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Specializes in Emergency Department - Level 1 Trauma.
I'm not a CGFNS exam passer, but I did submit my CGFNS CES to AHPRA. I just had mine photocopied and certified by a notary. AHPRA did not ask for CGFNS to send it directly. I think AHPRA doesn't give much emphasis on CGFNS because it's mainly for US use. Of course, US nursing license, if you have one, is an essential part of your application.

Thank you so much! I am not a US-RN so I guess it makes my case less complicated since I currently hold 2 licenses from 2 different countries.


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If you will submit original copies then ofkors, not notarized/certified.. e.g. ORIGINAL Nbi, police clearance, statement of service..

Must Certified/Notarized the PHOTOCOPY of the following documents. EACH page of your document notarized must bear the signature of the notary public:

Birth certificate, Passoort, Diploma, TOR

Sorry cant remember everything, but if you can enumerate the other documents then i can answer them easily by saying yes or no..

anyway wahtever.. or you may also ask other forumers..

good luck...

Hi cioman,

I have read the guidelines set by AHPRA regarding certification of document many times,but one thing keeps me confusing. According to AHPRA the notary should "Witness our signature". Does this mean that we need to do a signature in front of them which has to be certified and then sent to AHPRA along with our other certified documents? For your kind information, I am going to an Australian Consulate for the certification process very soon. Please help me understand the matter.

Thanks in advance...


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Thanks for the reply jay! I sent you pm by the way. Hope to hear from you.


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Hi, this might be off topic but can somebody please share with me the format they used for the immunization requirement? Thanks!


i'm pretty much on the same boat! i'm also retaking my IELTS soon (cant wait!) then sending my application to AHPRA afterwards. i'm also looking at the things i can accomplish while waiting for that. goodluck with ur IELTS! hope we can submit soon! :D

i went to IDP this morning. since I have a work experience, the counselor gave me 2 schools offering BP, to choose from. Deakin and La trobe university for IRON program. crossing fingers on going to OZ. I'm yet to ask my parents to help me out on my tuition fee since is costs 10k AUD. I hope I could convince them.

i didnt know IDP assists with bridging they help with the actual application? goodluck bettyboop09 :)


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hello everyone! Is there anyone here who is for APRIL 23 intake of BP in IHNA?

i didnt know IDP assists with bridging they help with the actual application? goodluck bettyboop09 :)

That's what the counselor told me, I really still don't know exactly what to do, except for take ielts, apply to aphra, and email the schools she'd given me. When everything's done already, will apply for student visa. That's what I remember, haha, I think those are what sank in to me during our conversation.

And now, I'm torn. While I was browsing for a credible ielts center, downloading forms for application, an agency called me up because my most awaited hospital from qatar which also pirates almost all of my hospital's nurses is lining me up for an interview. What if I passed? Now I dunno if I'd still take ielts, haha. I prayed too much and God gave me two blessings at the same time. Guess I need to pray harder to help me decide which is better. :D


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You will find that whether you applied and have your LOE from AHPRA before Sept 2011, you will still have to have an IELTS score of 7 overall in one sitting before you REGISTER. This is why it is important that your IELTS is still valid before you apply for initial registration for your practice certificate. It's not called a 'licence' here in Australia.

Such is the case for a struggling Filipino who finished her BP and can not register with AHPRA because her IELTS expired. She has to take up an English course to pass the IELTS and apply for an extension visa. She is now working part time as a carer where my wife works. She recently failed her IELTS again. Lucky for her she has relatives who support her.


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Just my unsolicited advice.

Australia - need to pass the IELTS, need to do Bridging Program, then look for sponsor. No Guarantees of work and if you can't find work you might find yourself going back home.

Qatar - pass the interview, get work as a Nurse, get paid as a Nurse. get experience. Opens more opportunities.

Good luck

sephine, LPN

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hi everyone!

regarding the immunizations, would it be okay to just have the original baby's book photocopied ( and be certified) or it's still best to have my pediatrician write a letter confirming my previous immunization status?

any insights? thank you!

any inputs on this matter? thank you!

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