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I graduated from Nursing School in September, and took my boards 2 weeks after that. I have been an RN for almost 2 months. I have sent out 30-40 applications, and haven't heard anything! I am so frustrated. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for a new grad. Is there anything I can do that will set my apart from all the other applications? I have sent my resume and reccomendation letters to several nurse managers directly, and still nothing. I am in CT, willing to work any shift on any floor to start getting my experience, I have even applied to LTC and they don't hire new grads. I am unsure of what the next move is....any advice would be well received. Thanks

First of all CONGRATS!!! :) :grad: *wine

Eye catching resume for sure. Please follow up to by calling the managers. Just keep trying and be patient. Stay positive! :) or you can come down here in CA hehehe

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I can definitely empathize with you. There are people who have graduated 2 years ago and still don't have jobs. I am about to hit my one year mark. You have to prepare yourself for that. The economy is just so bad and there is a huge pool of experienced nurses that hospitals and other health facilities can choose from.

You may need to consider relocating. Meanwhile, you can get your ACLS, PALS, or IV cert to boost your resume. You can also try volunteering at a hospital and hope that it may lead to a job for you. Get any job you can. Any experience is better than no experience. Also, try taking online certification courses in dysrhythmia, CE stuff, etc. to show your future employer that you take the initiative to keep your skills up.

Hospitals I applied for 3 months ago just recently contacted me for interviews. Sometimes it takes a while until you hear back from them. I just went on a few interviews these past two weeks that seem very promising. You have to stay strong and be prepared to wait it out. Like I said, there are people in worse situations. A lot of people have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, etc. in this economy.

Good luck and best wishes.

Call the hospital's nurse recruiter in HR. If the hospital is big enough, they should have a person that has this dedicated job. They usually handle placing new grads. The one at our hospital is great! Also, be willing to work on any floor/unit. Good luck!

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Congrats on your accomplishments!!! I hear you! and like one of the other members said there are ppl that have been RNs since 2008 and 2009 that dont have jobs yet. I graduated in May 2010 and passed my boards in July and I've actually been applying since may and I finally got offered a position in residency prgm but all the way in Atlanta (FAR! from home cause im born and raised in Brooklyn). So hang in there you may need to travel outside your state for a year and them come back. Also, because december students are graduating all over the US there are going to be tons of positons opening up you just have to be glued to that computer 24/7 and call those nurse recruiters to follow up all the time :-(.... But i am wiishing you all the best! You'll find something trust me!

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This has been asked many times already, do a search of previous posts, it took me a year to find my first job, it will happen eventually. :)


I feel you pain! I graduated in May and licenssed in June. I just recently got my first interview. The bad part is the job is 3 1/2 hours away from my home and only 1 day a week. It is at a surgery center, not my first choice. I was contacted last week and offered the job. I am going to do it only becuase it is nursing experience. I figure, something is better than nothing. Eventually the economy will turn around.

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I was there, too!!!!!! My only option was to move halfway across the country!!!!! If you don't mind doing that, email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clown:

Keep applying. Hospitals can take FOREVER too respond to any job posting. Some hospitals I've applied to in the area (not for nursing, other positions - just a student) took 3 months before they sent me the lovely rejection emails.

Are you able to move? It may be a good idea to try places outside of where you live. Of course, don't move unless you have a job.

Keep applying. 30-40 isn't much, not in this economy. Applying for jobs is almost a full time job now.

i would absolutley consider moving, so if anyone has any good ideas for relocation....let me know.

i would absolutley consider moving, so if anyone has any good ideas for relocation....let me know.

From a job fair that I went to in NYC, there are out of state hospitals that would love to hire new grads. There was a Central California hospital that was pretty much hiring people on the spot. I asked the rep why they were recruiting here all the way in the east coast for a California hospital and she said that the new grads here do much better and are more serious (she was chuckling when she told me that they only require a 2.0 to get tuition reimbursement for grad school!). I don't know what that is all about or what she was trying to achieve with that statement because it makes it seem like you would be working with a bunch of idiots or something... Anyway, a Florida hospital was also there and they said they do heavy recruiting from the NE also.

As far as other states, Hartford Clinic was there looking for new grads. I've also seen a lot of ads for Texas while doing online job searches. I wish you the best. Make sure you ask about relocation package and sign-on bonus. Also see if they will pay for you to get your license endorsed to that new state.

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Congrats! I know what an accomplishment it is to graduate & pass boards! And I know how discouraging it is to be a new grad without a job!

There is hope!! I graduated in May, passed boards in June, had 100s of applications in at all area hospitals within an hours drive of my location.

FINALLY, just this week, I had 2 interviews... (only gotten 4 since I graduated.) and I GOT A JOB!!!!

Just don't give up. Network, network, network.... keep in contact monthly or even more frequently with nurse recruiters at hospitals.

Also, visit this website Donna Cardillo has some GREAT advice for new grads...

also, is a great resource as well.

Good luck!!

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