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Hi everyone! Who among you guys are going to apply for the 2017 track? Either Spring or 2017! What classes are u still doing? Have you guys attended the Health Orientation already? I'm... Read More

  1. by   Bricks13
    Quote from JekaSantos28
    Hi Smashthis636! I will also be applying to the Program this sept 1st to avoid taking CNA classes that's if I pass the Kaplan test in one take. �� would you recommend any books that helped you with the test?
    When are you taking the Kaplan? I'm scheduled for July 30. From what I've found out from searching online about the test, Khan Academy is a great resource for the math and science portions, and then find an ACT study guide for the reading/writing parts. There are some helpful youtube videos out there that recommend specific books, but none of them are the ACTUAL Kaplan book, funny enough.
  2. by   MikeyN85
    Hey guys/gals! I'll also be applying to Spring 2017 also! Super excited, hoping to get in and get this weight off my shoulders! So much pressure for everyone right!? I'll be applying with 37 points, only have to meet with advisor, attend limited entry program workshop and then turn in my application packet! Super excited to meet everyone! (If I get in )
  3. by   FitNurse_92
    Hi Bricks13! I will be taking the test on August 6th. Hopefully that's enough time for me to study. I'm taking my Math 120 this summer that adds 10 more points for me. However, I will be applying this sept 1st without bio 223 and 251 so I'm really risking this. Also, my program adviser told me that last year there were people getting in with less than 20 points so we'll see if it works out and if it doesn't i'll be applying for fall 2017 with more points!
  4. by   hopefulkim99
    Hey guys if anyone still checks this forum...**
    Did ANYONE take classes at another school other then CSN? I guess I'm wondering if the admissions team shows "preference" for CSN specific courses. ....?

    Also, is it possible to get admitted without completing all the required classes? I still need Nevada History, Micro, A&P1 i Know! That's everything lol I am willing to take them at University of Phoenix if that will speed things up . I too am trying to avoid the CNA requirement.

    Thank you!
  5. by   Bricks13
    I didn't realize you were allowed to apply without BIOL 223?? I will be applying with everything finished except for Micro and Nevada History, which I'll take both of those Fall semester before Spring Nursing Program begins. Hopefully 34 points is enough this round, because that's what I think I'll have.
  6. by   BriCheese
    You can make an appointment after you turned it in your application? I was thinking about making an appointment to go over it then turn it in. Do you know if that is something I can do ?
  7. by   VinceM
    Hey everyone! I will be applying to Spring 2017 with 37 points. I'm really excited and hopeful that I get in. I was wondering when most of you were going to submit your application? I know the deadline was for September 1st, but I wanted to know if you guys were going to submit your applications before that date? My advisor told me to apply on the day of the deadline, but I wanted to know if others were applying earlier? Also when do you guys normally get your immunizations done?
  8. by   BriCheese
    I think you can submit your application a month before the deadline. I think when you are accepted they will go over immunizations at orientation. Probably can go and make sure that they are all up to date now to make sure you don't have to stress about it later.
  9. by   MikeyN85
    I'm applying with 36 points, fingers crossed! I'm turning mine in at the end July. I was thinking of retaking the Kaplan to try to squeeze in another point, but my exam day is August 20th, so I might just give the spot up
  10. by   PewPew
    what school did you attend?
  11. by   queenlyblessed
    OMG!!! So we might have to go through the CNA program just to apply?
    As far as the Kaplan, I did outstanding in 3 parts but that reading got me. If they average everything together, then I am sure my scores would be within the required range.
  12. by   queenlyblessed
    Does anyone know how many times you can take the TEAS test? I know the Kaplan is unlimited...
  13. by   BriCheese
    I think they are both unlimited but with 3 months in between tests for both.