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  1. Local nurses cannot practice after 5 years of no nursing practise, as you are then considered a person with out of date nursing qualification. you would need to apply and then be guided by what further education they suggest, doubt it would be a bridging program as from what? As you have not practiced as nurse last 5 years
  2. ceridwyn

    Australian Trained Nurses be advised

  3. ceridwyn

    Commencing online Endrolled nursing advice and tips AUS

    You cannot transition to a Registered Nurse from Enrolled Nurse. You may however apply to a university for a student place in a Bachelor of Nursing and the Enrolled Nurse Diploma is your entry. It is up to the university how much credit they will give you. Some give 8 units credit, some 10 to 12 depends. Search the web for any forums, medications, ask the questions. Best experience is to do Personal care work or volunteer at a nursing home or hospital.
  4. ceridwyn

    Perioperative Nurse Surgeon's Assistant

    I have to agree, I was once a Credentialled Diabetes Educator. Credentialled by a very recognised authority that we had to go through hoops, (DE post grad) then address various criteria have references and pay a fortune for the title, even had provider numbers for medicare!! But alas was told by our union that we were skating on thin ice as we (if practising as a sub contractor) were working outside our scope of practice with AHPRA. Many CDE's still do work as a contractor, or have their own business and have done for many years, but more often than not opt for being employed for the scope of practice reason. The only nurses not seen as working outside their scope of practice as a contractor are the recognised Nurse Practitioner with AHPRA working in the advanced role and has a nurse Practioners Masters degree and post grad in Peri op nursing as a Surgeons assistant would need. good luck.
  5. ceridwyn

    Enrolled nurse APHRA

    Enrolled NUrse is not on the occupational skills list or SOL for independent immigration visa it is however on the CSOL list which means in places of need, region, remote etc there is a possibility of being sponsored by a state or region. Hoping to be sponsored as an EN from overseas would be very hopeful at this time. Our union and local nursing workforce has/is very sceptical about the need for 457 sponsored visas for many RN's that are issued, to sponsor and EN would be very much questioned by IMMI as local workforce testing has to be done to show an overseas EN would be required over any local applicants. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/SOL Considering EN at all for immigration was government initiative, as they do not understand the difference between the two types of education or responsibility and saw this opportunity to relieve the future seen shortage of nurses, however in areas of need RN's are the nurses that are required as they are remote and rural places.
  6. ceridwyn

    Enrolled nurse APHRA

    AHPRA do not accept a Diploma that leads to Registered Nurse qualification to be considered for Enrolled Nurse in Australia. That has been the biggest hassle for Diploma educated nurses from the UK, cannot register as RN cannot register as EN and doing the extra education to degree level or actually completing EN education in Australia is the only option to working as a nurse in Australia.
  7. I think the only way I can see to get obstetric and paeds experience in Australia,is to actually become a midwife as well as a nurse. That would require either a 1year graduate diploma in midwifery or the ACU 2 year graduate Batchelor of Midwifery for already RN's. Overall probably take 3-4 years to be qualified for the US....if you manage to get straight into midwifery programs after finishing nurse program. Deakin University had programs in mid and paeds that was accepted by most states of the US...(so I have read on forums) but it had been rejected by the Cal Bon in recent years. Deaking were going to revamp things, they might be worth contacting or visiting the website for the mid and paeds modules. It also seems (by reading the posts on Allnurse) that it is near impossible to get obs and paeds education to make up for it in the US without doing whole RN degree. Different idea of what nursing is and what is midwifery. Nursing here in Australia an RN is considered to be general educated, without obstetrics and education in paeds. (RNs work in kids but often have not had special education for kids nursing.) In the US RN's do obstetrics and have education and clinical in paediatrics. Women having babies is not seen as needing a nurse but a midwife in Australia and are thought of not being unwell. Just needing someone to support, give education and help deliver their baby. There are even straight degrees for midwives, though these are being phased out as really - you need to be a nurse first before a midwife due to co-morbities women usually have. If you are happy knowing that it will take at least 3-4 years and lots of extra money to be a midwife well come to Australia, but if you want the assurance that you will be eligible for registration in the US then, educate there as a nurse. ps, the 2 year Associate degree pathway to RN's in the US is not acceptable anymore in Australia, if that pathway is thought of as another option.
  8. ceridwyn

    do experience working as an AIN help?

