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I have applied to Nassau Community College's Nursing Program for the third and final time. I have been declined two other times and if I get denied a third time I will not apply again. It is getting... Read More

  1. by   987!
    Does anyone here know anything about Farmingdales program? It is very difficult to get into? Is it very very hard? Any info on Farmingdale would be appreciated
  2. by   gaileyt
    Quote from Kuklara511
    Does anyone here know anything about Farmingdales program? It is very difficult to get into? Is it very very hard? Any info on Farmingdale would be appreciated
    I heard you need god grades for A&P I and II and a rockin score on the PAX-RN. Deadline for Fall '09 is December.

    Good luck
  3. by   nancyro
    I have a friend in Farmingdale's program. You can get info for it online. Also, Farmingdale requires chemistry which Nassau doesn't.
  4. by   gaileyt
    <p>from what I understand, Chem w/lab is only required for straight from hs applicants to be accepted. For transfers, pre reqs are A&amp;P I &amp; II, eng 101 and psy 101. Chem is a part of the curriculum. All info is on the website. </p>
  5. by   oldcatlady71
    I dropped off my application last Friday. I had a few questions for the staff... mainly because on my transcript, I had 2 math grades.. one being a B and one a D+ and I wanted to MAKE SURE they would take the higher grade. But no one seemed interested in talking to me (even though no one else was there but me!) Either way... last Friday dropped off my application. If I did the calculations right my GPA should be a 3.74. I already have all my pre-reqs and the ones I am missing are in the making right now. So all I have to do is wait :// Best of luck to all other applicants!! I feel your pain and anxiety!
  6. by   Planettelex
    i might be wrong, but i thought there was a deadline for applications for spring? what semester are you applying for? maybe that’s why you got the cold shoulder when you started asking questions. either way they should have answered your questions. sorry to hear that.
  7. by   gaileyt
    spring deadline is sept 24. acceptance letters go out last week of nov. I believe the highest grade will be considered. My academic advisor in the Honors program verified this with the Nursing dept when I was registering for the Fall.

    Sporicada, what classes are you taking this semester?
  8. by   oldcatlady71
    Yeah there was a time period between 10/6 and 10/24 9-3 M-F for the Spring nursing program. So I was well within the time frame. I dropped it off on the 10th of October.
  9. by   oldcatlady71
    I am taking A&P 2, PSY - Child Development, Spanish 101 and SOC 212 (Social Probems).

    And the deadline for Spring 2009 is definitely 10/24/2008 if you call the nursing number for NCC 516-572-7234 it says it on the message when they are accepting applications.
  10. by   gaileyt
    I'm taking a&p2 too.
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  11. by   oldcatlady71
    Last semester I took A&P1 over the summer and my professor was 75 years old and barely taught us. I managed to get a B+ but it was hard. This semester with my Professor hes really there for the students rather than working against him.

    I lucked into even getting an A&P class. I had managed to sneak my way in through the banner system and like an idiot I accidentally dropped myself from it online. But after many angry and upset letters to the Allied Health Science department they let me back in haha.
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  12. by   radmom
    does anyone know if the letters will go out prior to the next registration period? Registration begins next monday.
  13. by   oldcatlady71
    Letters go out the last week in November.