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Hello to everyone! Im so excited to find this site!

Im 33 , live in Florida and am finishing up all my pre- req's for my ADN program . Interviews begin in January so Im keeping my fingers crossed that I will be selected for the August start of the clinical program. If not Ill have to wait another year, BUT I can always do a DUAL degree in my spare time.

I currently work as a nursing assistant, and a rehab tech. I love it, and have worked in many fields in the last 12 years.

I wish all of you the best for the Holiday Season and the New year to come!


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welcome! I wish you good luck on your interview. If it doesn't work out, have you considered a BSN program? The same prereq's are required, you just take the Nursing in a 300 and 400 level. The clinical takes the same amount of time.


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Welcome, and good luck on your interview!

I LOVE your board name - Tinuviel has been my online screen name for so many things for so many years! Nice to meet another fellow Tolkien nut. :D

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Welcome Tinuviel from another Florida ADN student.:cool:

Looking forward to seeing your posts.


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Hello to "barbpick" who responded to my "hello" lol

I am wondering...I have heard the ADN prepares you for more clinicla experience to go right from school to start a job. I have heard the BSN is for more administrative type nursing.

is this correct?

Many of my co workers are ADN grads, and the only 2 BSN we have, is our director or nursing and our MDS manager.

Could you elaborate?


And to Maire!! yes hello to you, a fellow Tolkein fan. Are you enjoying "The Return of the King" on the big screen yet?


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Hello Everybody,

I am new too this site. Actually I got online for info pertaining too MRSA, then ended up here. I figured since I'm a nursing student it won't help to have people to support you and to help support others in the same situations.

Anyway, I just became an STNA the first week of April. It is the best job I've had, I love it.

I have finished my pre-reqs and am taking basic courses required for graduation, untill (fingers crossed) my letter for acceptance for the fall ADN program arrives in Jan.

At my college, there is no entrance exam, you just take Dosage Calculations and Anatomy and Physiology as your must have pre-reqs to get on the "list." And whatever classes you don't test out of. Then you play the waiting game. Ugh, hopefully mine won't be that long.

I am on the list at least.

Anyway, good luck and cograts to those who are waiting and have been accepted into their programs

sincerely jules:roll


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Sorry, meant to say that it will help to have other's in the same situation.

Sorry I just got off work and have not had my sleep yet.



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Tinuviel, are you going to Central? I almost went there -- I ended up in Orlando on Disney's college program and almost stayed there. I do miss it down there.


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tinuviel and nursecompassion, welcome!

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Welcome to the boards Tinuviel and NurseCompassion. Enjoy your stay here...I think you'll find some very helpful information on these boards. Good luck to both of you.


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I hope you enjoy the site. Their are alot of interesting people here.:)

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