    Its up to you. Many, many Australian nursing students work as personal carers/ain in their local facilities while they are studying. It is frowned upon to work as an AIN/PC when already a Registered Nurse by both AHPRA and employers as it puts everyone both you and your employer in a sticky situation should anything and I mean anything just in normal day to day care..happen. If something is not taken care of properly or the patient is not happy about something and you knew better, even if you are not employed as an RN, legal action can take place, lots of grey legal areas. Some student nurses continue to work as pc/AIN at their employer for a few months until their grad years start when they are now Registered Nurses but that is seen as acceptable. AIN work would not be considered "experience" as an RN so it would not be of any value there. You should tell them you will be a Registered Nurse before they employ you and if they are still keen, make your decision then.
  9. ceridwyn

    Wanting to move to perth

    Do English nurses qualify as overseas? They did load the Perth and surrounding hospitals, well they did when I was seconded over there for a few months 2 years ago. Just sayin not flammin :) It is a bit unusual for any someone from the States though.
  10. ceridwyn

    Wanting to move to perth

    Aphra is now assessing overseas nursing degrees on equality to Australian nursing degrees. Not sure if 2 year degree is still considered equal to Australian nursing degree, need assessment from AHPRA will be the biggest hurdle and first thing to do.
  11. ceridwyn

    Bridging Program in Australia

    You never mentioned in your post that you have USA residency. Many have posted that they sit the NCLEX but cannot be registered as they do not have US residency and therefore the nursing boards over there will not Register them without residency, NCLEX passer or not. It is difficult to answer someone without knowing all the background. Without knowing how long since you graduated, english IELTS 7 one sitting and the AHPRA expectation of 20 cpd every year since graduation here are the facts: After 5 years of non experience since graduation you will not be entitled to bridging program. Have you got proof of continuous professional development of 20 hours every year since graduation. Do you think it suitable of yourself to work in foreign country with just a bridging program? You will find it extremely difficult to get sponsorship visa so that you can work with no experience. As AHPRA have had a change in policy for overseas nurses and there were no assessments for sometime, the Bridging schools seem to falling over each other for students. This is the one thing in your favour. AHPRA were allowing OS nurses with no experience to do bridging course if they were new graduates IE: only 2 years graduated. AHPRA assess is wholly on undergraduate education, not where one is registered or where they have worked professionally as RN No one really knows AHPRA's exact assessments are these days and their advice and mine to you are everyone is assessed individually and no one can really tell you for sure unless you put in your application
  12. ceridwyn

    Bridging Program in Australia

    It will be difficult on getting a work visa in Australia even if you do get Registration as you have no experience. Like every other country, local graduates are having a hard time getting work so a sponsored visa with unexperienced RN would be frowned upon. You would not qualify for skilled immigration if you do not have at least 3 months paid work as an RN or to get the points at least 3 years paid RN experience.
  13. ceridwyn

    Bridging Program in Australia

    I am not a member of the assessment team at AHPRA but I am sure you will not qualify for a bridging program. You are not an RN to bridge to an RN. Part of the application to be an RN is to give details of your nursing board to give statement of good standing. This is not possible if you are not an RN. I do not know what they will ask you to do to qualify as an RN in Australia. Consider passing your own country's national exam. There would be questions on why you are not qualified in your own country. NCLEX is not part of Australian nursing registration, it would hold no credence even if you passed. AHPRA are only concerned in you Registration as an RN. As I have read you can pass a NCLEX in a state of the USA, does not mean you will become a Registered Nurse and that is the only thing of interest to AHPRA, you being a nurse Registered with a nursing body.
  14. ceridwyn

    Bridging Program in Australia

    The Nursing in Midwifery board of Australia, really could not give not much credit to the NCLEX unless you are a nurse from the USA. Have you passed your own national exam would be the question. If not I doubt that NMBA would consider your application.
  15. ceridwyn

    Australia/New Zealand registration with foreign education

    Who knows with AHPRA these days, however, they do indicate on the application form, you do need certification from a licensing board/council to say you have good standing, Do not need any experience with Registering with AHPRA only need 3 months experience if being assessed by ANMAC for PR visas.
  16. ceridwyn

    competency for nikki T34 syringe driver

    Actually the instructions to use it are on line, thats the way we were given our competency in it....just google if you still need it. I feel confident to use it and have absolutely no problems, except darn doctors orders written absolutely garsley inappropriate and undeciperable.