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I will be graduating in May 2009 with my RN and was considering relocating to Philly. I currently live in Mass and would love to stay but the job market is not so hot right now. I am wondering what are good hospitals for new grads in Philly to work at and what the starting rate is. Also hospitals that offer some sort of loan reimbursement would be a bonus. Lastly is moving to Philly a good move for a single 20 something is it a fun place. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THanks



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I'm graduating in May 2009 too, however, I'm thiking about relocating somewhere outside of philly because a lot of hosptial systems around philadelphia or within the city are either on a freeze or are hiring with experiance only. This is from my research and experiance within the past couple of weeks. Maybe other's think otherwise. If you go outside of the philly to cities like Lancaster, Reading, Brandywine, Leigh High Valley....then maybe there is better chance, however, for me, its to far of a commute.


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Thanks that is the same situation that is going on in Boston as well...Kinda not a good time to be graduating as a nurse I guess. Good luck in your job searching...where are you planning on looking?


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For me relocate somewhere is much harder, as I have a family, and expecting a baby in April, however, if I was single, I probably would seriously consider Austin, Texas. They have great nursing positions for grad nurses, and rn residencies. I've been really considering this option, however, for me its unrealistic to move that far. Regarding this area, I'll be looking around smaller cities near Philadelphia like the ones I've mentioned above.


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SAme problem in New Jersey


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Where having the same issues in Delaware. I was considering commuting to Philly or Jersey, and I am TERRIFIED of the bridges:no:. I was scoping out the site hoping to learn of a good place hiring inexperienced nurses regardless of my ridiculous phobia of big scary bridges. I've applied to a couple hospitals before the bridges, but I remain in a consistently anxious state even driving in that direction on 95. If I miss my exit-I'll have to go over the bridge!!! I mean across it~ lol.

I have convinced myself that it is better then the alternative. If I had to do it everyday, it probably would get easier.

Sorry, this post is supposed to be about jobs not bridges.

Keep trying people, things will turn around soon! If they don't I'll be going over the bridge!!!:chuckle


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I live up in Northeastern, PA between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, I don't know if you'd be interested but the hospitals up here are always hiring RN's if you're interested a couple you can check out are:

Wilkes-Barre General Hospital (Wilkes-Barre)

Moses Taylor Hospital (Scranton)

Mercy Hospital (Scranton)

CMC *Community Medical Center* (Scranton)

Geisinger (Danville, Wilkes-Barre)

VA Medical Center (Wilkes-Barre)

Kindred Hospital Wyoming Valley (Wilkes-Barre)

First Hospital Wyoming Valley (Kingston)

Search those, you may have to include the city and state but you can check out their employment opportunities and the cost of rent isn't really TOO high around here either.

The valley I live in is pretty boring, not gonna lie, but there are nursing jobs available! ... What about travel nursing?


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I live in Norristown, PA whch is about 20 miles west of Philadelphia. I graduated in December and still cannot find a job. Many hospitals have positions open for BSN wth 1 year experience. I am getting calls from headhunters from Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, and Danville, PA (Geisinger health system). I have been applying to 3-6 jobs every week since graduating. I am on several job hunting sites.

The nursing advice I have been reading during these tough economic times is to go back to school to get better education. That is my plan if I do not get a good job by June. Otherwise, I will have to start paying back my student loans which - without a job- would not be possible.

Good Luck with your search!



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Just a follow-up - just heard there are jobs in Tacoma, Washington. They hire from out of state and pay a small relo (maybe 1000-1500).



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I have to agree that it was extremely easy to find a new grad RN job in Northeast PA. I applied in Boston for months and not even the hospital I was working in as a secretary would hire me. I came back to PA and got job offers at my first two interviews (one was even a supervisor position) in less than two weeks. Not saying it's the best place to work but you can easily get your first year of experience and get out...

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geisinger danville, pa is in the country but has terrific programs and i met several staffers from their facilities over the years---many with sev yrs experience. place i'd always thought look into.. check them out if unable locate position elsewhere

they've beome a health system purchasing several other pocono area hospitals.

many staff have been nightingale award winners

several affiliated nursing programs to advance for bsn/msn. they have a flight program too that rocks!! just awarded magnet status for nursing oct 08.

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