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  1. NurseIndependa

    Anyone attend UTMB?

    Bump... Anyone?? I am looking at this school as well.
  2. NurseIndependa

    Anne Arundel AAMC and Annapolis Area Nurses: Please advise!

    I cannot provide much insight, but I recently had two friends recently resign. One was in the ER. She said there seemed to be issues with management. Her manager and either educator or director left at the same time. She did not know the reasons why, but was interviewed for another position on the unit by staff nurses and no nurses in administrative positions. At that time, I was applying for jobs there too. It seemed that they had leadership openings for almost every unit. They have since filled those openings, but it is something to think about when applying there.
  3. NurseIndependa


    I've got to add on to this. If you take part in an excellent residency program, that will truly prepare you. My unit has a 5 month residency and uses the ENA modules as well as their other recommended curriculum. This year is the first time they only hired new grads and completely stopped offering spots to floor nurses or nurses with previous experiences. I am not sure why, but obviously they know new grads can be successful in the ER
  4. NurseIndependa

    Question about weekend schedules

    As a nurse, it's every third weekend for me. But at the other hospital I was a tech at last year, they had weekend option RNs. All the non weekend option RNs only had to do 2 weekend shifts per month (Friday, Saturday or Sunday).
  5. NurseIndependa

    Are most new grad RN preceptors like this on the first day?

    I am in a new grad residency. Your preceptor sounds like one on our unit (luckily, not mine). During the first shift, while I shadowed my preceptor to understand the flow of the ER, the other preceptor had her new grad giving all the meds. When the new grad asked questions, the preceptor would say "If you want to keep your license, it's your responsibility. Look it up" and would leave her new grad behind in the med room to fend for herself. I found that incredibly harsh. This other new grad was too nervous to bring up the issues with the preceptor or our manager. 2 months later, they are still having problems and the new grad feels very discouraged. Let him know you will not compromise safety to match his speed. You are new at this and need to take your time. If his attitude doesn't improve, take it to up the chain of command to your supervisor or manager. It might be an awkward situation, but if it will help you get a better orientation, it is so worth it.
  6. NurseIndependa

    Medications in the Modern ED

    Thank you for this! I am a new nurse and really trying to learn my "common ER meds" like the back of my hand. I have encountered many of these.
  7. NurseIndependa

    What skill videos should a new ER nurse be watching

    I am a new grad too and worked in the ER for a month now. So far, I have seen a lot of: foley catheters, starting IVs, bladder scans, splinting, CPR, suctioning, NG tubes, suturing and wound dressings. The thing about the ER is that every day is different so some of the other new grads in my program may have seen completely difficult skills. It just depends on what walks through the door. If I could go back and review before starting work, I would use my health assessment book to look over focused assessments and electrolyte imbalances. It is amazing how wacky some patients' electrolytes can be when they first show up at the hospital! Finally, looks over your medications. Common drugs I deal with on a daily basis are morphine, dilaudid, ativan, toradol, metoprolol, nitroglyerine, acetaminophen, furosemide, ibuprofen, zofran, epinephrine, adenosine, atropine, rocephin, lidocaine, magnesium sulfate, benadryl, diazepam, phenergine, zosyn, reglan, plavix, flagyl and protonix. Consider why and when they are used, contraindications, side effects and parameters. I had a 12 today and that's what I can think of off the top of my head.
  8. NurseIndependa

    Staff Development

    That may be something more appropriate for a separate post because it is a very good question, but not relevant to the OP's question.
  9. NurseIndependa

    RN that doesn't want to be an NP

    To each his or her own. When I worked a couple days ago, I felt helpless as a RN. The doc was taking forever to see patients and put in orders. My poor patient had a work related accident and severe pain. I confronted the doc multiple times about going to see him so the pain meds could be ordered, yet it kept getting put off and he did not want to order anything until he assessed the patient. And as a nurse, there was only so many times I could provide "non pharmacological" interventions. I just felt disappointed that I could not do more. Yes, this is one isolated incident. But it made me realize to a greater extent that I want to do advanced practice. I want more autonomy and to be able to call the shots. I also am young and feel that I can dedicate a couple years to more schooling. It is different for everyone and I would never downplay a bedside nurse's intelligence. But, I will want to move on to my next step in a few years and am planning accordingly because of that.
  10. NurseIndependa

    Frugality thead:work less, spend less

    Newlywed & new nurse here. My spouse is active duty military so he does not make much but makes up for it in benefits & basic housing allowance. I did take a Dave Ramsey class before getting married. Although I did not agree with his view of not needing credit cards, I liked most of what he said. I am maxing out my 401k and trying to save as much as possible. We are trying to buy a house next year for much lower than what we are approved for & I am looking at cheaper grad schools (in state or offering discounted online tuition). My biggest every day save is bringing my own food for work. My preceptor mentioned how she can't afford to pay for her daughter's community college classes, yet buys lunch every day at work. Spending $15-20/week for food can cost upward of $750/year... that's one class right there! And for coffee: I buy cheap bottled coffee at the commissary and bring that with me to work. It does the trick.
  11. NurseIndependa

    How many schools did you apply to?

    And how many did you get into? I am just trying to get an idea of the average number of NP schools that applicants apply to.
  12. NurseIndependa

    Missing my AN friends

    Next time provide links if you can... because I want to read all of that.
  13. NurseIndependa

    WDYT? Sticking up for myself or...

    I am a little confused. Are you being asked to shadow at your facility or not? When I was a CNA (and even as a new nurse applying for jobs) some hospitals had these shadowing experience and called them "share days". Although there were presented to me as getting to know the culture of the unit, they were more for the staff to see how I interacted on the unit. Was I eager to learn or ready to help? The CNA or nurse I was with could then provide feedback to the manager. This could possibly be occurring at your facility with these shadow experiences.
  14. NurseIndependa

    MSN with the most versatility

    I was thinking management briefly, but I really do not want the manager role. It would also be hard to work up the chain if I am moving every few years. I was originally looking to becoming a nurse practitioner and I think I may go back to looking into it. Every location we may get stationed in uses NPs. An eventual goal is working for the VA and have a decent amount of job openings for NPs on USAjobs. Thanks for all these helpful responses!
  15. NurseIndependa

    MSN with the most versatility

    I appreciate insight on this. I know each MSN (NP, CNS, educator, administrator, informatics, etc.) has a different role and really depends on the student's interests. But which MSN provides the most likelihood of employment in multiple job markets? For example, in my current state, clinical nurse specialists are heavily used and have excellent job opportunities. In my home state? Not so much. I am asking this because my spouse is active duty military and I want to eventually get my master's degree. His career determines where we live and I want to be able to put a hard earned master's degree to good use.
  16. NurseIndependa

    Good nurse novels to read?

    That was a great book! I read it 2 weeks ago. I love her other book (Tending Lives) that similar in that it interviews nurses who worked at local hospitals during the Oklahoma City bombings. I wish she would write more in this style because I like reading the different perspectives.

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