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  1. by   qtRN
    Quote from ultra9499
    Hi everyone!:spin:

    Does anyone have any information or experience with WHITEGLOVE CARE, STAFFING REMEDIES or UNITED/INTERNATIONAL STAFFING REGISTRY?

    I'm an RN from the Philippines planning on relocating to NY. Any suggestions on good agencies/hospitals in NY that sponsor foreign nurses?

    Hello! Why don't you try the Visiting Nurse Service of new York? It's one of the largest home health agencies in America and they have recently sponsored PT's from the Philippines. Check out their website and inquire. Goodluck!
  2. by   qtRN
    Quote from keira
    Do you have any idea about NY Nclex application? Do you have to pass the local board exam first or you have to be be licensed NUrse here in the philippines first before you can apply for NEWYORk NCLEX? pls? i badly need your advice?

    or can I endorse later to New York or California if i'll choose New mexico as my initial licensure? How long would it take for me to endorse to other state if my initial licensure is in New Mexico? thanks!

    Hi keira. from what I know, if you're not an immigrant of US, you have to take the Local boards from PI then apply for NCLEX in NY. The NY board of nursing does not require NCLEX. However, NY requires CGFNS evaluation for NY which is $275 and takes 2-5 months to process. Then when CGFNS has verified your credentials, the NYS board would review those which takes about less than a month. Are you still in the PI? I suggest that you take the NCLEX there or in Hongkong so that you could just worry about the endorsement in US. About the NY to CA endorsement of license, it's easy because CA does not require CGFNS and the process takes about 3 months with a little of following-up. Good luck!
  3. by   gio60607
    any advice about hospitals in the manhattan area for icu (any, but right now neurosurgical) from chicago, moving to be with spouse (for better or for worse...yaknow).
    been to nyc several times as a tourist around manhattan, mostly times sq, no idea about living in nyc and working as an RN.
    help please?
  4. by   gt4everpn
    Nurses' song
    We'reNew Yorkers, were tough,

    but don't worry we're nurses we've got a gentle touch

    You can find us in the NICU, the PICU, ICU, and Med- Surg

    but be not alarmed, we're always there even if its your regurg

    We get down and dirty,& when it comes to work, patients first!

    We're not scared to stand up to the docs, and tell 'um how its down

    cause remember this is NY, the place we nurses run!

    Thanks to all my NY nurses, keep up the good work!
  5. by   SteveNNP

    I am now officially a NY nurse!!! I start at Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital at NYP in July..... FINALLY got my NYS license.
  6. by   BAGSTHEKID85
    Hello From Buffalo Ny.... Starting Summer Courses This Year To Become A Nurse...... Later Everyone
  7. by   mimi1jb
    Hello everyone. Im not a nurse yet but am in my third semester, one more year to go. I live in NYC and was wondering if anyone out there could tell me about internships or jobs in there hospitals. Tuition is really worrying me for the fall (15, 000) and I wanted to get something fast. I havent been able to find anything on my own. So i wanted to ask fellow New Yorkers for help.

    Thank you very much!
  8. by   demsboy007
    Hello from Orange County (Middletown) New York.
  9. by   gettingupthere
    Hi, Live in Putnam County but work in Westchester LTC also!
  10. by   PROVERBS
    hi! i'm taking the CGFNS exam this September and I'm planning to apply for NCLEX this month. Just wanted to ask the following:

    1. I want to apply for NM because of its speedy processing but my heart's is in NY. I understand that if I choose NY, it will take me 9-11 months unlike NM which will only take me 3 months at most. I'm planning to apply for NM and then apply an endorsement/reciprocity for NY after. How long will the reciprocity will take? Is the time needed to apply for reciprocity equivalent to the time if I apply directly to NY instead of NM and then later endorse to NY? Which plan should I take: NM then endorse to NY or apply directly to NY? Which time will cost me less?

    2. does NY require an SS# before they will issue the license just like in CA? I couldn't find a NY question & answer forum like this.

    I'm hoping that you guys could help me with my dilemma. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! GOD BLESS
  11. by   Arls
    Hi New York nurses---
    any from Long Island?
  12. by   moe1864
    new grad looking for reveiw materials for the nclex and hospitals that hire new grads in NYC?
  13. by   ymmai
    Hi! I just got my NY license last May and my papers are still with the NVC. I still don't know when I am going to New York. Hopefully, my agency would pay my visa fee bill this week. Anyway, I'd just want to know if someone in here is from Bronx? Specifically, from SPLITROCK REHAB AND HEALTH CARE CENTER? That is my work place given to me by my agency. Can anyone tell me how is the living and working conditions in that area? Is it safe in living/working in there? Thanks. Hope someone replies...