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  1. CSN Pre-Req's

    I would take bio 95. I never did but 189 is tough especially if you have no basis. Also, I believe soc 101 you can still be accepted into the program without having taken it. Don't quote me on that but science classes can be a big setback if you're n...
  2. CSN: 2 semesters done, 2 to go. A review so far...

    Oh boy. Going into second semester and now I'm nervous. I thought first semester was tough but more in like a psychological way. All these new things were very overwhelming - from clinicals at 6:30 AM, to working with patients for the first time, to ...
  3. CSN 2017 ADN program!

    Yes. You can make a copy of your high school diploma.
  4. Nursing

    You can google the pass rate. There's a site that has the pass/fail rate for every nursing school in Nevada by year.
  5. CSN FALL 2016

    I know. I decided to buy them because I didn't want to be unprepared. Once you get the hang of it you can decide from there. But it's always best to be over prepared until you know how to manage things yourself. Yes. The lectures are all taught by re...
  6. CSN FALL 2016

    Bundle is not mandatory. At orientation they had us choose whether we would get the physical book bundle or the Ebooks even if you didn't plan on ordering through the school at all. So if they do that don't be worried. I got the ebook bundle because...
  7. CSN FALL 2016

    I can't stress enough how important it is to stay organized. You're going to get a LOT of information at orientation and a ton of paper that you have no idea what they mean even after they've gone over it. Just keep everything together and review it ...
  8. CSN FALL 2016

    For the vaccines I also had a card from when I was a baby and then I didn't have proof of my chicken pox so I got a blood titer. Apparently sometimes the titer will not show a vaccine has been done so you have to pay for that and that is two rounds I...
  9. CSN FALL 2016

    I am currently taking lecture and lab in the same day then clinical a separate day and Pharm online. I'd recommend Pharm online. From what I heard it's the same as in class. The online teacher records voice overs for each slide of the PowerPoint. Yo...
  10. CSN FALL 2016

    Agree. I thought reading over break would be a good idea and I'm glad I didn't. Definitely enjoy your freedom. Plus nothing will make sense now until you're actually in there learning and doing it. If you absolutely must do something I'd suggest lear...
  11. CSN FALL 2016

    Yay congrats! You're in for a wiiiild ride. Enjoy the freedom now haha.
  12. CSN fall 2016

    Did you get in?? And it's about to get more real than you know haha.
  13. CSN FALL 2016

    I think they started calling around 9 and I called at 11:30. I think I called three different numbers. I can't remember since it was like six months ago haha. But I honestly probably called like 5-10 times[emoji15] because they weren't answering. Peo...
  14. CSN Spring 2016

    I think someone even showed up an hour late and they were dismissed from the program.
  15. CSN Spring 2016

    I found out October of 2015 and we started everything the next month. Maybe it was because the winter break is shorter and you have to make sure to get all your vaccines and gather information required. You cannot miss any orientations. The first ori...