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I’m a new grad nurse who graduated in March but severe debilitating anxiety is stopping me from working . I see a therapist regularly, however therapy is not helping. I was also prescribed meds which I REFUSE to take due to possible side effects. At this point I gave up on the idea of being a nurse because I don’t like the feeling of my heart jumping out of my chest when I am around patients. I actually worked for a VERY short period of time and quit!That feeling truly SUCKS!! I am a very routine person and I do not like the idea of things happening out of the blue, which is why nursing won’t work for me. It really sucks that all my schooling is going down the drain. ! I’m not sure what advice I’m looking for. It’s just a very unfortunate situation! ?

Oh that’s terrible. I had debilitating anxiety in nursing school. So bad I failed. So I finally got on the right med. Went back to school passed and became a nurse. For me beta blockers were the key to getting control over the anxiety. Best of luck finding your key. ? 

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18 hours ago, JKL33 said:

Remember that the negative thinking, the fear and anxiety, the uncertainty and all the unlikely "what-ifs" are effects of the condition that the medication is meant to treat.


20 hours ago, Faithful2 said:

Jkl33 I plan on starting my meds today. I just wise I would stop thinking so negatively! Always thinking of the worst case senecio!

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I have severe anxiety and I work as a nurse. But the thing is that I WANT to be a nurse. I love nursing. So, I have a reason to tolerate or accept or overcome or handle (whatever word you want to use) anxiety and panic symptoms. It sounds like you don’t love nursing!  So, don’t force yourself to do it. Find a job that you really want to do— one that you care about enough to make it worth it to deal with any anxiety that comes up. 

CommunityRNBSN that is absolutely incorrect. Nursing has always been a passion of mine but it is unfortunate that I have developed the HORRIBLE debilitating anxiety during school. One thing I must point out is that everyone experience anxiety in a different way. Some people can function through it and some people like me draw a complete blank which is very dangerous if I’m dealing with patients. The fear of starting meds was all part of my anxiety issues. Don’t be quick to judge. 

How are you doing, @Faithful2?

Looking for a good report from you! ?

Update: so it has been over 1 year since I graduated and was help back by debilitating anxiety and fear to work as a nurse. I wanted to come back and share the good news. I have been working now for 3 weeks as a nurse. I can’t believe it. I still struggle with horrible anxiety but I refuse to let it stop me from my true calling. I hope this can help someone else who is in the same situation. Pray, have faith in God and take a the 1st step and everything will work out. Although my job is stressful, it’s worth it!! 

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