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  1. xlilchatonx

    CA BRN 2018 Fee Hike... What's the deal?

    I'm curious too. I literally just applied for my license this morning... from PA, this is going to cost me $500-$600 easily. And that's without a temporary license, which I'm opting NOT to get because the processing time for a temp license states 8-10wks and the permanent license is 10-12wks :|
  2. xlilchatonx

    New grad nurse at Geisinger

    I believe it's around $26.80 & then of course shift differentials. Great incentives I've heard.
  3. Today was my first day of nursing school :] Honestly, it wasn't at all overwhelming. I just had the lecture today, supposed to have lab tomorrow, but my instructor said no class tomorrow. And I have a little bit of reading to do, but nothing too intense. I'm excited. I'm about to get a BP Cuff tonight & that excites me too haha
  4. Thanks for the advice Charlie T!
  5. I'd just like to say good luck to everyone that is starting tomorrow (the 24th) I don't start till the 31st so I got a week on all of you, but I hope that your day goes well and smoothly too! Don't get too overwhelmed, take it one week at a time :] And remember, we ARE the future nurses! :]
  6. I'm a unit secretary on a Telemetry unit. You hear the nurses talk about what's going on and you put the orders the doctor's write into the computer and so you get a good understanding then of what's wrong with the patient and what's being done. Also, it helps you learn to read doctor hand writing lol. I'm also pretty interested in taking a phlebotomy position, they offer 3 month on the job training and that would definitely be good experience.
  7. I'm so excited that we're all going to be going through this experience together =) I don't start until Monday, August 31st. And my orientation was back in May .. maybe June I believe. I can't buy my books until August 17th, which stinks, but what can ya do. I had a 4 day nursing course over the summer which basically went over the handbook & a couple chapters in a contemporary nursing book. I'm ready to start, but I'm very nervous. My first class is a lecture, it'll be from 10:30AM to 12:30PM. Not bad at all.
  8. Congrats everyone :]
  9. xlilchatonx

    new grad may 2009..possibly relocating...need advice

    Gogatsby, I posted the answer to your question on the first page of this thread, there are more, but these are a few of them..
  11. xlilchatonx

    Anyone going to LCCC?

    Oh okay, good luck! & Thank you!
  12. xlilchatonx

    Anyone going to LCCC?

    Starting at LCCC? I will be starting there in the fall too, maybe I'll see you around? I'm taking 2 summer classes this summer to finish up my general courses before I start & also I will be taking a Medical Terminology class so I will have a head start.
  13. xlilchatonx

    Anyone going to LCCC?

    Sounds great, will you be starting the program in the fall?
  14. xlilchatonx

    Anyone going to LCCC?

    And that's just for general courses you said right? I'm pretty sure that's what you were saying because I don't see how you could do that and get a nursing degree lol, so yeah.
  15. xlilchatonx

    Anyone going to LCCC?

    What is the college network?
  16. xlilchatonx

    Anyone going to LCCC?

    Oh definitely :] It would make learning a lot easier knowing what the words mean before hand haha. Being an LPN would absolutely be a total advantage. & Yes, I know that, but I really want the experience of the job so I can get the idea of whether or not nursing is right for me. I just got a job as a non-medical caregiver today & I'm excited about that, I can't wait to get started. (I started on Sunday) But if I don't become a CNA by summer I will definitely sit in the test after my first semester. Thanks so much :]