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Hi everyone, please help me.

I graduated last march 2007 here in the Philippines and I have my license here already.

Because of oversupply of nurses here, it's too difficult to find a job.

That's why I'm looking forward to working in Australia or New Zealand.

However, I'm confused. Esp about Australia.

I already have my bachelors degree here.

When I go there in Aus to work as RN, must I take a diploma in nursing first? can I work while studying?

After obtaining my diploma there, am I already a registered nurse?

Thank you!

Silverdragon102, BSN

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You need to apply to a state in Australia, preferable the state you want to live in and they will assess your documentation. Be aware though many have to do a bridging program. Suggest a search of the forums as plenty of info there on steps to take


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try to do some google search here and look for the BON authority and contat them for them to discuss to you the flow of registration. goodluck


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Try this website. It has lots of information how to apply for new zealand...

suzanne4, RN

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You are not doing another nursing program from the start, but a bridge program that will assess your skills and training and give you the additional training that you will need.

You already have a BSN, you will not be getting another degree from them.


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same rules apply to both countries..nurses coming from the philippines needs to do a 6-12 weeks competency course in new zealand and 7 week course in australia.. You must be a staff nurse before you apply with a min. of 1 yr experience..I worked in New Zealand for 2 yrs before transfering here in Australia ..


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hi owen2004?

wat about for MD RN? does the same requirements apply? tnx and wat about new zealand they don't need nursing experience? thanks agen


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MD is different from the rules applies..


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Applicants will be referred by the Nurses and Midwives Board to undertake competence assessment programs to demonstrate safe practice. It is appropriate that applicants be provided with preparatory orientation prior to being assessed.


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You have a situation as my cuzin when she applied as a Nurse here in NZ 5 years ago. :specs: My dad has sponsored her and it took him a year for her to finally bring her ova here. When she arrived, she had to take a 3 month bridging course at Unitec Mt. Albert and did an over all exam especially the IELTS. NZ are really needing nurses and I so encourage you to transfer through here ( If you want). Although I don't think that you can work while studying. My dad had to support her while taking up the course. If you need more info I'll ask my dad about it.


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Is your dad willing to sponsor another being??LOL:yeah: just kidding...

How much is the estimated cost of the bridging course?



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i'm also interested in working in australia. i'm currently working as an ER nurse. can you suggest any agency who can help me work there? and usually, how much money do i need to pay? thanks!

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