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Hello! I just found this board a few days ago, and I have to say I'm so glad I found it! I'm 27, married, and a mom to three children, and I made the decision to go back to school for nursing. I work part time as a CNA, and am going to school full time. I just started my pre-reqs this semester, and already it's a really heavy load! I have a bone practical coming up on Tuesday, and I'm really sweating this one! Our anatomy class has a reputation of an 80% failure rate the first time around, at first I figured it was just a rumor, but after these first few weeks, and with the TON of information that is being taught, I completely believe it now! I just hope I have the ability to get through it all.

Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" to everyone! I've already found a lot of helpful things here. Thanks!

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Gah, 80% fail rate?! That's absurd, not something for the school to be proud of!:confused: :eek:

Welcome to the board, and GOOD LUCK on your practicum!


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:) welcome to the board Im new here too. After you learn the skeletal system, it will really help with the rest of your A&P because you'll find that when you move on in the class the diffent things your going to learn will tie into the skeketal system. (as far as names go) GOOD LUCK.


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I was in your same spot last semester taking A&P over the summer. I was able to purchase from our book store Mosby's Anatomy Flash Cards for Musculature and Bones & Joints. On one side it shows the bone, or muscle, or joint, and the other side says what it is, etc. I lived off those flash cards last semester. Did I also mention I passed and now I'm in A&P 2?


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A good photographic atlas is a must. I practically slept with mine. I think it was the reason I pulled A's in both I and II lab.

I also found it helpful to make copies of annotated skulls and paste them in the kitchen and the bathroom mirror. A little extra added look while brushing the teeth isn't a bad idea. I got an "A" on bones. It was my favorite unit.

Good luck!!



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Wow - 80% fail rate, my school was almost as bad. When I did bones, I copied the pages and just studied my butt off. Unfortunately there's really no way around it. Good luck!


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If you can't get your hands on some ready-made flash cards, make your own! I did this for A& P 1 and 2 and believe me they help tremendously. Its also a lot easier to carry around a little stack of index cards than it is to carry around your text book. The flash cards really were the best study tool I had, I studied my butt off but I made A's in both sections! Good luck in your class!



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We lost 60% of my AP1 class. I think they use the class to weed out people. There are too many people who want into the nursing program, so they make AP1 incredibly hard and that cuts down the number of applicants.

What worked for me on the lab tests was to photocopy the pictures out of the lab manual. I then put white-out over the labels. I used these pictures to test myself on the bones, muscles or nerves. When I could correctly fill in all the labels, I knew I was ready.

Good luck!


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I remember taking the bone practicum around this time of year when I was in A&P. It was right around this time - Halloween - and I found a great giant plastic skeleton in WalMart to practice on. I labeled as many bones, landmarks, etc. as I could with a washable marker and then would check myself, wipe off my answers with a wet rag, and start again! It really helped too and made it a little fun!


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Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm cramming tonight for this test.....hope I do okay on it.

Yeah, I agree, 80% is not something to be proud of. But to be honest, my instructor is extremely intelligent (or maybe I'm just really un-intelligent), so I find myself having to write down more than what he says....alot of stuff he lectures about goes RIGHT over my head, and I end up either asking someone else about what exactly it means, or I look it up.

He lectured on the integumentary system today, and we were talking about pigment and such, and I actually found it soaking in some....I don't know if it's because I was genuinely interested, or if I'm finally starting to "get it" lol!

Thanks again everyone, off to study some more!

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Netter's Flash cards are great as well.....I aced all my practicals involving nerves, joints, bones, and muscles using these. Great illustrations and great information on the back of them. I bought them at Barnes and Noble for about $20. HUGE help!!!!


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Do you guys think the flash cards are worth it? I'm really not getting into staring at my lab mook for hours. I'm finding I'm not really learning it. I think the flash cards might be helpful?


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