and lost the battle. I didn't know how to feel. I was afraid. I was afraid to touch him, afraid to talk because I was still worried that I could hurt him or he could hear me. Some of the students started cleaning him up and removing stuff. I removed his PICC line. The whole time we were moving him, I was so careful. I made sure to move him carefully and slowly because I wanted him to know I cared. I wanted him to know that even though he was gone, I still cared. I never cried, almost, but I didn't. I still see his face. I wanted to be as gentle as I could be during everything because I wanted him to know that I was going to be there to make sure everything was ok and that I would take care of him the best I could even though he was no longer in that body. Who knows, maybe he was still around watching everything. I silently prayed for him while we were binding his hands and feet and while we were wrapping him. Over and over I prayed for him. That he got wherever he was going safely and that he wasn't alone and not to be afraid. I had this strong feeling of just wanting to take care of him and for him to know that there were people that cared about him even after he was gone. I hope he knows that even though I didn't ever meet him or know him while he was still on this earth, I cared for him and felt like I had to protect him as best I could. I can only hope that when it's my time or my family's time to be on that table, that someone will take the time to be gentle, caring, and loving the way I was trying to be.
  11. mgalloLPN

    ? To Recent TECO Grads

    I go to TECO and am in the senior class right now. I love it. I'm here if you have any questions.
  12. mgalloLPN

    Anyone know someonet thats been to TECO?

    I'm in the senior class at TECO. I graduate in December
  13. mgalloLPN

    Happy Dance

    So you are in the new junior class? I'm in the senior class.
  14. Just looking to connect with anyone that goes or went to the same program I do. I graduate in December and can't wait!
  15. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080819/od_nm/israel_baby_odd_dc_1
  16. mgalloLPN

    Orlando Area Hospitals

    I wouldn't move to Orlando. My hubby and I moved here so he could work for Disney 2 years ago and it's been aweful. TOO expensive and traffic and gas are aweful. Can't WAIT to leave!