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  1. by   Moose31
    Im currently in ana accelerated BSN program in NH but will most likely be looking for work in the next year in upstate Ny. Any qoutes for syracuse/Rochester/or Buffalo?
  2. by   AWanderingMinstral
    Quote from littlenewbie
    thanks so much for the info on westchester... any idea how much starting salary is for someone with 1 year experience? i hear that some of the stamford, norwalk, is around 31/hr... just wanted to compare! thanks
    littlenewbie, I am currently scheming my return to NYC. I left to serve in the Peace Corps and then attended nursing school in Pittsburgh. I considered keeping my new car and relocating to Westchester. Unfortunately, the hospitals in Westchester (and probably CT) don't pay as well as NYC private hospitals, BUT the cost of living is essentially the same. You may get more space for your money in Westchester and CT, but it is still expensive to rent an apartment (i.e. $1,400+ for a one-bedroom). My vote would be a move to NYC. No matter WHAT you want to do as a nurse, you'll find it in NYC. I KNOW you cannot say the same thing for Stamford.
  3. by   chrisd701
    Does anyone know the current starting salary for RN's at Westchester Medical Center?
  4. by   dreamon
    Any info about the VA hospital in Manhattan?
  5. by   SilverMist
    Quote from Kei35
    Hey SilverMist! Just wanted to know if you've applied to HSS. I was in telemetry for about 4 months right after graduation (I graduated in December '08 with a BSN) and then I switched to HSS' OR Residency, which I started in July. It's awesome so far, HSS appears to invest a lot to educate their new staff, and the benefits are ok. My favorite thing though is how much tuition reimbursement they's like $10,000 for BSN, $12,000 for Master's, and more for PhD...

    Another really great thing that keeps me going is that fellow co-workers at HSS are really nice. =) It really helps to have friendly and supportive colleagues.

    Just thought I'd reply 'cuz I was so happy to see HSS mentioned. =) If you really don't like cardiac, there are other options for you out there. My husband really enjoyed doing Psych @ St. Luke's-Roosevelt.

    Hey Kay--thank you so much for replying--believe it or not I just got your reply--yes, actually, I sent my resume online and I sent it with a note specifically writter to her--however, I never heard from her--I don't know if it's because they are not hiring right now or what--I was very dissappointed that I did not hear from her, because I would love to work for HSS--I am not sure how else (short of actually going to the hospital in person) I can get an interview there. As of now, I am not employed, and I am looking for another position, but so far, no one is calling me, it's almost as if nobody is hiring, or maybe it's my resume that is not agreeable to them?!? I don't know. I almost feel like giving up and going to another state! I am not sure what do do anymore.
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  6. by   donsterRN
    Hi everyone.

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  7. by   SueNYC
    Beth Israel anyone?
  8. by   twinmommaRN08
    I guess no one knows Sue. . .let's see if I have any luck. Anyone know the starting salary at South Nassau Communities Hospital?

    I read the other postings, but it just says low. . .how low is low?
  9. by   CherryERRN
    Hello All,

    Does anyone know the starting salary for Brookdale Hospital?? Lutheran Hospital?

  10. by   tachybradyRN
    I was told by a professor today that SNCH is currently not hiring or hiring very few, but she could be wrong.

    She also told me that two ASN grads (graduated in May) who were her students informed her that neither was able to find a job until just this past week.
  11. by   olivia28
    Quote from chrisd701
    Does anyone know the current starting salary for RN's at Westchester Medical Center?
    Heard a few weeks ago from a recently hired RN that it is between 59-61K, with awesome benefits and tuition reimbursement. Excellent place if you want Peds.
  12. by   twinmommaRN08
    Thanks Allimariee for the information. SNCH is not on a hiring freeze like Nassau University Medical Center, you just have to be persistent to land an interview.

    I hear great things about how supportive the staff is at SNCH, which makes it really appealing. As a new grad, the working enviornment is more important to me than the pay; I'm just curious about the salary though.
  13. by   Sammi15

    Does anyone know the per diem rate @ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Day or night shift. I'm curently a full-time nurse on a hem/onc unit and would love to branch out as a per diem nurse. Also, do you know if Sloan pay extra for OCN certification. Any information would be greatly appricated!!!

    Thank you!