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  1. soon2bnycmhnp

    What warrants a call home?

    I am a nurse at a middle and high school...we do not call for any and everything; however, the younger kids... yes mom have to be notified... If I read good, you said the child is in 3rd grade...so yes definitely call mom and add something like you would want to not let her wear a shoe that would irritate the area etc.... Our jobs is also to educate.... but trust me I feel you...I have so much stories ofparents flipping out on the other nurse and myself. Its like darm if you do and darm if you dont... it works both ways... For eg. the other day we had to call to call a parent after an 8th grader hit head on floor and complain of dizzy...mom goes...I am work...what you people think? calling me all the time with BS ...and hangs up.... calls the principal and complain... We also have parents curse us out as well calling and reporting chest pain. We would not always win... My advice is to do your assessment, use your critical thinking...for those younger kids...yes call mom...provide education... Do not take anything personal honey...
  2. soon2bnycmhnp

    Agencies hiring

    THank you, may I have a contact email or number please
  3. soon2bnycmhnp

    Columbia FNP Fall 2015 Part Time

    may I ask you a quick question... Is deadline for admission into the FNP program for FALL 2015 right up until school opens or is it ALREADY closed. How much years experience as a RN do one need ? what were pre req for admission?
  4. soon2bnycmhnp

    Lehman College RN Transition to Practice Program

    I have two acquaintance who got in.
  5. soon2bnycmhnp


    I'm in NY, NYC ...my school does not carry any meds at all unless it is prescribed by the doctor and approved by DOH... what we do when kids come to us is have the kids wash face/ cold compress and provide education to them as well as parents. We also ask parents to please make sure kids take their meds before they come to school. We provide education/ teaching on pollen counts and other stuffs ...such as leave shoes at door, take a shower when you get home, wash hair if it possible...change pillowcases every night etc etc... One of the nurse did make some handouts but just looking to see what else you guys are doing
  6. soon2bnycmhnp

    33 years old BSN new grad for 8 months

    RNgal just grab whatever you can right now...
  7. soon2bnycmhnp

    33 years old BSN new grad for 8 months

    Hey @Jwemt can you send me the link as well since I am interested.
  8. soon2bnycmhnp


    Hey guys blessed Tuesday... Do you guys have any good educational links/ tutorial for seasonal allergies ...OMG its crazy at my school
  9. soon2bnycmhnp

    33 years old BSN new grad for 8 months

    Thats the idea...good luck
  10. soon2bnycmhnp

    legal representation in NYC

    Hi guys an acquaintance of mine need a lawyer in NYC (metropolitan area). Thanks please pm me
  11. soon2bnycmhnp

    Agencies hiring

    thank you
  12. soon2bnycmhnp

    Agencies hiring

    thanks a lot for your feedback
  13. soon2bnycmhnp

    Agencies hiring

    Hey guys I am looking for nursing agencies who hires new grads. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. soon2bnycmhnp

    33 years old BSN new grad for 8 months

    hey have you found any luck yet?
  15. soon2bnycmhnp

    Lehman FNP

    Any updates?