New RN, direct hire to ER?


Hi everyone,

I am currently coming out of the EMS world and starting in an ADN program this Fall. I have previous experience (since 2012) as an EMT/firefighter with one if our local departments, an EMT from two different large emergency ambulance providers, and went through paramedic school (just didn't finish internship).

With that that being said:

What are the chances of being hired on with an ER, directly after receiving my RN?

Thank you in advance!


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I've had three ADN RN friends get jobs in the ER right after passing NCLEX. It may depend on the area you're in--I'm in Indiana.


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Plenty of my new grad friends went straight into ER residency programs.


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I think it depends where you are located

I'm an ADN new grad in a level 1 trauma center ED. All the new grads they've hired in the past 2 years (at least 6 that I know of), we're all from the same school.


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It really just depends on where you're located and the specific facility you're looking at. Will you be doing a ER rotation in clinical at the hospital you want to work at? If so, STAND OUT! That's what I did. :) Hired in the ED of my dreams right out of school!


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I am a new grad starting in the ER. My area offers a lot of ER residencies, so the training is very thorough: 20 weeks with a curriculum based off the ENA orientation guidelines.

With your prior experience, you should try to network with some ER nurses/management at the hospitals you affiliated with as EMS. It could help you get your foot in the door.


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ER can have a lot of turnover so your chances are pretty high if you're persistent. I think your EMT background should help.

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I think it mostly depends on your location but I know plenty of nurses (BSNs and ADNs) who came out of nursing school and went straight to the ER. Including myself.

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I have only ever done ED since 2008 when I graduated from an ADN program. It is possible! I was hired as an RN in the same ED where I had worked as a tech for 3+ years. My job offer: "You're not leaving." Haha. Get a tech job if you can, leverage those contacts/relationships from EMS. But make sure you are offered a thorough orientation! That is essential, even with EMS experience. I was a paramedic for five years by the time I became an RN, so trust me on that. I had a great orientation - something like 12 weeks - plus a fellowship at our hospital system's Level 1 that included classroom and online training. Get that foundation. It can be done. Good luck!